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Trauma: Patterns of the past

Essential trauma awareness training on the causes, symptoms and best ways to treat PTSD

Join our expert tutor live online to deepen your understanding of trauma and our responses to it – recovery is possible…

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Trauma: Patterns of the past Live Online Training

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  • Date: Tues 16th April 2024

  • Accredited CPD: 6 hours

  • Tutor: Rosalind Townsend

  • Length: 1 day (9.15am–4.00pm)

  • Price: £145 per person

Includes course notes and access to a recording of the event


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Excellent online trauma course! I've worked with complex trauma for over 5 years and there was still plenty for me to take away...

Kat Marlow, Psychotherapist

Why do some people become traumatised and others not? What makes an event traumatic? Why are the symptoms of trauma so many and varied? What happens if someone freezes – or experiences a shutdown or dissociative response – during a traumatic event?
Live Online Training – Join Ros Townsend on Tues 16th April 2024 to find out the answers to these questions, and many more…  You’ll also have time to ask your own questions and benefit from the group discussions. Once you’ve booked you’ll receive emailed confirmation – you’ll get your Zoom link the day before the event.
Limited numbers – book soon to ensure your place.
BONUS RECORDING – the training is recorded, in case anyone experiences technical difficulties on the day, so you will also get a recording for a limited time afterwards to maximise your learning.

This inspiring and helpful online course with Ros Townsend, a highly experienced psychotherapist and trainer who specialises in treating trauma, will give you a thorough, clear understanding of how and why we can be impacted by traumatic events, what is happening in our brains, what causes post-traumatic stress (PTS) symptoms, why we respond in different ways (fight, flight, freeze or shutdown/dissociation), how to help someone who is suffering, when to seek professional help – and more.

Why take this course

CPD Provider LogoSuffering from trauma, whether from a single incident or multiple events spread over the course of many years, can have a significantly detrimental impact on a person’s mental and physical health, and their quality of life. It can also greatly affect the lives of those around them.

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, more people than usual have experienced extremely stressful, distressing and/or frightening events, and many are finding that it has left them with symptoms of post-traumatic stress which can, in themselves, be very frightening.

Recovery is possible – understanding is key

Understanding what causes PTSD symptoms, how our brains and bodies react to distressing events and what makes us vulnerable to becoming traumatised, are all key to successful recovery. This knowledge creates a firm foundation on which to build successful coping strategies and clarifies what needs to happen to enable successful self-help and recovery.

During the day you will also gain a clear understanding of how to spot the ‘early warning signs’ of trauma, before they go on to affect further areas of someone’s life, which red-flag signs indicate that it is time to seek professional help, and how trauma specialists are able to help people recover, from even the most difficult times, effectively – and lots more.

Jam-packed full of essential information and important insights, real-life case studies and tips, this trauma course clarifies the different ways trauma can impact on people, leaving you better equipped to help support recovery and build resilience. It is an essential course for anyone who works with distressed people or who wishes to support someone they care for in their recovery from trauma, or for those simply wishing to better understand what they, or someone they care for, are experiencing.

You will have plenty of time to ask questions throughout the day as the course is designed as a balance between structured learning, group discussion and activities (it is a live, expanded version of our shorter online course: Understanding Trauma).

Ros is a brilliant teacher and presenter. She made the whole course interesting, engaging and informative as well as very supportive. She was also very patient with all our questions!

