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Our practical, down-to-earth psychotherapy training courses give you the necessary psychological knowledge and therapeutic skills (including guided imagery, the therapeutic use of language and storytelling) to help people overcome a wide range of difficulties, including:

  • how to lift depression, explain the symptoms and causes of depression and prevent it from reoccuring, and even to help those suffering from bi-polar depression to manage their condition more effectively
  • help people having suicidal thoughts
  • help with anxiety, including: panic attacks, social anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobias, psychosexual problems, obsessional compulsive disorders (OCD) and anxiety related to work, money, health, surgery, childbirth, terror threats, dying etc.
  • stop flashbacks and detraumatise life-threatening events, explain PTSD symptoms and detraumatise bad memories
  • help with insomnia
  • help people struggling with self-harm or OCD
  • stop repetitive, compulsive behaviours
  • stop addictive behaviour (heavy drinking, drugs, smoking, shopping addiction, sex addictions, gambling etc.), minimise withdrawal symptoms and help prevent relapses
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  • explain addictive behaviour and how it hijacks the brain’s natural learning mechanism
  • help with anger problems, provide effective anger management strategies and practical advice for those dealing with extreme anger, violence or rage in others
  • reduce stress and stress-overload
  • help with schizophrenia, reduce psychotic episodes and prevent psychotic breakdowns, provide insights into the causes of psychosis and schizophrenia and therefore how to manage them
  • help with relationship problems, relationship breakdowns and insecurity in relationships, be able to provide effective and unbiased couple counselling
  • help with medical conditions, promote healing and recovery, relieve pain including persistent unexplained pain
  • help troubled children and adolescents to get their emotional needs met, improve difficult behaviour, stop anti social behaviour and make a life for themselves that works…

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The more courses you attend, the greater your effectiveness will be.

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