Become a Human Givens therapist

If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read or heard about HG, and are interested in becoming a human givens practitioner, we’d recommend you start by taking one or two of our diploma-linked courses to find out whether our training’s right for you.

To become a fully-qualified HG Practitioner, you will need to complete the 3-part Human Givens Diploma to Practitioner Level (Part 3) and become a Registered Member of the HGI to be listed on the professional register of HG therapists, which is accredited in the UK by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care.

People from a wide range of professions have taken the HG Diploma, as the skills and knowledge you will learn have wide-ranging applications, not only in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. Many say the course has benefited them hugely – personally as well as professionally – and they’ve got more out of it than they ever expected. (testimonials).

If you’re thinking of becoming a counsellor or therapist, or would like to increase your effectiveness and understanding by adding additional skills and knowledge to your existing expertise, use the links below to find out more.

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