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Developing Self-Compassion

– in yourself and others

Research shows that exercising self-compassion creates more resilience against stress, greater ability to focus, increases happiness and optimism, improves relationships and more. This live online course explains why and gives you a range of effective techniques you can use straight away… 

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Self-Compassion Online Course

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  • Date: Tues 5th Nov 2024

  • Length: 1 day (9.15am - 4.00pm BST)

  • Tutor: Julie Johnson

  • Accredited CPD Certificate: 6 hours

  • Price: £145 per person

Price includes course notes and access to a recording of the event


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Absolutely brilliant course from beginning to end!

Carmel Austin

Many people struggle with showing themselves compassion – they may be highly critical of themselves, or wracked with feelings of shame, self-doubt or self-worth – but with the right approach it is possible to help them develop this key component of recovery and wellbeing.

This new online self-compassion course provides you with all you need to know to bring self-compassion into your practice, your personal life and the lives of others – with plenty of time to try out the techniques for yourself.

Limited numbers – book early to ensure your place
Join our expert tutor Julie Johnson live online on Tuesday 5th November for this helpful CPD training delivered via Zoom. When you book, we’ll email your booking confirmation – your link for joining the Zoom workshop will be sent the day before the event.
BONUS RECORDING – the training is recorded, in case anyone experiences technical difficulties, so you’ll also get a recording afterwards for a limited time to maximise your learning.
Can’t make this date? Register your interest below and we’ll send you details when another is available.

Why take this course

CPD Provider LogoBeing compassionate towards ourselves when things go wrong, or we are struggling to cope, is not self-pity – it is an essential skill that can be learnt and developed, giving people the strength to move forward.

When things don’t go our way or we feel we can’t cope – or something bad has happened to us – we may feel ashamed or blame ourselves for not being good enough, capable enough, strong enough and so on. This negative self-criticism can be highly damaging and hold us back. It is far more empowering to turn towards ourselves with compassion (which is what self-compassion literally means).

Helping people to find the best ways to draw out their self-compassion is a skill that needs to be learned. Different from empathy (the ability to appreciate what another person is experiencing) and from self-pity (which is self-focused, exaggerates personal suffering and is disempowering and draining), self-compassion enhances resilience, allowing us to recognise our personal failings while appreciating that we are all human and make mistakes – thus helping us to move on past them.

Learning how to use self-compassion from a human givens perspective makes it an extra-valuable tool for supporting our clients in getting their innate needs met and making best use of their innate resources. It may also help you in your own life.

This indepth 1-day live online self-compassion experiential training day shows you how.

A wonderful online learning experience, jam-packed full of useful teaching and loads of references to resources for further self study and development...

Karsten Alva-Jorgensen, Executive Coach

What will you learn

  • What self-compassion is and isn’t
  • Research findings that demonstrate the positive effects on the body and mind of exercising self-compassion
  • Why some people find self-compassion difficult
  • The roots of self-compassion
  • A new empowering perspective on making mistakes
  • How practising self-compassion helps our ability to problem solve
  • An important adjunctive tool for working with harsh self-criticism, trauma, emotional pain; bereavement, loss, change, and chronic-conditions
  • Why self-compassion increases resilience
  • Simple techniques for self-soothing and self-care
  • How to apply these new understandings in therapy
  • The especial value of using these techniques with parents and children
  • How to bring these technique seamlessly into everyday life
  • Ways that self-compassion helps with meeting emotional needs
  • The impact of self-compassionate practice on organisations
  • How self-compassion can help children become happier and kinder
  • Why compassion for oneself enhances sense of status
  • Ways that exercising self-compassion lowers emotional arousal and unhelpful thinking
  • How self-compassion differs from both compassion and empathy
  • The dangers of too much self-compassion
  • How self-compassion helps focus the imagination positively
  • Creative applications of self-compassion
  • How self-compassion maps onto every human need and innate emotional resource, making it an essential tool in every HG practitioner’s toolbox
  • Practical examples and case histories to learn from

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone interested for personal or professional reasons
  • Including anyone working as a practitioner helping those in mental distress or with chronic physical conditions
  • Anyone interested in skills to help promote their own wellbeing and that of others
  • Anyone working or living with children, or young and older people
  • Anyone working with parents
  • Anyone working within a caring context, such as carers, teachers, NHS workers, foster carers, social workers etc
  • Therapists, counsellors and mental health professionals

Feedback from clients

Course Programme

The ‘Developing Self-Compassion’ live online training course starts at 9.15am and runs until 4.00pm. (BST).

CPD Provider LogoThis course has been independently accredited by the internationally recognised CPD Standards Office for 6 hours of CPD training.

On completion of this training you’ll receive CPD certificates from the College and the CPD Standards Office.

