All of the organising ideas, skills and techniques used in the human givens approach are evidence-based. And an ever-growing body of research supports the efficacy of the HG approach itself…

The human givens approach to psychotherapy continues to grow in popularity, in the UK and beyond, because it is frequently found to be fast, effective and reliable.

Clients also find it empowering – it gives them clear explanations about the causes of mental health and behavioural problems, essential knowledge of what they need to maintain their own wellbeing, as well as the tools they need to cope with future setbacks. It also saves organisations money.

In today’s evidence-based culture, however, an abundance of anecdotal reports of HG’s effectiveness isn’t enough and we’re pleased that the growing evidence base of published research supports what people are experiencing.

Research demonstrates that human givens therapy works quickly and effectively – in four to six sessions on average ¹ ²

All human givens practitioners are encouraged to work in an outcome-informed way to measure their continued effectiveness and build up data for further research projects.

The Human Givens Foundation has supported several research projects over the years and made significant inroads into the development of a randomised control trial (RCT), but to date the massive funding required has prevented us from taking this project any further.

The Foundation continues to raise funds to support research projects such as this and to raise awareness generally of the benefits of the human givens approach to all walks of life. (The human givens approach is also applied outside of the therapeutic context – including workplace training, social work, education and diplomacy.)

There are currently numerous individuals and organisations working on research into the efficacy of the human givens approach – if you are considering carrying out a similar research project, do let us know.


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