1-day workshop

Guided imagery and visualisation for therapeutic change

Essential skills for successfully treating a wide range of conditions – such as trauma, addictions, anxiety and depression – as well as making long-lasting behaviour changes and much more…

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Guided Imagery and Visualisation Training

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Price includes lunch, refreshments and course notes
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This has been a priceless experience. Life-changing. Brilliant, simply brilliant!

Counsellor / Ex IT Service Manager

Next date – Nearly FULL:  Monday 23rd September, Bristol
Join Ros Townsend for this invaluable day’s training on Guided Imagery – book your place online now or call our friendly team on 01323 811690 to avoid disappointment.  Other dates and venues available. 

Why take this guided imagery course

CPD Provider LogoStrong emotions focus and lock attention – keeping people trapped in problem behaviours. Therapeutic change cannot happen until the emotional arousal is reduced. This is why all health and welfare professionals need to know how to induce the relaxation response in their clients. Guided imagery and visualisation not only reduce emotional arousal quickly but can be used to reframe life circumstances through metaphor and to rehearse in the imagination any required changed behaviours and/or feelings, which dramatically increases the likelihood of those changes taking place in ‘real life’.

If you want to be able to help people effectively, this is a key course to attend – guided imagery is an essential skill required for removing phobias, curing PTSD, lifting depression and overcoming addictions or self-harm, and is also useful for raising self-confidence and increasing motivation. When you become confident in using these skills, you can begin to bring patients out of the emotionally-driven trance states of a wide range of conditions such as anxiety disorders, addiction, anger, stress overload, trauma, depression, chronic pain and much more.

That is why guided imagery is one of the most powerful psychotherapeutic tools available to us – and one you need in your ‘toolkit’.

Fascinating way of working with clients – relaxation techniques very powerful. Extremely relevant to practice. Good techniques and strategies learnt to use with clients to help them problem solve and move forward.

Health Visitor

What will you learn

  • Powerful new ways to improve treatment outcomes
  • Training and practice in using one of the most effective psycho-
    therapeutic tools available for treating a wide range of emotional and physical conditions
  • Invaluable ways to motivate people, reframe life circumstances and instigate changes in behaviour
  • Insight into how the mind/body communication system works
  • Greater confidence when working with a wide variety of conditions
  • Supervised practise in generating healing trances
  • The core skills you need to acquire for the rewind technique for treating PTSD and phobias
  • A variety of ways to help people relax
  • Ways to reduce pain, including in childbirth
  • Increased understanding of trance states and their role in everyday life
  • Effective skills for helping people improve their performance – sports, public speaking etc.
  • The opportunity to experience relaxation, guided imagery and visualisation yourself
  • A scientifically-sound knowledge of why the various techniques and skills you will gain are so valuable
  • And much more

Dates and venues

Good to know

Good to know

The skills you will learn on this course are an essential pre-requisite for taking the The Rewind Technique – Effective treatment for trauma (PTSD) and phobias course.

You will also need them for the following courses too:

Further guided imagery techniques can be learnt and practised on our NEW workshop: Guided Imagery 2 – essential techniques

Course Programme

The ‘Guided imagery and visualisation for therapeutic change’ course starts at 9.30am and runs until 4.00pm.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone who wants to help people effectively and for the long-term, particularly those involved in mental and physical healthcare would benefit from attending
  • Psychotherapists, counsellors and mental health workers – these skills are essential to have to work with a wide range of conditions and for ensuring long-term behaviour change (see list below)
  • Trained hypnotherapists looking to extend and build on their existing skillset and understanding

The information and skills taught are extremely useful for dealing with: Stress; addictions; agoraphobia; allergies; anorexia; anger; asthma; bed wetting; blood pressure; bulimia; depression; lack of confidence; chronic pain; eczema; frustration; guilt; grief; hay fever; inhibition; insomnia; irritable bowel (IBS); relationship/marital difficulties; migraine; nightmares; obsessions (OCD); pain control; panic attacks; phobias (all kinds); sexual difficulties (impotence, premature ejaculation and vaginismus); shyness; skin disorders and trauma (PTSD); flashbacks; ulcers; warts and worrying.

You can also control blood pressure, stimulate the immune system, promote healing of damaged skin tissue and bones and give birth easier using guided imagery and visualisation.

CPD Provider LogoThis therapeutic guided imagery course has been independently accredited by the internationally recognised CPD Standards Office for 6 hours of CPD training.

On completion of this training you’ll receive CPD certificates from the College and the CPD Standards Office.

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Reviews for this course

4.8/5 (243 Reviews)
  1. Chris Elliott, Facilitator

    Extremely informative, interesting, well structured and easy to follow with amazing content.

