Improving mental health

With high numbers of people suffering mental health problems and resources being stretched, it’s never been more important to know how we can help vulnerable and distressed people as quickly and effectively as possible.

That’s why we’re passionate about making our training accessible to as many people as possible. To be genuinely effective in the long term, any psychological intervention needs to be based on a solid understanding of the real causes of emotional distress (including depression, PTSD/phobias, anxiety disorders, postnatal depression, psychosis, addictions, anger management and behavioural problems) and to take into account the whole person – their biological, social and psychological needs.

Our practical, down-to-earth brief psychotherapy training gives you that essential knowledge base, shining new light on key problem areas and teaching you the most effective therapeutic techniques for resolving emotional distress (drawn from a wide range of proven approaches, including CBT and others approved by NICE) as quickly as possible.

Excellent, practical and empowering – a genuine breath of fresh air in the world of psychology and therapy

Senior Mental Health Practitioner

Skills that work – even with the ‘hard-to-reach’

Combining these proven skills with key insights from the human givens approach means our graduates are armed with a clear understanding of what all adults and children need to live healthy, fulfilling lives and a powerful, flexible ‘toolbox’ from which to tailor their work to each individual they see.

As you thoroughly absorb this psychological knowledge (presented clearly, without jargon), gain new understandings and practise the easy-to-implement skills we teach, your confidence and effectiveness will increase – even when working with the most difficult and complicated cases.

Help prevent relapse – and maintain emotional health

As a result of our training, countless people in difficult circumstances have been helped to regain their mental health and take back control of their lives – often remarkably quickly.


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The common sense approach to mental health

The human givens approach, which is central to all our training, is gaining international recognition and has been adopted throughout the UK, Ireland, USA and other countries, in a wide range of settings – mental and physical health, social services, education, HR and more.

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This is due to its efficacy, the many benefits (including financial) that it immediately brings to service provision, and the sheer clarity of its straightforward, holistic and empirically supported framework for understanding what constitutes mental health and wellbeing.

At the heart of the approach is a fundamental law of nature: that when our innate physical and emotional needs are met healthily and in balance, we flourish, both physically and mentally.

But if they are not, we quickly become anxious and distressed (which can lead to mental illness) or use unhealthy ways such as addiction in an attempt to meet them or deaden the pain.

Combining these insights with the range of proven therapeutic skills we teach, enables our graduates to not only effectively help emotionally disturbed people make lasting changes and regain their quality of life, but also to help prevent such distress arising in the first place.

Joe Griffin, co-founder of the HG approach, describes the barriers to mental health

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