Gemma Rogers, Counsellor/Coach

What you will learn

  • A clear understanding of what trauma is – and the different survival responses we have evolved to help us deal with it
  • What happens in our brains when we experience a traumatic event
  • Why some people are affected by traumatic events, but not others
  • What makes something ‘a trauma’
  • What symptoms may indicate that someone has been traumatised
  • Why post-traumatic stress (PTS) occurs and the many different ways it can present
  • The physical and psychological causes of post traumatic stress symptoms such as flash backs, hypervigilance, anger, poor sleep, poor memory, physical pain, difficulty thinking, digestive problems, low mood, apparent over-reaction to non-threatening situations
  • Why PTS symptoms can develop years after a traumatic event
  • The fight, flight and freeze response – its impact on our brain and body, and why it can be triggered inappropriately
  • Why experiencing trauma in a passive survival state – such as freeze, shutdown or a dissociative state – can affect an individual particularly deeply
  • How high emotional arousal impacts on our ability to think clearly
  • Why our brains evolved this way
  • Why some people experience trauma in a passive survival state such as freeze, shutdown or a dissociative state – and why we shouldn’t feel ashamed or guilty if we do
  • The double whammy that comes with the ‘freeze’ response
  • Why some sufferers experience ‘shutdown’ or dissociation as a result of trauma – and how this can lead to feelings of shame or guilt
  • Why anger and other strong emotions can follow when someone comes out of a shutdown state during recovery from trauma
  • How traumatic memories can stay ‘live’, keeping us on constant alert for danger
  • ‘The straw that broke the camel’s back’: why one seemingly small event can tip someone into PTSD after years of exposure to other distressing events
  • The importance of pattern-matching in understanding how our brains work
  • Why post-traumatic stress triggers seemingly inappropriately extreme fear reactions
  • The far-reaching impacts of unresolved trauma, including the development of co-morbid conditions and unhelpful coping strategies, such as addictions
  • How unresolved trauma can lead to depression – the trauma / depression cycle
  • Differences when treating single incident trauma, multiple trauma or ‘complex trauma’
  • When to seek professional help – spotting the ‘red-flag’ signs that you, or someone you care for, might need further support
  • Where to find effective professional help
  • An understanding of how the rewind technique works; its many advantages and applications
  • The common elements of all effective treatments for post traumatic stress (PTSD)
  • How we need to adapt traditional approaches to treating trauma for those experiencing shutdown or dissociative symptoms in the present
  • Working holistically from the human givens approach
  • The natural way we recover from distressing events
  • What we all need as human beings to live emotionally healthy lives
  • How to best employ self-help strategies to support your own recovery or to help others’ suffering from the effects of trauma
  • How to build resilience and recover from symptoms
  • How to access the ‘recovery zone’
  • Using breathing techniques with clients suffering from trauma
  • Self-help strategies for improving your mental health and minimising traumatic symptoms

A wonderfully informative course – I learned so much about trauma

Please note

Please note

This live online training course is an expanded, live version of our shorter online course: Understanding Trauma.

If you work with people with Complex Trauma, you may also like our attended workshops: Complex Trauma: Working effectively with challenging cases.

Who this workshop is suitable for

  • Anyone interested in understanding trauma and the many different ways it can present, the physical and psychological causes of post traumatic stress symptoms (PTSD), and what can be done to help – whether for personal or professional reasons.
  • Anyone working with traumatised people including health and welfare professionals, such as: psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, mental health nurses, psychiatrists, school counsellors, student wellbeing officers, doctors, nurses, OTs, social workers, health visitors, youth workers, outreach, support workers, clinical psychologists, midwives, welfare officers, youth workers, hypnotherapists
  • Anyone working with traumatised members of public services, such as: firefighters, police, paramedics and military personnel
  • Family members of a traumatised individual who wish to understand more about how they can support their recovery or help them to access support
  • Individuals wanting to understand more about their own experience of symptoms relating to trauma and learn more about what effective support is available – you will find the information on this course hugely helpful.
Please note

Please note

As the course deals with the subject of trauma, participants should be aware that discussion of specifically chosen examples of trauma and PTS symptoms will take place, for illustrative purposes, during the day.

These will be generic examples for teaching purposes, however, and will not go into unnecessary detail or be voyeuristic or inherently distressing. Participants on the course will not at any stage be expected or put under pressure to discuss or disclose details of any personal experiences of a traumatic nature that they may have had.

Course Programme

The ‘Trauma: Patterns from the Past’ live online course starts at 9.15am and runs until 4.00pm.

CPD Provider LogoThis course has been independently accredited by the internationally recognised CPD Standards Office for 6 hours of CPD training.

On completion of this training you’ll receive CPD certificates from the College and the CPD Standards Office.

Register your interest – next date

If you can’t make this course, please complete the form below and we’ll email you when another date becomes available.

Reviews for this course

4.8/5 (59 Reviews)
  1. Donna Peters-Lamb, HG Therapist

    I very much valued the depth of understanding and knowledge that Ros has of this area. Her years of practice really informed the day and she was very generous in illustrating theory with examples of cases which brings the content to life. Ros’s delivery was extremely clear, well balanced with really good pace. I valued the space she gave for questions and discussion, and she was also thorough in her response to any queries.

