‘Human Givens’ is a practical, holistic and scientific approach focusing on what individuals need to live mentally healthy and fulfilling lives.

It draws on the latest insights from neuroscience and psychological research, and combines this knowledge with proven therapeutic techniques from a wide range of approaches to provide highly effective interventions.

Its application is broad – encompassing mental and physical healthcare, wellbeing, education, social work, life coaching, the workplace, conflict-resolution and beyond.

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In the 20+ years since the term ‘human givens’ was first coined, the numerous ground-breaking new theories and rich psychological insights deriving from the approach and the work of its founders have helped 10,000s of people successfully overcome a wide range of mental health conditions – including: depression, anxiety disorders, stress, addiction, anger, pain, trauma, phobias – faster and more effectively than alternative treatments.

The HG framework for mental health and wellbeing gives us a powerful template that can be used to bring clarity to any human endeavour – explaining why difficulties arise and where the solutions lie.

Co-founders of the human givens approach, Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell, discuss the need for this approach and its far-reaching implications...

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