Donations policy

This policy sets out the conditions under which the Human Givens Foundation (The Trust) will accept donations and gifts.

  • The Trust will accept donations and gifts in the form of finances, goods and services.
  • The Trust will only accept donations and gifts that enable and assist it to further its charitable objects.
  • The Trust must have absolute control over the purpose(s) for which any donation or gift is to be used and over the actual use of any such donation or gift. The Trust is therefore not able to accept any donation or gift that is tied to a specific project where the donor wishes to determine the details of the project’s implementation.
  • The Trust will not accept any donation or gift that is given to fund a project if that project is beyond the delivery capability or capacity of the Trust.
  • Where a donation or gift that supports the Trust’s charitable objects is accepted, the trustees will make clear to the donor(s) that the Trust retains the absolute right to determine how the funds, goods or services will be used and to vary the specification of any project in support of which the funds, goods or services have been donated.

Adopted by the trustees on: 1st July 2018
Date of next review: 23rd June 2019

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