  2. Dominique, Counsellor

    The course was very well presented in a clear and logical way. All of the organisation, communication, pre-prepared notes, slides and the zoom presentation itself went without a hitch and was planned to the last detail. The presenter was excellent and everything ran to time. I really enjoyed this course – there was lots of new information for me as well as revision which made it really useful.

  3. Claire Jackson

    From start to finish I found this course totally engaging and at the end felt I had come away with so much new knowledge and information that I hope to continue building on, and will enhance the care and support I can give to people in our school community. Ros’ delivery style was excellent, her case studies at the start, which we kept revisiting throughout in order to emphasise points that had been covered, also explained why their behaviour had occurred in certain situations, and what steps could be taken to support them and eventually change the negative behaviour and allow their needs to be met in a healthy way. I found all of the content informative and am hoping in the future to undertake both the visual imagery and rewind technique courses. There was so much information included but all of it pertinent and each subject matter covered flowed seamlessly together. Thank you again – I lost count of the light bulb moments I experienced.

  4. Lynda Bryer, HG Therapist and OT NHS

    I have done lots of reading around trauma over the years, but this course really helped update my knowledge through an HG lens, so clearly and vividly. Ros is a fantastic presenter with a wealth of experience, and all the visual ways she presents (through visual words too) was so nourishing. Also helped with alternative ways to approach trauma without doing the rewind. I feel much clearer in my approach now. Brilliant course – thank you.

  5. Rehabilitation Support Worker (NHS)

    Excellent presentation with so much practical and detailed information. Very knowledgeable tutor. I attended for personal learning and have come away with more insight and tools on how to work on some issues, which has given me the motivation to address these. It has also given me more insight to be aware of when working with patients in my NHS role in order to understand them more and how they present/participate in physical rehabilitation (as I do not undertake any counselling role as part of my job). An excellent day!

  6. Keith Elvin

    I have participated in several courses on various aspects of trauma, but this has been by far the most comprehensive and it’s difficult to think of any important facets that were not covered well. I would recommend it to anyone whose professional role brings them into contact with anyone suffering from trauma.

  7. Person Centred Counsellor Level 4

    Absolutely excellent from beginning to end. Thank you – I learned so much – great delivery too.

  8. Trainee Counsellor

    This course answered so many questions for me – professionally as a trainee counsellor and personally as an ex-police officer of 22 years and a recent diagnosis of PTSD and gave useful explanations around the feeling of ‘shame’ many people can feel. The course was very well presented and organised. I am not HG trained, but will definitely be enrolling in further courses with you. Thank you.

  9. Philam Nguyen

    The course was presented excellently. I received incredibly well-informed models of understanding trauma and how to approach it in ways that resonated with myself as a counsellor. I have every intention in attending the course relating to the Rewind Technique to be able to use within my own practice and also those for whom I know suffer from trauma.

  10. Counsellor

    Rosalind really knows her stuff – I have attended the courses on guided imagery and the rewind technique and found her to be an excellent teacher. The information was very useful and I’ll definitely be able to use it with my clients. Thank you for a great day of learning!

  11. Hypnotherapist

    Excellent course. Ros Townsend ran the day really well. She knows her subject inside and out and, even more importantly, she presented it flawlessly. Ample time for ‘audience participation’ and breakout rooms to discuss the topics in more detail. Overall – a day very well spent.

  12. Counsellor

    It was useful to learn more detail and description of how trauma works, particularly the in-depth description of the fight, flight, freeze response, however I felt the course overall could have gone into more depth and complexity as I feel it is always so much more complex to work with actual clients. Similarly, I would have liked more in-depth discussion around how to work with traumatised clients, other than just the rewind technique, but perhaps that is simply what human gives focuses on because it works. The group work was disappointing as the other students were not very engaged. It was an enjoyable and informative course though, and I’ll definitely book more human givens courses in future.

  13. Sharyn Cox

    Really good overall explanation of theory and practice in working with PTSD without the complicated jargon that usually accompanies the underlying neuroscience understanding of the brain and nervous system.