  2. Sara Korn, Counsellor

    Thoroughly enjoyed – was very informative and have taken an immense amount of knowledge that I will use in my practice. Highly recommend – also looking forward to the rewind course for the next couple of days.

  3. Bronte Le Marquand, Life Coach

    Fantastic experience and come away feeling confident and informed about guided imagery.

  4. Sonia Jones, Counsellor

    It was really well paced, and I feel confident that I can introduce the techniques I learnt with the clients that I work with. The concepts were really well explained.

  5. Amanda Davie, Executive Coach

    Ros’s delivery style – nuturing, good pace, thorough – breeds confidence. Good amount of practice time – felt ‘spacious’ and unpressured when practising

  6. Anne Gibb, Therapist - Integrative

    The course was very informative and really well delivered. Lots of learning opportunities and questions and answers.

  7. Grace Willatt, Science lead for sexual wellbeing startup

    Excellent, actionable breakdown of the skills (the white sauce ingredient!) – excellent speaking and presentation – practical exercises put me out of my comfort zone, but now I’m jazzed to find opportunities to practice more and more. The venue could have been better with more quiet space for practising.

  8. Writer – Sexual Wellbeing

    A wonderful, warm and professional teacher. I left feeling hopeful about future application and enjoyed every practice opportunity. Very actionable course.

  9. Christine Des Clayes, Psychodynamic Counsellor

    I found the day course very interesting and helpful. It offered new skills to use with a range of client issues.

  10. Fiona

    Enjoyed the experiential nature of the course. Very well organised and excellent delivery. Feel confident to use guided imagery safely with my clients. Enjoyed the ‘building block’ approach to the content – was very well paced.

  11. Jenny Spenwyn, Counsellor

    Very well facilitated – good structure – well spaced breaks – great handouts but would have been nice to have had all the slides – useful to do skills practice – good refreshments

  12. Paul Swaffer, NHS GP Practice Mental Health Worker

    Fantastic day – nicely paced and clearly explained technique. Lots of safe space to practice techniques and pose questions and queries.

  13. Nicola Fleming, Counsellor

    Very enjoyable, practical learning and informative. Lots to now think about…

  14. Student Mental Health

    Ros was brilliant! I learned great techniques and gained a deeper insight into guided imagery. Ros demonstrated examples really well.

  15. Clinical Practitioner

    Very well organised and structured. Good balance of knowledge and practical applications.

  16. Counsellor

    Very in-depth and practical. Visual – easy to grasp.

  17. Phoebe, Psychotherapist

    Fantastic resources – really well executed – great teacher. Also, a great venue!

  18. General Practitioner

    I loved the practical aspects of the course – actually practising the skill rather than just learning about the theory.

  19. Clare Bullock, Data Protection Officer

    Very clear instructions – sympathetically delivered.

  20. Counsellor

    Very informative and relevant for my practice

  21. Hypnotherapist

    A good blend of theory and practice

  22. Melissa Theophanous, EAP Team Manager

    I found the course very helpful to think about a more in-depth visualisation approach. Tutor was great at explaining – demos were great too.

  23. Colleen Young, Wellbeing & Energy Mentor & Trainer

    Superb, personal and fun/likeable trainer – wonderful! Very clear, informative/professional. Building/location excellent. Lunch so welcomed!

  24. Sarah Swanton, Operations Director/Trainee Therapist

    Really lovely day of learning – working my way through the HG Diploma I realise how important and necessary this part of the session is – I feel more comfortable about practising with others.

  25. Psychotherapist

    The delivery was excellent. Very clear with a building of the approach in manageable steps.

  26. Maria Martin, GP

    Well thought out, step-wise, practical training to learn guided imagery technique. The course included demonstrations and practise done in a safe environment. You definitely leave the day able to start practising.

  27. Counsellor

    Course was very well put together and presented.

  28. Counsellor

    Great examples and great detailed notes provided. Delivered in lovely relaxed manner, friendly, fun.

  29. Keith Nelson, Counsellor

    Amazing – a well grounded technique and one that lends itself to integrating various strategies. I love the scientific basis of this modality.

  30. Rebecca Eisen, Holistic Therapist

    Enjoyable, very clear and overall very helpful. Would love to do no. Guided Imagery with Ros.

  31. Teacher

    Truly an amazing course. So thoroughly well thought out and put together.

  32. Jill Armstrong, CBT Therapist

    An invaluable day filled with training – protocols, practise and lots of helpful advice. Rich in content with plenty of practical work too.

  33. Tracy Law, Birth Trauma Specialist

    Loved the delivery of information, balanced with some practical application and discussion. Excellent lunch and refreshments.

  34. Therapist

    Really enjoyed the training – found it really informative and great to expand on – great is of practical and theory.