Register your interest

If you can’t make this course, please complete the form below and we’ll email you when another date becomes available.

Reviews for this course

4.9/5 (37 Reviews)
  1. Katie Thorpe, Palliative Care Social Worker

    This was an absolutely brilliant day, looking at something which is not only helpful for my work with the patients and families I am supporting every day, but also helpful for looking after myself better.

  2. Occupational Therapist

    I found this course excellent. Not only on a professional but also a personal level. I have taken so much away from it and I am very keen to introduce more of these practices in my clinical work.

  3. Alex Waud, Teacher and Hypnotherapist

    I really enjoyed this course, finding it useful for clients/pupils and myself. I thought it was presented in a clear way and included simple yet powerful insights and tools which can be applied straight away. There was a mixture of concise theory, practical practices and some really important ‘myth busting’ about what self-compassion is and what it involves.

  4. Author

    I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Developing Self-Compassion’ online training and it provided a necessary opportunity to take some time out for personal reflection. There were some real gems along the way and the pace, content and delivery worked really well. Thank you 🙂

  5. Finance Officer

    I found this a really interesting day. There is so much information available on the importance of looking after ourselves that it can be difficult to know where to start. Julie was a great teacher and I have learnt new tools and techniques.

  6. Conal O’Suilleabhain, Training Professional

    The online workshop on self-compassion facilitated by Julie Johnson, Human Givens College, was excellent. The workshop explored self-compassion and how it differs from empathy and compassion, and provided clear and concise discussion on the psychology of self-compassion and self-esteem. Julie set out the benefits for self-compassion while also addressing various common misgivings, misconceptions and myths around self-compassion.

  7. HG Therapist (trainee)

    As a trainee, I’m finding that many clients beat themselves up over the way they’re feeling and find it difficult to allow any reframing or change to take place. I thought this course would address this – and indeed it did. In some ways very American in her approach, Julie successfully linked HG principles and contemporary problems with exercises derived from ancient wisdom, giving us the opportunity to begin to experience the exercises ourselves and for me to see how they might be taken into my practice. Already reading her recommended book I can see where much of the material came from, but Julie’s presentation was comprehensive and inclusive. The course, I think, was very useful and highly recommended – whether for personal or professional purposes.

  8. HG Therapist

    I attended the course with a particular few clients in mind, and yet it was so encompassing for many clients as well as for personal development, it seemed as though it should perhaps be part of the diploma. Really thorough material, presented with clarity and enthusiasm.

  9. Coach and Coach Tutor

    Overall the course was brilliant. Very useful content and practical tools to use straightaway.

  10. Mary Austin, HG Therapist

    Useful information and skills for personal use and to use with clients.

  11. Emotional Well-Being Practitioner

    The course was fabulous. Practical elements and discussion which help embed your learning. A real eye opener and lovely to be given permission to ‘do it for you’ rather than as a professional.

  12. Pete Allison, Therapist

    Great subject and very interesting and informative.

  13. Psychotherapist

    Excellent, comprehensive, well presented content. Many useful resources to read and study further. Lots of guidance on how to undertake and embody self-compassion practice.

  14. Trainee HG Therapist

    The format of the course is great, the content is vast and really well put together, and the teaching and facilitation was brilliant and passionate. Also, the resources I have to read and learn further are amazing. I really think this course should form part of the HG Diploma.

  15. Carmel Austin, Human Givens Therapist

    Absolutely brilliant workshop from beginning to end – interesting, informative and delivered by Julie in such a dynamic, engaging and generous manner. I am still buzzing nearly a week later!

  16. Retired

    Valuable insight into the importance of self-compassion and resulting benefits, with consideration to the human givens model of needs/resources and practises to put in place for living well. Attention given to related topics: myths, resistance, core elements and much more, together with relevant resource list, make this a subject not to be ignored!

  17. Health Visitor & Bereavement Volunteer

    Today was very interesting and engaging. The slides and presentations were excellent and the group were interesting and from varied professions. Breakout rooms worked well, and gave the chance to talk more openly with participants.

  18. Counsellor

    Loved the experiential aspect to the training – feel very chilled now! Familiar information delivered in a new way – thank you – lots of nuggets.

  19. Karsten Alva-Jorgensen, Executive Coach

    This was a wonderful learning experience, jam-packed full of useful teaching and loads of references to resources for further self study and development. This new course holds its own with the best of the Human Givens courses. I encourage the Institute to make this available as a recorded on-line self study course so more practitioners can gain value for themselves and their clients. I believe the nature of the topic lends itself well to an on-line course for self-study.

  20. Evelyne Laronze Thomas, Human Givens Therapist and Couple Therapist

    Thank you Julie for delivering an interesting and informative workshop in a lovely and friendly manner. You are a Star! Thank you for all your experience and knowledge. I am taking loads of important points for myself and my clients.

