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Why all learning is post-hypnotic new

– the role of trance in everyday life

Join HG co-founder Ivan Tyrrell to discover more about this fundamental ‘given’ of being human – and what it means for us as individuals and as a society

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Why all learning is post-hypnotic

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  • Date: TBA – please register your interest below

  • Length: 4 hours: 9.30am–1.30pm

  • Tutor: Ivan Tyrrell

  • Suitable for: Anyone interested in psychology, human behaviour, mental health, wellbeing, education or self-development

  • CPD Certificate: 4 hours

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UPDATE – This course is currently being turned into an online course, please register your interest via the form below.

Why take this course

A fundamental, but little known, part of being human is that all learning, and the pleasures we enjoy, involve trance states.

Our ability to focus attention has enabled us to make great advances in science, philosophy and the arts. It is hugely helpful in therapy, medicine and education – but it also has a downside making us vulnerable to being conditioned, manipulated and psychologically traumatised.

This new half-day course gives you profound information, which is crucial for our individual and collective sanity. Self-development depends on knowing that where we focus our attention and how we spend our time is crucial. An in-depth understanding of the role of trance in everyday life and what this means for our rapidly fracturing society – with its constant diet of social media – is becoming increasingly urgent.

Our natural propensity to go into trance has great advantages but it can also stop us thinking critically, be easily misused, even damage individuals and make whole populations ‘less than human’.


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You know if Ivan's chosen to focus on a subject that it's important – his work has increased my understanding tremendously

Mike Miller

What you will learn

  • How to protect yourself from harmful conditioning and brainwashing
  • A deeper understanding of human potential, including your own 
  • Why knowledge and automatic behaviours are post-hypnotic phenomena 
  • The role of trance in everyday life and our wider society
  • Knowledge of how psychological traumas (including PTSD) are created
  • The impact cultural trauma can have
  • Why scientific breakthroughs arise from trance states
  • The importance of recognising that attention energy is a limited capacity, which can be hijacked and harvested
  • Useful insight into what hypnosis is and its connection to dreaming
  • Why hypnosis is such an effective tool, but one that should be used with care, understanding and integrity
  • Information about trance and suggestibility
  • Insight into why the world seems to be rapidly getting crazier 
  • The difference between learning and indoctrination
  • Why we pattern match to metaphors in trance
  • What is needed for healthy group learning
  • The dangers of social and digital media
  • How to protect yourself against the dangers of cults and ‘groupthink’
  • And more

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Course Programme

The live online ‘Why all learning is post-hypnotic’ course starts at 9.30am and runs until 1.30pm (BST).

This new live online event gives you a unique opportunity to train with Ivan Tyrrell, co-founder of the human givens approach, and co-author with Joe Griffin of best-selling books about mental health.

Throughout the session there will be plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions and for stimulating discussion.

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Reviews for this course

4.3/5 (12 Reviews)
  1. Iakovos Flaskis, Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Company Owner

    Hugely enjoyed the session and took so much away with me – not only to enhance my private practice, but also for myself, as is true with all Human Givens courses: they make our lives so much easier. Grateful!

  2. Myriel Morley, Transpersonal psychotherapist

    Superb material, an excellent and fascinating topic, of how human beings operate ‘mindlessly’ from a state of trance for most of the time, and how important it is to become aware of the bias and conditioning programmed into each of us by our history and circumstances. For self development this is pure gold. As a therapist there is a lot of useful material which will make me better at helping my clients.

  3. Marshall Gus Linton, Retired Teacher

    Human Givens offers a fresh and sensible approach to understanding and navigating this experience of being human. I believe it is the future, and will ultimately replace both long term psycho-analysis and cognitive therapies.
    Happiness and stability come as the result of our emotional needs being met. Human Givens offers simple and elegant counseling and instruction to meet these essential needs at minimal cost and time. Whether you seek healing, or to deepen self-understanding you will be well served by HG courses.

  4. Pearse Culkin

    Really good course. The tutor’s vast knowledge was evident and seemed to just “trip off the tongue” clearly, concisely and effortlessly.