  35. Maureen Hayden, Therapist

    Very clearly presented – each part of the day built on to my understanding.

  36. Joshua Beckett, Psychologist

    Very informative and clear, descriptive and practical approaches to allow useful skills to be taken from the day. Practice exercises incredibly useful as always from the HG College.

  37. Coach

    Clear, concise instructions – full of practical wisdom – inspiring me to practice further! I also feel better prepared for the trauma rewind training.

  38. Nick Hatter, Life Coach

    Informative and great instructor who was enthusiastic. Even though I have NLP and guided imagery skills, this course has helped hone my skills, and refine and tweak my approach.

  39. Shelagh Benford, Speech & Language Therapist

    A great balance between demonstration, instruction, practise in person to start to gain the skills of guided imagery. A very safe space – I felt held and valued by the course leader. She was an excellent tutor.

  40. Pamela

    I felt the demonstration and explanation of the techniques immensely helpful, which gave me the confidence to give it a go! I will aim to use this where relevant (to some degree) with my clients

  41. Volunteer Language Teacher

    Very clear explanation and good opportunities to practice. Very well structured, slowly building the skills.

  42. Salam, Holistic Counsellor

    Very informative course that helps me personally and is an irreplaceable tool in therapy.

  43. ASD Specialist Mentor

    A concise but effective introduction to the powerful tool of guided imagery.

  44. Counsellor

    I have really enjoyed the day. It definitely met my expectations and feel confident to integrate it into my private practice.

  45. Emma Palmer, GP

    Terrifying as very far from my comfort zone, but brilliant to have experienced it. I’m looking forward to the next part of the course.

  46. HG Therapist (retired but going back to practise)

    Thoroughly enjoyed today. A good reminder of the effectiveness of HG therapy.

  47. Chris McGill, Psychotherapist

    I have loved this course today. Really excellent tutor with great practical demonstrations and openness to the groups’ ideas and experience. I will be booking for Day 2 of this course in the future.

  48. Laura McClintock, Human Resources

    An excellent course which incorporated a really good balance of teaching and practising the skills required for guided imagery and visualisation.

  49. Rob, Profession Law

    Informative course – well delivered. Would recommed

  50. Counsellor

    Really matched my learning style of seeing it being done and then practising it.

  51. Civil Engineer/Project Manager

    Informative and very practical. Has also opened up and given on-line courses better context. Easy to follow, yet seems effective.

  52. Michelle Rodriguez, Counsellor

    The course was very professionally delivered, in a great venue with great food! The tutor was lovely and knew her subject very well. The day was packed with practical tools I can start using right away which was exactly what I’d hoped for.

  53. Counsellor

    Very knowledgeable and polished presenter. Able to answer all questions fully. Content interesting, enlightening and wonderful to include in practice for the benefits of my clients. Physiological explanation very useful.

  54. Gina, Counsellor

    Ros packed so much into the one day course! So informative and so helpful to be so ‘hands-on’. Thank you!

  55. Beth Davies, Counsellor

    Really clear, practical instructions for each stage of understanding the stages of guided imagery and the implementation of it. Ros was open and approachable during the course and facilitated the learning very clearly and professionally.

  56. Therapist

    Challenging, interesting and enjoyable day. I will use what I have been taught as I feel inspired by the teachings.

  57. Counselling Psychologist

    The course is really well thought out and facilitated real learning.

  58. Trainee Counsellor

    Brilliantly paced learning with clear structure. All in all a very informative course which will be a very useful addition to my counselling toolbox.

  59. Irena BW, Psychotherapist Counsellor

    Overall, I found the course very interesting and stimulating. Certainly I am looking forward to doing the 2-day rewind technique course tomorrow and Wednesday. It would have been helpful to have a resume of each of the exercises in writing, or a separate sheet.

  60. Psychologist

    The ‘levelled’ gradated build up of the practical application was invaluable. It was very important for me that pairs were changed as this created space to feel comfy to change things for the better and use learning straight away. Good balance of rationales and Q & A opportunities.

  61. Therapist

    Excellent presentation. Very good balance of practical and informational. Really useful.

  62. Wellbeing Consultant

    Lots of valuable opportunities to practice techniques that are reinforced throughout the diploma.

  63. Nurse/Complementary Therapist

    Excellent teaching – Interactive – Enjoyable

  64. Life Coach

    I liked that the day is full of practice and the knowledge is gradually built in.

  65. Mental Health Professional

    Very informative and experiential – well delivered.

  66. Clinical Psychologist – Psychotherapist

    Wonderful experience in gaining new tools for my practice.

  67. Locum Phlebotomist

    The course was informative and insightful. A lot of practice. Ros is very professional and knowledgeable – clear and concise in her way to explain the whole process of guided imagery and put in a lot of her own experience with clients.

