Procurement policy

This policy applies to the procurement by the Human Givens Foundation of all goods and services.

  • All contracted work, whether for goods or services, worth £5,000 or more MUST be put out to tender.
  • The trustees will normally seek tenders from at least three individuals, companies or other relevant organisations. Note: Where an organisation is the only one able/qualified to deliver a particular service, such as the HG College in relation to training in the human givens approach, the above requirement will not apply.
  • If a trustee is employed to manage a project, this will be in accordance with the current Charity Commission guidelines.Notes:
    • In the event that a trustee wishes to tender to provide services, and that the trustees wish to accept that tender, Charity Commission guidelines must be followed.
    • Clause 5 (b) of the HGF Memorandum and Articles of Understanding states the following: “A Director may be employed by the Charity or enter into a contract for the supply of goods and services to the Charity, other than for acting as a Director.”
  • The trustees will act as the responsible body for selecting and approving contractors.
  • The trustees must ensure that goods and services are sourced from ethical sources.
  • The trustees will seek Best Value in determining the award of any contract. Note: The term ‘Best Value’ indicates that the potential quality of goods and services must be considered alongside cost when assessing tendering bids.

Adopted by the trustees on: 1st July 2018
Date of last review: 7th July 2019
Date of next review: July 2020

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