  5. Counsellor

    Thoroughly enjoyed this session. Ivan has taught me a lot over the years and it was a pleasure to learn more from him online and have the opportunity to ask questions. Fascinating to realise how much trance and hypnosis is involved in our every day lives.Covered lots of material.

  6. HG Therapist

    This is a fascinating area – and there is much to take in and understand. Ivan covered a wide range of interrelated topics, of interest and use to both therapists and others. It would be good to have a recording to go over the material again in order to deepen understanding.

    • Arlene (Human Givens)

      We’re glad you enjoyed the workshop. The replay recording was made available to attendees a few days after the live event. You should have received an email with the details.

  7. Retired

    Although over the years I have been to several HG seminars, I haven’t attended any since the College moved to the Victoria venue. Things have obviously moved on in the meantime and I found some parts of the first session hard to get to grips with. If this had been my first introduction to HG I think I would have struggled with understanding what some of the terms used actually meant. The second session was easier in this respect, as it related more to human behaviour, our own and that of others. The course as a whole was very interesting, and gave scope for thinking more widely and deeper about the behaviours of both groups and individuals and how careful we must be not to be swept along in the general tide, nor to think we must choose one pole or the other. Things that we already know of course, but need to be reminded of and reassured that sitting on the fence might sometimes be a good place to be. The concept of learning being post-hypnotic is not an easy one, perhaps especially for someone who, like me, is not a trained therapist. I wonder if there might be another name or phrase other than ‘post-hypnotic’ that might prove more accessible to non-professionals, including statue-topplers, who might benefit from a better understanding of why people behave the way they do?

  8. Charity leader and HG psychotherapist

    It was a revision of what I have learned in HG seminars over the years. I struggled to find practical applications for what I was hearing. I appreciated the examples from Ivan’s experiences but I could not generalise these into an answer to the question “Why all learning is post-hypnotic”.

  9. Semi-retired

    The workshop gave a broad overview of the theory in understanding that ‘all learning is post-hypnotic’ and provided an interactive space for further exploration. From a baseline awareness of realising that we are innately designed to be ‘awake’ persons seeking relationship/connections, the link was made to the significance of quality attention (or not) received in early years of life (and indeed throughout life’s experiences). When this is absent or unhelpful – negative patterns are learnt/trauma may result – which need healing. Hence the significance of guided imagery used in the human givens approach, with practised rehearsal for future life application patterns. This focuses on the use of trance to re-learn and form new positive pattern-matching responses to stimuli encountered – thus ‘suggestion’/ learning develops/changes throughout life – or can do so. Through examples illustrated, discussion of questions raised, and theory understood including right/left brain thinking – this was a thought-provoking (obvious in many ways) introduction to this ‘complex wide’ field… Thank you Ivan for sharing your experience/understanding gained over many years – of both study and direct interaction with people, to enable them to discover a different, more helpful perspective on their ongoing life journey.

  10. Attendee

    Importance of the understanding that all learning is post hypnotic and remains learning if it can be consciously assessed with existing knowledge. Also the dangers that conditioning is also post hypnotic if it is not a possibility to practice this assessment. In focused states of attention dangerous conditioning and manipulation can occur with dangerous consequences. More to be said but the general idea.

  11. Human givens therapist

    An insightful look at trance state and it’s importance in our learning. Interesting debate and discussion on misuse and indoctrination.

  12. Gillian Legge, Human Givens Counsellor

    This training course explained how we as human beings learn, and can be conditioned or influenced, from the womb, to the end of our days. This is with the help of an in-built mechanism (a resource), called the Rem State, otherwise known as, a trance. A trance being in real terms, a focused state of attention.
    The course went on to explain how the role of trance can influence not only our everyday life, but wider society. Examples of how masses can be influenced and programmed with use of music, chanting, marching or anything that can make a person or persons enter a focused state of attention, (a trance).
    The course explained how trance states can be both positive or negative. Knowledge of how psychological traumas (including PTSD) was explained, and how it is possible, (when you learn how) to neutralise trauma memories.
    Hypnosis, was explained as any artificial way of accessing the REM State. That it is such an effective tool, but it needs to be handled with care and integrity.
    There was also ample time for questions and answers. It was an interesting mornings training which captured my attention and lived up to my expectations.

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