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Grief and Bereavement

Understanding loss and the best ways to help

This sensitive course gives you greater insight into our natural grieving process, what can go wrong, the myths about grief, and how you can support those going through it

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Grief and Bereavement online course – understanding loss and the best ways to help

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Incredibly helpful online grief course, very informative

Emma Wardropper

Loss is a common human experience and major part of life – every one of us will face the loss of a loved one at some time in our lives. Grief and bereavement can hit us in other ways too – like when we lose someone through dementia, addiction or divorce, or lose something significant, like the ability to have our own children or our physical health.

This online course helps explain the different ways people react to grief, offers guidance on the most appropriate ways to support people and will also help you with your own grief when the time comes.

Véronique's compassion and own extensive experience of grief and supporting others really shines through

Why take this course

CPD Provider LogoIn our Western culture death and dying have largely been taken into the realm of professionals, with many of us dying in hospital. Death is rarely a part of our conversations. Many don’t feel comfortable around the bereaved, they don’t know what to say or do for the best, or what to expect when faced with a bereaved person. This can make the experience of being bereaved very lonely, particularly as there are also many misunderstandings around grief, which can sometimes make matters worse.

Véronique is passionate about dispelling these myths and giving people a clear roadmap to demystify what is a normal, healthy response to the death of a loved one – and identify when professional help might be needed. As well as her own personal experiences of grief, she has supported countless others over the years through her professional role as a Human Givens practitioner as well as on a personal level.

This compassionate online course, which is illustrated with case histories and packed full of practical tips, will help you feel more confident when supporting grieving friends, patients, family or neighbours – and leave you better prepared for what to expect in your own times of grief.

What will you learn

  • The common myths surrounding grief and bereavement – what’s true and what isn’t
  • How differing cultural, religious and belief-based views impact on how people grieve
  • What the science and the latest research tells us about the grieving process
  • The 3 common responses to the death of a loved one
  • When grieving becomes a problem; complicated, avoidant or delayed grief
  • Grieving for someone who is still alive
  • Two different sorts of crying
  • Pathological grieving – how to tell if professional help is needed
  • Guilt and grieving over the loss of someone you feel you might have helped, e.g. suicide, drug or alcohol related death
  • Why our innate emotional needs (part of our ‘human givens’) have a protective role
  • Essential ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ for those wanting to support an individual who has lost a loved one – and how these can change over time or depending on the context
  • How the circumstances around a death can affect how individuals grieve
  • The impact of sudden, unexpected death
  • What to expect in the early days following the loss of a loved one
  • The value and use of ritual
  • The role of our emotions – and why they can come up again out of the blue, sometimes years later
  • How to help children and teenagers deal with death
  • Living loss: grieving over e.g. divorce, infertility, caring for a loved one who is terminally ill, estrangement from friends or family members, the loss of job, or status, freedom, hope etc.
  • The effects of trauma on the process of grief and when to detraumatise the memory
  • How depression and trauma can impact on grieving
  • Practical ways to help someone immersed in grief
  • Case history showing how a human givens therapist helped with extreme grief
  • Help for those that are grieving
  • Case studies: personal experiences of being bereaved and what helped
  • Strategies to avoid being overwhelmed – dipping in and out of grief
  • The use of targeted specialist groups (e.g. death by suicide, drugs, alcohol, the death of a child, of a life partner, cancer, sudden death, stillbirth, sepsis or Covid) and social media
  • Finding meaning and purpose after loss
  • Re-engaging with life
  • Integrating the changes.

Course Programme

Who is this course suitable for

This course is for anyone who would like to understand more about grief and the different ways loss can affect us, and to feel more confident in helping those who are bereaved.

An online course, it is presented in a clear, practical way without psychobabble to make it as readily accessible and helpful to as many people as possible – including those who may be currently grieving themselves.

What's included?

  • Videos
  • PDF Course notes
  • Lifetime access
    Life-long access
  • CPD Certificate
    CPD Certificate

Course format

This online course is split into 3 modules, each of which are broken down further into different sections of videos clips delivered in English. There are also course notes for you to download, plus additional reading information and a range of helpful links.

You can take as long as you like to work your way through this online course on Grief and Bereavement and can view it as many times as you like.

Once you have completed the course, you will receive a CPD certificate.

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This course has been independently accredited by the internationally recognised CPD Standards Office for 6 hours of CPD training.

Meet your tutor

Veronique Chown Tutor Photo

Véronique Chown

Véronique is a psychotherapist with over 20 years experience in private practice during which time she also worked for three years in the NHS.

