Depression? There is Hope!

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Tutor: Dr Andrew Morrice

A free online course provided for GPs and other practitioners managing depression in NHS Primary Care settings – enrol below.

Thought provoking and informative, it will transform my practice. A structured logical approach to a depression consultation that can be easily implemented

Despite being an extremely common presentation, or factor, in primary care consultations, depression receives disproportionately little attention in our pre- and post-graduate training.

GPs, like myself, who have trained in the Human Givens (HG) approach have found it invaluable in their NHS work with depressed patients.  This course has been designed to give you greater insight into the latest understandings about depression, including the link with inflamation, and an introduction to the HG approach, including how we can use these ideas and skills in normal consultations to benefit our patients and make our own work easier.

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This course is designed to:

  • Deepen your understanding of depression – and the central role of inflammation

  • Enable you to engage with depressed patients whilst remaining hopeful

  • Increase your understanding of the science behind non-pharmacological modalities

  • Develop more confidence in creating individual treatment plans with depressed patients

  • Develop more skills to directly help patients within the consultation.


Supported by generous funding from the Human Givens Foundation, the course was devised by Dr Andrew Morrice and several GP colleagues and delivered to around 300 GP colleagues at in-person events between 2019 and 2021; their feedback was used to refine it further.

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Donations welcome

There is no fee for this course, though a donation is invited.  GP Colleagues valued this training at between £30 and £100.  Any donation to the Human Givens Foundation you can make will enable us to keep this material updated and make further similar material available in the future.

You can make a donation via our Donorbox page here. We appreciate your support. Thank you.

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I can't recommend this approach highly enough

Dr Sue Beckers

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So refreshing to actually be given a clear set of skills and tools to use in these really difficult consultations... it's made me excited and keen to use this

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