  21. Rayna Mayer, HG Therapist

    I have always been skeptical of ‘mindfulness’ because of the way it’s been co-opted into many corporate spaces to get employees to accept the suffering inflicted by toxic business culture. Julie helped us to see that mindfulness is not only about acceptance but action and agency. This may be the best experience I’ve had in an online training. Perfect balance of instruction, discussion, and practical tools to take away. Time was well managed so nothing felt rushed.

  22. Lauren Greville, Advocate Educator

    Really interesting with a good mix of background knowledge and practical skills. The trainer was incredibly engaging and supportive and kept the group involved throughout.

  23. Des Howden, HG Practitioner

    Julie ran a wonderful course. It was packed full of information and further resources. Julie was a full on energy person, and very passionate about what she was doing. I very much enjoyed the course and would whole heartedly recommend it to everyone.

  24. HG Psychotherapist & Art Psychotherapist

    Self-compassion is possibly more relevant now than ever, with a society divided over politics, money, Covid measures, the environment and so many other things. I felt that everyone in the training gained something useful to take into their own lives and work.

  25. Peter Mohan, Organisation Development Consultant & Coach

    Julie was an energetic, enthusiastic and well informed host for the workshop. She gave us plenty of useful material including experiential exercises which I found very useful and the exercises gave me good insights. Thank you to Julie and to Fiona for a very useful day! I was sorry that I had to leave at 3.15pm so will watch back the recording to tune into the last session of the day.

  26. Eating Disorders Therapist

    The course was clearly presented and the fast pace kept my engagement. Wonderful content, experiential activities, self reflection and opportunity to connect with others. Finished the day feeling more soothed than I started. Thank you – I got out of it just what I wanted for my practice and myself.

  27. Wendy Gregson, Occupational Therapist

    Thoroughly enjoyable – Julie is a brilliant trainer/presenter with so much enthusiasm, knowledge and warmth. Learned so much and feel very inspired to learn more about this subject. Also found the accompanying notes and references/recommendations very helpful too.

  28. Emma Grey, Psychotherapist and Trainer

    The lively debate and levels of interaction were so very beneficial to all delegates. To take a subject and discuss the multiple facets of the approach was invaluable. The resource lists and references were reassuring and the slides were engaging (just the right amount). It was extremely useful to hear Julie discuss her experiences with clients and groups to place the theories into the real world.

  29. Melanie Kettner-Borough, Pastor / Counsellor

    One of the areas I have always struggled with is the area of making sure I look after myself so that I can have enough energy and fortitude to work with people who are suffering and need to find a way forward in their lives. This course was very practical and showed me how essential it is to have time for myself, to restore and have equilibrium.

  30. Primary school teacher

    The course today was excellent and extremely informative. the program was packed and I am pleased we will have access to a recording because I will revisit this to embed my learning. Julie is an energetic teacher and imparted a great deal of her knowledge which has been gratefully received As with all HG courses the other members have excellent comments and insights which they share. All in all an excellent day which was well worthing attending.

  31. Psychologist

    Outstanding! I learnt so much from the course . I decided to be nice for myself. All of the exercises were really useful.

  32. Sue Haswell, Trainer, Coach, Therapist

    Great! There was such a rich seam of knowledge running throughout a highly experiential course that there was probably enough material for a couple of days! I really appreciated the trainer’s knowledge, personal experience and ability to get the whole – enormous – subject across in a way that was personable and engaging. I’m still buzzing! But calmly 🙂

  33. Catherine Neil, Human Givens Therapist

    This course, grounded in evidence and a solid understanding of the benefits of a self-compassionate practice as well as something to pass on as a therapeutic approach for our clients, was excellent. There was nothing which felt overly navel-gazing about it – Julie made it practical, incredibly useful day full of information I can take into my work and share with clients. All the different practices around breath work, meditation and mindfulness were really useful for me personally and professionally. The day was dense with information and helpful references and book recommendations. What a fantastic day of learning.

  34. Trainee HG therapist

    the course today was excellent and extremely informative. the program was packed and I am pleased we will have access to a recording because I will revisit this to embed my learning. Julie is an energetic teacher and imparted a great deal of her knowledge which has been gratefully received As with all HG courses the other members have excellent comments and insights which they share. All in all an excellent day which was well worth attending.

  35. Psychotherapist

    I found this course inspirational – I learned so much. I will be able to apply the strategies to myself as well as for my clients. Julie is an awesome speaker and included everyone throughout the day. Thank you Julie.

  36. Counselling

    Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Julie’s enthusiasm was contagious. The break out sessions were particularly useful. Thank you

  37. Psychologist

    Amazing experience. Excellent training. I learned a lot about self compassion and liked the self-compassion exercises.

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