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Reviews for this course

4.9/5 (16 Reviews)
  1. Denise Fisher, HGDip (Trainee), Hospice

    I am currently working in a Hospice in North Wales and thoroughly enjoyed this course which I feel is going to be very helpful indeed in my work with our patients and their families. I found the mixture of information, case studies and videos involving bereaved individual’s experiences, together with their coping strategies insightful. Also too, the addition of evidence-based research/recommended reading and supportive organisations. Brilliant! Thank you Veronique.

  2. Unnur Inga Jensen-Wilmot, MSc Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner

    I found the course immensely helpful and informative. It has been a great help on a personal account, having lost both parents and husband over a period of three years around 10 years ago! It has really been an eye opening experience, listening to Veronica’s delivery of material covering sensitive area of life and living in a very clear and compassionate way. Thank you very much!

  3. Claire de la Varre, Human Givens Therapist

    Although as an experienced therapist I have often worked with people who are grieving, this was a wonderful refresher and I learned several helpful things I didn’t know. Thank you Véronique for this course – along with your very comprehensive skill set and deep understanding of the material, your teaching style radiates compassion and patience.

  4. Inga Springell, Human Givens Psychotherapist

    An incredibly well delivered and compassionate course. Thank you Véronique for helping me further embed Human Givens knowledge and skills and access practical advice to support a wide variety of different losses across communities.

  5. Gemma Chapman, Counsellor/Psychotherapist

    Excellent online course, full of useful and practical guidance to take forward. Also very useful follow-up resources. Speaker very clear and understandable. Content very wide-ranging. Great to be able to do this in my own time from home on-line. Thank you.

    Thank you.

  6. Beth Davies, Counsellor.

    Thoroughly engaging course, full of insight and practical tips for supporting someone with grief and going through a bereavement.
    Really helpful as a therapist.

  7. George Bower, HG Diploma student (2023)

    Not only an essential course for anyone who may have to support a bereaved person but also a course for an essential life skill. This course provides important psychoeducation to understand the positive force that grief brings to help us heal from possibly the most upsetting event in our life. Learning about the Dual Process Model and how if helps us graft new knowledge brought about by the loss so that we can accept the loss positively without losing the powerful bond we have with our lost loved ones has been amazing.

  8. Jenni Loudon, International Programs Manager

    Excellent course and should be compulsory training for everyone, since death and grief are the constants in life. So many of the points in the training rang true for me personally and allowed me new insights on my own grief journey. I have long been an advocate for saying that each journey through grief is individual and not something to brush under the carpet. Sadly, too many people still believe that grief should be hidden and remain a taboo subject.

  9. Counsellor

    Thank you Véronique for providing me with a toolkit of understanding and other therapeutic skills. Your shining example of respecting each client’s individual personality and grieving path is remaining with me. Since completing this training with you I had one client who has been experiencing a series of bereavements throughout his entire life, and this year he lost his best friend, and then came to me. Applying what you taught really made this client feel understood, supported and inspired him with a sense of hope that he had not been able to derive from previous losses. He embraced the HG Reflection/ Outward Action approach to managing grief, and above all made it his own. Your course has also helped me enormously with other clients who have experienced multiple losses of different kinds, and live under the fear of deportation on a daily basis. With them, the healthy grieving knowledge I gained from your course has lifted our therapeutic dialogue to a whole new level.

  10. Colette Whelan, HG Therapist

    Delivered with such compassion I found this course especially useful on a personal basis after the loss of my mother under especially difficult circumstances. The cases studies were insightful. I know this course will prove to be hugely beneficial with clients going forward. Thank you

  11. Brad Osman, Retired

    My Wife died four months ago, after four years with secondary breast cancer. we were married for 33 years. I am a firm believer in the benefits of the Human Givens approach, especially Rewind Therapy for trauma related mental illness. This course did help me with my bereavement. I did find the pace of the videos slow however and it wasn’t until around 65% through that I started getting practical ideas I could use. Thank you.

  12. Mandy Gorst, Complementary Therapist and HG trainee

    Very interesting and informative course.

  13. Amanda Hagan, Complementary therapist and voice practitioner

    An excellent course and well delivered. Veronique has a lovely manner. I enjoy the HG online courses as it’s useful to revisit them.

  14. Lyn Tonks, HG therapist

    Thank you Veronique for a very helpful and useful course, delivered at a well-measured pace, allowing time for the listener to assimilate what was being explained.

  15. Felicity Jaffrey, HG therapist

    A very thoughtful and compassionate presentation. I appreciated the balance between science, case studies and practical ways of working with people who have been bereaved.

  16. Emma Wardropper, HG Therapist & Mindfulness Teacher

    Incredibly helpful course, very informative and delivered with sensitivity. I attended this course as a HG therapist myself to support clients but also due to a recent personal bereavement and found the course extremely beneficial from both aspects. The real life case studies were invaluable and a good mixture of theory and practical suggestions. Thank you Veronique!

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