  68. Therapist/Wellbeing Practitioner

    Fantastic – got me back in therapist learning and ‘curious’ mode rather than ‘doing’. Fantastic course delivery. Perfect blend of knowledge, experience, fun and understanding.

  69. Teresa Abbey

    I found the blend of facilitator input and experiential tasks was a good mix. Being able to practice step by step is helpful in embedding knowledge. I feel fairly confident being able to use my learning today. Valued having nice surroundings to train in and the food and refreshments were first class.

  70. Katie Hollis, CFYP Suffolk Mind

    So helpful – great to have the opportunities to try the technique. Really helpful breaking it into chunks and building on.

  71. Hannah Drury, Company Director

    I really enjoyed the day and left with a much deeper understanding of guided imagery and feel confident to use this method going forward.

  72. Karen Mason, Therapist

    Ros is an excellent tutor! I really enjoyed the day and learnt a lot. I need to practice and develop the skills but really thought it was great.

  73. Shelley-Ann Dennis, Teacher

    Ros is an excellent teacher. Information is delivered clearly and precisely and is not overwhelming. Time given to practice skills and discuss as a pair or group. However, not many quiet areas, so some practice distracted by others.

  74. Graham Mulholland, IT Manager and Coach

    Provided actionable techniques early on and built on them logically.

  75. James Stanney, Wellbeing Advisor

    Nicely structured, each skill building on the next naturally. Plenty of scope for feedback.

  76. Caroline Gillespie, Charity Worker

    Informative and relaxing. Teacher is warm, confident and knowledgeable.

  77. Teacher

    Good to practise technique with different people – lots to remember!

  78. Waitress

    Very informative but in understandable language and plenty of interactive activities. Time to practice and solidify the skills that have been learnt at intervals throughout the day,

  79. Marion McGeogh, Therapist/Clinic Owner

    Well structured and practical. Lots of opportunity to practice what you have learnt and to ask questions.

  80. Nicola Elmes, Psychotherapist

    Good structure, well paced, could have looked at theory a bit more. Difficult to concentrate on exercises due to volume levels in the room.

  81. Angelica Imber, Yoga Therapist

    Insightful exercise regarding positive experience sharing. So much great content (practical) to immediately be able to implement.

  82. Counsellor

    Good balance between teaching and practicing. I was expecting a bit more variety in different types of visualisation exercises and some more suggested language to better transition within the different stages.

  83. Kate Curtin, MH Nurse

    Well paced – no jargon.

  84. Therapist & Bodyworker

    The day flew by – full of useful info and lots of practise. Really liked the demos – would love to see more of these! Excellent tutor and appreciated the time-keeping.

  85. Counsellor

    Brilliantly informative course. Broken down into chunks to make learning clear and more absorbable. Good mix of learning/teaching styles to help all students.

  86. Manager

    An inspiring day – a lot of learning but loved every minute. Ros is a wonderful teacher – compassionate and full of integrity.

  87. HG Therapist

    Well structured day with enough time for questions – not oversaturated with information.

  88. Hannah Phillips, Sports Consultant

    Really informative and practical. Ros was brilliant!

  89. Therapist

    The course was really good and well structured. Ros communicated clearly in simple language so the elements were easy to understand. As someone new to therapy, there was a lot to take in and unless I practice it soon I’m worried I may forget some of it.

  90. Training to be a counsellor

    Very informative introduction to guided imagery. I liked the mix of theory and practise sessions.

  91. Vet

    Very pleased with the course. Enough time was given to practise the skills taught.

  92. Teacher

    I understand the process in using guided imagery.

  93. Meditation, Yoga Teacher & Counsellor

    Good, clear teaching. I enjoyed how we built our knowledge through the day.

  94. Pip Lloyd, Counsellor

    Great techniques and potentially very helpful for my clients. Lovely pace and easy to follow.

  95. Life Coach

    I liked practising and witnessing it done by the trainer.

  96. Denise Fisher, Retired Senior Lecturer/ Nurse Therapist

    Brilliant refresher course – has energised me to look forward to the other sessions. Thank you Ros.

  97. Medical

    Interesting, great balance of information giving, demos and practise. Sometimes the techniques moved a bit too quickly for me as a complete beginner.

  98. Support Worker

    Integrative and practical exercises – very engaging.

  99. Billie-Jane Brown, Counsellor - Youth Wellbeing Coach

    I really enjoyed the course. The material covered was easy to understand. Learning each part in a step-by-step process helped me grasp the concept in depth of guided imagery as a tool that I can take forward in my practice. I felt the tutor was experienced and calm. The whole day was perfect and a great experience.

  100. Robert Iannone, Teacher

    Instructive, informative, very clearly presented.

