The HG Integrity Group

The primary aim of the HG Integrity Group, which includes the co-founders of the HG approach, is to preserve the integrity of HG’s organising ideas and, if appropriate, to update/adapt the underpinning knowledge and understandings derived from them in the light of new discoveries and research findings.

Within this overarching aim the Group works to:

  • Preserve the original aims of the human givens approach alongside the organising ideas that underpin the HG training, therapy, published materials, and other work carried out under the banner of HG and on behalf of all HG organisations.
  • Act as a conduit for ensuring that underpinning evidence from neuroscience, psychology and other relevant fields is kept as up-to-date and accurate as possible.
  • Provide a forum for informed, critical debate, creativity and the development of the human givens ideas based on updated evidence. The group may invite specialist expert input from outside the group as required, to assess new research findings.

Any HG practitioner is welcome to submit for consideration to the Integrity Group: new research that further supports an HG organising idea or an evidenced case for updating/amending HG thinking/teaching in line with current scientific understandings.

How to submit suggestions to the HG Integrity Group


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