  14. Trainee Counsellor

    Showed me more ways of working as a counsellor and relevant information on many other ways of thinking. I liked the simplistic way of explaining the thought process that could help me explain to clients so that they have a better understanding of how they process trauma.

  15. Unemployed

    I joined the course as I have been affected by PTSD in some way or another for seven years and I have many unanswered questions even after seeing a therapist and experiencing the rewind technique. Ros answered many of the questions I have and which affirmed some instincts I had about my own situation. This in itself is healing. The course has given me an excellent framework for my own continued healing and I’m very grateful for that. Thank you!

  16. Counsellor

    Ros was an excellent presenter with her great knowledge and experience showing. She was also very good in answering any questions and ensuring everyone understood the material. It certainly gave me more tools to enhance my work with clients presenting with trauma.

  17. HG Psychotherapist/Art Therapist

    It is always good to reflect and update knowledge. This course was excellently presented and as a HG therapist I already knew a lot of the content so found that new knowledge was limited although, as always, useful.

  18. Coach

    Really enjoyed this course. I am not sure I learned anything new in particular. It was a useful refresh and helped me confirm some of the ways I am working with clients is correct and useful.

  19. Specialist Mentor

    A great course, very informative.

  20. Amanda Hargreaves, HG Therapist and Supervisor

    Well taught, thoughtfully laid out teaching course on trauma and how to treat and build resilience to stress in general. Thank you Ros.

  21. Katie Thorpe, Social Worker

    This was a fantastic course which helped to refresh some of the knowledge I had gained from attendance on previous Human Givens courses, but also provided excellent new insights into trauma and ways of working with people experiencing it.

  22. Pamela Woodford, HG Therapist

    Ros is an incredibly talented therapist and tutor. She was able to relay her knowledge in a coherent way that held my interest throughout the day. Her teaching style is eloquent, informative, encouraging and at the same time, down to earth. Thank you Ros.

  23. Latania Kennard, School Counsellor

    Excellent course that delved deeper and built upon my existing Human Givens foundation of understanding and skills to help clients overcome trauma

  24. Human Givens Therapist

    Ros is a superb teacher – very informative and engaging. It’s a brilliant course – I have already recommended it to my peers.

  25. Counselling & Funding Executive

    The course was excellent – so much material but in bite-sized pieces. Great to have access to the recording to catch up on it again.

  26. Michelle O’Connell, Counsellor/Psychotherapist

    Excellent presentation and well presented and organised.

  27. Counsellor

    A wonderfully informative course – I learned so much about trauma. Ros was extremely knowledgeable and the course was facilitated in an interesting and absorbable way. Thank you so much.

  28. Perinatal Support Officer

    The course was very well presented in a clear and logical way. All of the organisation, communication, pre-prepared notes, slides and the zoom presentation itself went without a hitch and was planned to the last detail. The presenter was excellent and everything ran to time. I really enjoyed this course – there was lots of new information for me as well as revision which made it really useful.

  29. Michelle Buckles, Trainee HG Psychotherapist

    As always Ros delivered an excellent training day packed full of the latest research and delivered in an accessible teaching style with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and clarify anything you were unclear on. Such an informative day and really applicable methods which I will be utilising in my sessions.

  30. Des Howden, HG Practitioner

    Ros Townsend’s training was excellent – she has a wealth of knowledge on this subject and she explained it all in a very easy way so everyone could understand the subject matter. She also went to great length to answer everyone’s questions. I would highly recommend this training to anyone.

  31. Learning and Talent Business Partner

    I found Rosalind’s presentation clear, insightful and engaging. Everything was explained with simple, clear slides. Also I loved the continual use of breakout rooms, this made for a very enjoyable, interactive day. Thank you! Rosalind was also extremely knowledgeable, and answered all questions comprehensively. Liked that lots of links to additional info and resources were sent throughout the day (are these in the course notes as would be good for future reference – thank you). I would highly recommend this webinar.

  32. HG Therapist

    Ros gave thoughtful clarity to what can be a very complex subject. It gave a good level of understanding on both existing and new complex trauma material, and, as ever, guidelines to aid recovery were practical and useful.