  101. Counsellor

    Brilliant course – gave me lots of practical skills to use with clients.

  102. Wendy Farron, School & Bereavement Counsellor

    So well thought-out, accessible, informative. Looking forward to booking onto the the Rewind training in future.

  103. Dhanu Le Nory, HR

    Excellent, knowledgeable, relaxing, thorough, informative and interactive.

  104. Louise Harris, CYP Trainer at Suffolk Mind

    Clear, engaging and packed full of practical skills that I can use in both my professional life with clients as well as with myself to rehearse skills and feel calm and confident through visualisation.

  105. Rehabilitation Counsellor

    I have found that this course will provide me with a powerful and hope-inspiring tool to share with patients and clients alike in dealing with long standing anxiety and pain issues.

  106. Sonia Sweeney, Counsellor/Coach

    It’s really useful to learn how to apply the skills. By practising during the course we are able to have a deeper understanding of concepts.

  107. Samanta Vance, Nutrition & Hydration Specialist

    Good mixture of theory and practise. Good break times. Excellent food. Great to allow for feedback during the day.

  108. Social Worker/Counsellor

    The information presented was easy to follow, the steps built skills slowly, so that we could have foundational skills before adding more techniques. We were able to practise each foundational step to build our skills.

  109. Sasha Toronyl-Lalic, Yoga Teacher

    Amazing course, engaging throughout, lovely personable teacher.

  110. Claire Bunting, Mental Health Practitioner

    Guided Imagery is a new technique. I have used some of the skills but not in a structured way. I am looking forward to learning more and attending further courses.

  111. Debbie South, Occupational Therapist

    An active and informative day with many useful and informative ideas to take forward in my work.

  112. Liz, GP

    Very practical. Nice pace and combination of demonstration, practice and theory.

  113. Simon Sanders, Keyworker/Counsellor

    The teaching was very clear and easy to follow.

  114. Tony Williams, Counsellor

    A good balance of theory and practise. Makes good use of students as a resource and gently expands concepts during the day so prevents overwhelm. Well-taught/facilitated by a clearly competent practitioner.

  115. Louise George, Counselling in Private Practice

    Excellent course and Ros was very engaging throughout. At times I felt a little overwhelmed with information but can see how with practice this will be invaluable in my client work.

  116. Juliette Jackson, Executive Headteacher

    Very clear and practical introduction to guided imagery. I knew so much more and felt so much more confident by the end of the day.

  117. Laura Mae Brown, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist

    Very engaging, creative, thoughtful and helpful. Can’t wait to try it with my clients.

  118. Elizabeth Cummings, Clinical lead of a counselling centre plus retirement from teaching

    Sitting at the back was a drawback to hearing, especially when the leader lowered her voice. However, the content of the course is inspiring and carefully constructed so that skills are developed in stages. Practise sessions during the day were really useful.

  119. Angela Sterling, Counsellor

    I think that the pace of the course was brilliant. Lots of practical exercises that kept me engaged. Lots of tips and tricks that can be transported.

  120. Tanya, Counsellor

    The course was truly fulfilling and the hands-on experience has given me confidence in performing relaxation techniques in such a brief space of time.

  121. Phil Mathews, Emotional Needs & Resources Trainer

    Very well presented – thank you. Very relaxing!

  122. Karys Matthams

    Loved the demonstration, followed by practise time and how each section built up gradually.

  123. Trainer

    Really enjoyed learning how to use guided imagery with clients. Very well structured course and excellent delivery. Enjoyed the interactiveness throughout the day.

  124. Chris Baker, Counsellor

    Really found the structure and guided steps very informative and well paced. Very engaging. Really good to have experiential learning and skills.

  125. Liz Buckley-Saxon, Registered Manager

    Broken down into manageable sections – less overwhelming.

  126. Priscilla, Counsellor/Emotional Clarity Coach

    Every counsellor and life coach should take this course.

  127. Tracey Stephenson, Life Coach & Integrative Therapist

    Ros presented an engaging and immersive course which encouraged interaction and participation. I feel this has exceeded my hopes for the course and definitely increased my skills and confidence in offering guided imagery and visualisation to my clients.

  128. Rebecca Barker, Counsellor

    Excellent training and excellent trainer – masses of info coherently condensed into one day. Very inspiring and very informative.

  129. Gillian McCutcheon, Psychologist

    Ros is a great trainer – the course is clear and concise, grounded in science and functional for client work. I enjoyed the day and have learnt a lot to bring to my work.

  130. Gemma Rogers, Counsellor/Coach

    Brilliant! I feel inspired to bring everything I’ve learnt to my practice. Really interesting, engaging and informative.

  131. Mary Flynn, Cog Sci/Data Science

    Absolutely wonderful course. Ros has a lovely, light delivery style that’s very inspiring and left me with so many ideas going forward.

