Benefits of the HG approach

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The straightforward, solution-focused HG approach saves organisations time and money
  • It helps individuals take back control over their lives as quickly as possible
  • Looks not only at what’s not working in clients’ lives but also at their strengths, skills and resources so they can enhance self-mastery to generate beneficial change
  • Offers a clear bio-psych-social framework based on a solid understanding of innate human needs and resources, of what anyone needs in order to flourish, whatever their circumstances or cultural background
  • HG psycho-education easily explains to clients why they can experience depression, anxiety disorders or addictive behaviour, and help them overcome such difficulties
  • Avoids ideology and focuses on brief, practical, psychological interventions that are proven by research and experience to quickly reduce emotional distress and behavioural problems (in four to six sessions on average)
  • Provides a shared, jargon-free, language that allows clear communication between practitioners of different disciplines, as well as with clients, since practitioners can explain to them, whatever their age or intelligence, the causes of their distress and how human givens therapy can help


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