Mental Health

The human givens approach was developed over 20 years ago to bring clarity and unity to the field of mental health and to make it easier for everyone, not just professionals, to understand what causes the majority of mental health and behavioural problems – as well as how best to overcome them.

Going back to basics they looked at what everyone – whatever their age, cultural background, sexuality or financial situation – needs to thrive.  The framework they developed to understand these profound truths is deceptively clear and gives us a powerful way to help people create fulfilling lives for themselves, with minimal mental health problems.

Griffin and Tyrrell also introduced numerous other powerful new insights through their publications and training courses – these have proved of immense practical benefit in a wide range of fields and have helped countless individuals regain quality of life again.

Co-founders of the human givens approach, Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell, discuss the need for this approach and its far-reaching implications...

I can very much endorse the tenets the human givens approach puts forward. I think your work is important and much needed, and let’s hope that people listen.

Iain McGilchrist - Psychiatrist, writer, and former Oxford literary scholar

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