  132. Sally, Counsellor and Life Coach

    Super presentation. Well-paced and enjoyed the building of skills. Super knowledgeable. Great handouts.

  133. Nicola Foster, Couples Therapist

    Excellent content. Teaching materials very professional. Ros’s examples and experience were fantastic.

  134. Marta Maj, Hypnotherapist, coach, yoga and pilates teacher

    Ros has a great talent of explaining things in a wonderfully interesting way. I enjoy the way she teaches.

  135. Toby Sewell

    Gentle, firm and informative. It just all flows and fits together. Thank you.

  136. Suzi Morris

    Superb: excellent presentation/moderation and content.

  137. K Alva-Jorgensen, Coach

    A clear presentation of the value of guided imagery in therapy with able opportunity to practise new found techniques.

  138. Tiffany Black, Acupuncturist

    Clear slides and warm, professional presentation. Good mix of theoretical and practical.

  139. Amy Holland

    Great information and useful.

  140. Trudy Brock, Midwife

    Lots to think about but plenty of time to focus on each part of learning, and to ask questions. Supportive participants and a few light bulb moments (focussing on calmness and not reinforcing stress)

  141. Sara-Jane, Solicitor

    Ros was a wonderful, warm, smiley, informative teacher. She made GI accessible and gave us lots of activities and support.

  142. Sarah Norris, Midwife, birth trauma therapist

    Excellent day – a lot more to learn.

  143. Tina Hoar, Counsellor

    Fantastic – very good, clear, concise delivery which built on learning. Clear explanations – pace excellent.

  144. Alfie, Support Worker

    Satisfying – I’ve been eager to practise the techniques and much was uncovered.

  145. Counsellor/Trainer

    Very informative, engaging and enjoyable.

  146. Educational Psychologist

    Very enjoyable, fun, illuminating – with science behind the practice. I like the way it is cumulative – building the process via practice which is first modelled.

  147. Mary Bell Macleod, Social Work

    This was a valuable foundation for further learning in this area. It gave a structure and demystified the process. I have been so much looking forward to it and was not disappointed.

  148. Marilyn Higginson, Counsellor

    The whole day was really informative and well run. Very clear instruction and good to see the skills being demonstrated before attempts myself.

  149. Emily Fletcher, Counsellor

    Lovely group. Well presented – great venue and met my expectations. Looking forward to learning more with Human Givens.

  150. Wellbeing Coach

    Super course, really welcoming and inclusive approach. Feel a full experience. Great to have learnt more in depth about guided imagery. Thank you.

  151. Rachel Fowler, Grief Coach

    Loved the teaching, then practising. Very useful.

  152. Lorna Francis, Counsellor & Psychotherapist

    Very insightful, useful and fascinating. I’ll definitely be using this with my clients, integrating it into how I already work.

  153. Philippa Brewer, Frequent Service User Support Worker

    Insightful, excellent tutor, well thought out and friendly.

  154. Annette Henry, Barrister

    Very practical, very clear, very relaxing and a great learning experience.

  155. Debbie Shannon, Educational Psychologist

    Brilliant! I feel like I will need lots of practise before using, but so powerful in helping and can imagine this working with many children.

  156. Yasmin Kernali, Counsellor

    Brilliant! Great tutor – valuable content.

  157. Cerys, Community Development Worker

    It has been great – thank you very much.

  158. Simon Bostock

    Great insights, very helpful demonstrations and exercises

  159. Dawn Redwood, Counsellor

    The teaching was paced at a good speed. I appreciated being able to take a concept and build on it. Thank you!

  160. Earth Scientist/Trainee Ecotherapist

    I really enjoyed the day – a fully rich day of practise and theory, and a powerful technique.

  161. CNS (NHS)

    Very useful – lots of content and very appropriate.

  162. Coach/Leadership Facilitator

    Excellent course on guided imagery. Great mix of technical/theoretical info and practical application.

  163. Mum

    I have thoroughly enjoyed today’s course. My confidence had built over the day in applying the guided imagery technique and it’s been a great, encouraging atmosphere within the group.

  164. Civil Servant

    The structure of the course and its content have contributed to my overall understanding of effective relaxation and its application. Ros assured that the pace of the course provided a clear explanation of these important therapeutic tools.

  165. Optometrist

    Fantastic! Loved this course.

  166. Neuroscientist and Psychoeducator

    Course was very clear, helpful and detailed! Really enjoyed the practical aspect and the day seemed to fly by. I can see the utility of the taught material, and Ros was very helpful with asked questions!

  167. Integrative therapeutic counsellor & clinical supervisor

    This has been an intensive day but I now have ready to hand skills to take back to the therapy room. I can use this technique with different clients, but also for myself.

