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HG Diploma – Part 2

These two weeks of intensive training consolidate and expand upon what you’ve learnt in Part 1 of the Human Givens Diploma

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HG Diploma – Part 2

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  • Price: £4,385 per person

Includes all tuition, extensive course manual, examination, refreshments and lunch each day. Payment can be made my advance installments.

I can’t speak highly enough of Part 2. It had all the elements to make it challenging, stretching, stimulating and, above all, thoroughly practical


Part 2 of the 3-part Human Givens Diploma course consists of ten days of highly-focused and enjoyable work, plus home study and skills practice.

The two separate weeks are held approximately a month apart and include the observation of therapy sessions carried out by HG tutors with real patients. The profound teaching style and practical approach is highly stimulating and generates much extra-curricular thought and discussion.

During the two weeks you will have plenty of opportunity to expand upon and consolidate the knowledge and skills you have obtained on the shorter courses that make up Part 1 of the Diploma. There are many practical group and one-to-one exercises during which you will learn how to subtly combine what you’ve learnt into powerful therapy sessions that will enable your clients to move on in their lives, and a 2-hour written examination.

The psychological knowledge and psychotherapeutic skills gained on the course are also highly relevant and easily transferable to other fields such as parenting, education, business coaching and back-to-work programmes.

Please note:

Please note:

Our Part 2 courses tend to fill up quickly. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you send in your application form for your preferred date as soon as possible, ideally 6 months in advance.

If you are not ready to book yet, please contact Fiona Heffernan on +44 (0)1323 811690 or via email: [email protected] so she is aware of your intention to progress through the Diploma.

You can also register your interest below to receive more information.

Course Dates

Course Dates

Please apply for your preferred date as soon as possible, as numbers on Part 2 courses are limited.  The Part 2 weeks are held in Bristol.

Course No. HG97

Last few places
Week 1:  Mon 20th – Fri 24th May 2024
Week 2:  Mon 24th – Fri 28th June 2024

Course No. HG98

Places available – please contact us
Week 1:  Mon 14th – Fri 18th October 2024
Week 2:   Mon 18th – Fri 22nd November 2024

Course No. HG99

Week 1:  Mon 31st March – Fri 4th April 2025
Week 2:  Mon 28th April – Fri 2nd May 2025

Course No. HG100

Week 1:  Mon 15th – Fri 19th September 2025
Week 2:  Mon 20th – Fri 24th October 2025

Engineers’ House, Clifton Down, Bristol, BS8 3NB – View details

If you’d like to know anything more about our Diploma – or to reserve your place – do get in touch we’re always happy to help.

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Who is this course for?

The HG Diploma is primarily designed for anyone already working in mental health, education or social services, but because all aspects of the course are presented in clear, jargon-free language anyone interested in the subjects covered, or wishing to embark on a career in counselling or psychotherapy for the first time, can benefit from attending.

Before attending the first Part 2 week, you need to have completed all 16 x Part 1 required courses, have read the required items on the Reading List and studied the Diploma Manual in depth.

NB If you started working towards the HG Diploma before January 2019, you may well have completed some of our previous free-choice Part 1 courses, don’t worry these will still count towards your Part 1 – please call the office to discuss.

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Meet your tutors

Gareth Hughes tutor photo

Dr Gareth Hughes

Gareth is an HG psychotherapist, researcher, nationally recognised expert on university mental health and wellbeing and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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Jo Baker - Human Givens College Tutor

Jo Baker

For many years Jo worked as a therapist within the Psychological Wellbeing department at the University of Derby, where she dealt with an extensive and varied caseload…

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Reviews for this course

5/5 (19 Reviews)
  1. Elizabeth Mary Sabey

    Outstanding! A scintillating learning experience that I didn’t want to end. I know I will be using the skills I have learnt as life long ‘tools’ and am looking forward to embedding and integrating my learning in real life situations/therapy in the months and years to come.

  2. Michael Thorne

    This has been an excellent opportunity to put together all the elements from Part I into a coherent whole – which ultimately makes sense of Human Givens practise. The lectures, discussions, practical sessions and films have been superb.