  168. Senior Location Manager

    Fantastic and practical!

  169. Ex-teacher

    After the past 18 months this course is a ‘must’ in order to help us all gather ourselves up again and move on. You don’t need to use these skills in a professional setting as they are life skills.

  170. Psychiatrist

    Engaging, informative, relevant and excellent.

  171. Marketing

    Ros was excellent. An immediately calming presence and brilliant at teaching methods in a manageable way.

  172. Counsellor

    The training is comprehensive and communicated effectively and for me creating a desire to learn more. The trainer imparted their knowledge and experience with great clarity, generosity and skill.

  173. Trainee Sport & Exercise Psychologist

    Great lecturer, really patient and clear explanations. The process of ‘doing’ is really important and helpful to developing the skills.

  174. Psychologist

    Great experiential learning. Great that most learning was through doing. Inspiring and very applicable to my practice.

  175. Programme Manager

    A totally engaging and thought-provoking day. Enjoyable and valuable in equal measure.

  176. Therapist

    Highly informative and a great teaching style.

  177. Kitchen Manager

    Lovely, so practical and useful.

  178. Editor/Book Designer

    A practical, experiential day that shed much light on the trance state in learning and how vital a calm state of mind is for emotional health/thinking. How metaphor reaches the subconscious mind.

  179. Counsellor

    A good mix of taught and practical elements throughout the day.

  180. Psychologist

    HG ideas connect with the real world. I feel really excited and energised. Techniques are useful for me and for my clients for the future.

  181. Mental Health Support Worker

    This course was excellent and very informative. This was my first experience with guided imagery and I feel excited to apply this within my work.

  182. Specialist Nurse

    I signed up for this course sceptical, but hopeful. During the process and training I became excited that these skills could help me professionally and personally.

  183. Career Adviser

    Really enjoyed embedding my knowledge and learning different ways of saying things and use of language. Great trainer – very clear, thorough and friendly.

  184. Doctor (Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine)

    Really useful step-wise acquisition of knowledge and skill in an enjoyable, step-wise and engaging format. Interesting, insightful and very much increased my enthusiasm.

  185. Social Worker

    OMG – where do I start? Just one mind-bending moment after another. Trainer was excellent – learning was really effective, well paced, clear and accessible.

  186. Clinical Hypnotherapist

    Excellent – beautifully thought out and managed with a perfect mix of teaching methods to suit all; demonstrations, pair work etc. Instructor was superb – patient, kind and approachable. A great and very productive day!

  187. Teacher/NLP Practitioner

    Ros was wonderful – very knowable and engaging.

  188. Midwife/Trainee Psychotherapist

    A lot to pack into one day, but a great introduction.

  189. Solution focused brief therapy counsellor

    Very enjoyable, clear and well presented. Thank you

  190. NLP Coach and Clinical Skills

    A clear, thorough day and introduction to guided imagery.

  191. Senior Behaviour Practitioner and Counsellor

    The course is taught in such an accessible way and a great mix of theory and experiential learning. Very insightful, thought provoking and inspiring. Very much looking forward to more training.

  192. Former Teacher

    Excellent, well presented course, full of learning. Fantastic tutor!

  193. School Counsellor

    A wonderful experiential day of guided imagery skills

  194. Counsellor

    Great balance of theory and practise. Practical application. Found it rejuvenating.

  195. Social Worker

    Very clear presentation with good opportunities to practise the skills

  196. Community Nursery Nurse/Holistic Therapist

    I found this course a great learning experience. I have learnt so much and feel I have the confidence to ‘put into practise’ all that I have learnt.

  197. Key Worker

    Ros delivered a really interesting module on guided imagery. Essential relaxation skills taught and practised in an open and safe environment. Valuable discussion and thorough explanation given for each area of this process. I feel like I have taken away a new skill set to practise which will be of benefit to many.

  198. Family Support – Education

    I loved Ros’s confidence and thought she explained things clearly. The examples and demos very invaluable and I thoroughly enjoyed the day

  199. Hypnotherapist

    Absolutely fantastic. Can’t think of any improvements. The teaching was clear, simple, easy to follow and very, very useful. Thank you!

  200. Psychotherapist/Counsellor

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course and can immediately see how I can use this with my clients. A very useful technique for my toolbox.

  201. Senior Wellbeing Officer

    I have really enjoyed today. Great pace, such clear and confident presentation which really helped my learning. It has been great to put this into practise.

  202. Paul S., Mental Health Worker

    What a wonderfully positive way of working with people – great day, thank you

  203. Rita, therapist

    I can see immediately how useful these skills are going to be for a wide range of conditions, and can’t wait to implement them. I’m going to do the rewind training next.