  3. Patricia Deiters

    In these two weeks all the information we’ve had during Part I came together. It has deepened my understanding of the organising idea of Human Givens. Also, the evidence-based information on how the brain works has been really well explained, which will make it hopefully easier to explain to clients why things may happen in their life. It’s been great!

  4. David Slade

    Thoroughly enjoyable and challenging two weeks. The course was very well organised with a good balance of teaching/practicing/exercises. Inspiring people on the course and has reaffirmed my goal of trying to change my career into Human Givens therapy.

  5. Joe Dyer

    A truly enriching learning experience that was well structured, interesting and a pleasure to be part of. The content was accessible and presented in a clear, logical and creative way that catered for a variety of learning styles and needs. I found it extremely useful to be able to use the manual alongside the seminars and enjoyed the mix of the theoretical and practical elements.

  6. Gavin Jinks, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, University of Derby

    I am not exaggerating when I say that studying for the Human Givens Diploma in 2001 remains the most significant piece of formal education I have ever undertaken, notwithstanding the fact that I hold a law degree and a Masters in social work.

  7. Renée Van der Vloodt

    This course was the most stimulating, thought-provoking and exciting learning experience I have ever had. As well as being continually stretching and enriching, it was always great fun. The teaching model of the diploma is rare in that it suits all different learning styles.

  8. Dr Grahame Brown

    No other course of post-graduate training has influenced and changed my clinical practice more than studying for the Human Givens (HG) Diploma. It’s changed the way I think about, and approach, healthcare.

  9. Psychotherapist

    I can’t speak highly enough of the Human Givens Diploma course. It had all the elements to make it challenging, stretching, stimulating and, above all, thoroughly practical. I feel I have the skills to make a difference, whilst knowing I have the enjoyment to come of honing and developing them over time. An exciting prospect.

  10. Senior Care Worker

    I have learnt more in ten days here, than two years of Higher Education. Pass or fail, I will take so much from this course, which is useful, practical, and understandable. The whole experience was very enjoyable.

  11. Behaviour Consultant

    At a personal level, I gained much and I am aware that others on the course did too — this is in my experience, quite a unique benefit.

  12. Educational Psychologist

    It’s been terrific — I feel privileged to have attended. The tutors are quite inspirational, both as speakers and therapists, and their level of knowledge and understanding is remarkable. The human givens approach is creative, eclectic, needs-led and applicable to a wide range of situations. It has inspired me to re-examine my own practice and, wherever possible, introduce it into my work.

  13. Senior Police Officer

    The most intensive, well-balanced, rewarding and enjoyable course structure I’ve attended in over 30 years of professional life. It is going to be immensely useful.

  14. Chartered Psychologist and Expert Witness

    As a practitioner psychologist and psychotherapist for 15 years I have attended a great deal of post-graduate training – rarely in that time have I encountered psychological theory or practice that has struck such a chord as these seminars and workshops have. I find this body of knowledge inspiring and am particularly impressed by the interweaving of good psychotherapeutic principles with underlying brain physiology and neuropsychology.

  15. Counsellor

    Unquestionably the most enlightened way forward for all of us who want to contribute to helping improve the human condition.

  16. Registered Medical Nurse (Holder of the Queen’s Award for Nursing)

    Excellent! Undoubtedly this course is an innovation in the stale field of therapy. Because of its emphasis on applying only what works, the human givens approach will remain at THE cutting edge.

  17. Teacher

    After enduring insets and courses all my working life, doing the HG Diploma was amazing. The excellent balance of theory and practice, the sensitive and inspiring teaching and its structure combined to make it a truly memorable learning experience. If only more educators understood how to work in this way!

  18. Army Welfare Officer

    The impact on my work practice has been unbelievable — positive, safe and quick results which enable distressed people to engage in a good quality of life once again.

  19. Educational Psychologist

    This has been an incredible journey — a thoroughly challenging but enjoyable one. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this motivated to learn and to apply my increasing knowledge and skills to my work.

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HG Diploma – Part 2
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