  204. GP

    Good to reinforce and practise techniques by doing several exercises – felt much more confident by the end.

  205. Bereavement Volunteer for Cruse Bereavement Care

    The handout and information given has been really useful – cannot really think how to better it. Thanks for an interesting and stimulating day.

  206. Counsellor

    All of it great. The Q&A session at the end was particularly valuable in talking about how to apply guided imagery to specific areas. Wonderful course – an amazing tool.

  207. Office Manager

    I found that all the information given was very useful as I do not have a therapeutic background. What a great teacher. Everything was explained very clearly and I feel that I learned a lot about this subject.

  208. Headteacher Support Service

    The whole day was absolutely wonderful – so many strategies to use with clients.

  209. Social Worker

    These approaches are the most useful I have come across to apply to my work and feel as if you can really make a difference.

  210. Counsellor

    Practical techniques to start the process of helping people lift from depression – good practical experience and lots of ideas for helping people relax.

  211. Management Consultant/Healer

    Fun, engaging and powerful. I can see such great application in this work.

  212. Occupational Therapy Senior Technical Instructor

    Most I’ve learnt and taken away from a course in years!

  213. Software Engineer

    The practical element was worth its weight in gold.

  214. School Counsellor

    It is so relevant to the young people I work with. The more Human Givens College courses I do – the more empowered I feel.

  215. Teacher and Mother

    Structured in such a way that by the end of the day I’d grown enormously in confidence.

  216. Counsellor

    I feel that this workshop has improved my practice more than any other I have attended in 15 years. Thank you!

  217. Artist working in Domestic Violence

    Amazing what can be achieved very quickly and simply. I will certainly use it in work with victims of domestic violence as part of art sessions.

  218. Teacher/Outreach Worker (Social Inclusion)

    As a sceptic, with many preconceived ideas, today has opened my eyes in no uncertain terms. I have bought a pile of books and will be devouring them over the weeks to come. Thank you – probably the most enlightening course I have attended.

  219. Counsellor

    New ideas, new ways of working.

  220. Outreach Worker – Women’s Refuge

    I can take techniques learnt today straight back to my workplace and use them with clients immediately. Fantastic day – can’t wait to try it out.

  221. Welfare Officer

    It opened up a completely new hopeful way to help clients become less aroused to enable real solution-focused therapy to flourish.

  222. Midwife

    I will be able to use what I have learnt today in antenatal classes to prepare women for childbirth. An excellent day.

  223. Marketing Manager, The Open University

    Fascinating subject matter. Thank you for another brilliant workshop!

  224. Community Learning Disability Nurse

    Very tangible, easy to use methods. Demystifying something I felt was more complicated than it is.

  225. Stress Therapist/Complementary Practitioner

    Couldn’t have been better.

  226. Facilitator

    Directly relevant to my work – consolidated current practice and introduced new techniques. A really interesting and enjoyable day – thank you.

  227. BME – Mental Health C.D.W.

    Excellent source of information which I will use as an intervention in almost any type of situation where there is a need to relax anybody. Wasn’t expecting to gain so much from a workshop. Excellent!

  228. Support Needs Co-ordinator

    Good to be able to practice the techniques in a ‘safe’ environment and build in confidence how to use the skills.

  229. GP

    I will try this with quite a number of ‘stuck’ patients – physical and mental.

  230. Youth Worker

    Have been interested in this topic for some time, so to have the tutor bring it to life as she did was really fantastic.

  231. Training Officer

    It was a good mix of discussion, demonstration and practical application.

  232. Counsellor

    The lecturer has a wonderful, calming and relaxing manner. She makes learning fun and enjoyable.

  233. Connexions PA

    Made me think, well paced and delivered. Nicely broken up with practical work. A truly enlightening day, excellent venue and delivery.

  234. Acupuncturist

    Very enjoyable day – BlissTrip! Thank you.

  235. Teacher

    Really easy to follow, precise instructions about a technique and how it can be applied.

  236. GP

    Very powerful, effective method for achieving positive change.

  237. Mental Health Resettlement Worker

    Extremely useful tool for work and personal life. Very well explained and demonstrated. Excellent supporting material.

  238. Pilates Instructor

    Interesting to see how it fitted in with what I already do and enhances and develops skills I already have. Very user friendly. I feel I can pick it up immediately and work with it.

  239. Therapist

    Will use immediately!

  240. Coach

    Once again a thoroughly enjoyable, engaging and interesting workshop. Further improving my learning experience.

  241. Hospital Play Specialist

    I can take many techniques back with me on a practical level to try with patients.

  242. Drug Worker

    I can use this in my work, possibly every day, and provides personal insight.

  243. Learning & Leadership Development

    Thanks for a great day – was excellent value for money too.

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