  33. Mandy Morgans, Counsellor

    Although I have already learned about trauma to a certain extent, I felt that the content filled in many gaps. I’m very interested in the rewind technique as a possible treatment, and was interested in the other ways this might be adapted for different clients. The course was presented in a very clear and warm way, which makes it accessible for everyone. Loved it. Thanks.

  34. Tina Chatterley, HG Therapist

    Great presentation by Ros – very articulate, stayed on track and to the agenda and very relatable and interesting style. After 16 plus years as an HG Therapist I still found new insights and information in the way she presented the day. Highly relevant and came away with new ideas, add-ons and a CPD day well spent. Many thanks!

  35. Karen FitzGerald, Mental Health Nurse

    It was hearing about the success of the rewind technique that initially piqued my interest all those years ago as a student nurse. Over the moon to have finally made time to study Human Givens therapy and today’s course has been an excellent taster for the face to face training next month. Very informative and full of useful information. I have enjoyed the day very much indeed.

  36. Katherine Vilnrotter, HG Therapist

    There was so much information that will be directly useful for my practice. The information was presented in a clear and digestible way that made it really easy to follow and extremely effective.

  37. Trainer, Coach, Therapist

    Enjoyable and deep learning, with lots of insightful information. Love the diagrams – visual aids that can be used for clients too,

  38. Home-maker

    I found the course excellent. I was not very well myself leading up to the course, but after the day finished I was glad I had made the effort. I had wanted to do the course so much so. Every one of the people attending were so involved from the word ‘go’ – the groups were just great. I am only just sorry it ended after the one day.

  39. Anna Long, Behavioural Support Practitioner

    Materials were relevant and supported the learning well. Course was delivered competently and made interesting.

  40. Counsellor

    It’s been a while since I have attended a Human Givens course and I wanted this to be a space to refresh my knowledge in relation to trauma. This was a well presented course with a very informed trainer who was able to provide the right mixture of knowledge and debate. The information was very accessible and well delivered.

  41. Trainee Counsellor

    Very good

  42. HG Therapist

    Best course I’ve done. Clear, measured presentation by Ros. Well organised by Arlene. I found the explanation of shutdown especially useful.

  43. Lynn Brera, Addictions Counsellor

    Ros was excellent – clear and precise. I was specifically interested in re-visiting the rewind method which was done. A lot of subjects touched on were a good reminder for me. There is never an end to learning. Thank you Ros.

  44. Mandy Gorst, Complimentary Therapist

    Ros is an extremely knowledgeable therapist and teacher. The pacing and content were spot on, I learned a lot. Thank you.

  45. Music teacher and professional development coach

    It was so easy to understand the process and triggers for trauma in this well explained presentation. Thank you.

  46. Psychotherapist

    I found the organisation and presentation of the course extremely professional and on point. For me it was a refresher for CPD but it was wonderful to hear it again and with useful analogies etc. Ros is a very accomplished and slick presenter who makes it look easy when I’m sure it isn’t. Very easy to listen to. Very good and I hope to do some more courses soon. Many thanks and best wishes.

  47. Mental Health Practitioner

    The administration was excellent. The course leader was clearly very knowledgeable. Links were good. Access to the physical resources would be helpful (work sheets).

  48. Julie Lowe, HG diploma trainee

    Ros delivered the course so clearly and with some delicate touches of humour too. The content was very explained and the breakout rooms very useful. It really consolidated my learning from Part 1 and had real relevance for me in my current client work. The day was very well organised.

  49. Maya Blinkhorn, Triage Worker


  50. Mental Health Service

    A very engaging, insightful, friendly and helpful course. It has re-shaped how I view trauma, and how I can work alongside clients.

  51. Judy Lovell

    Excellent course full of essential information using real life case studies illustrating the cause and effects of trauma and how to support recovery.

  52. Siyla Hannant, Counselling/Psychology Private Practice

    I was a newcomer to Human Givens, being introduced by a Human Givens practitioner because of our shared interest in PTSD. I had completed the short, on-line version of the course the day before, making extensive notes, and I’d found this really useful in helping to reinforce the principles I was learning. The live course was presented in a slightly different order, which in my opinion led to a more logical progression through the principles of the Human Givens approach and the ways in which it applies to trauma and PTSD therapy.

  53. Sonia Sweeney, Counsellor/ Wellbeing Mentor

    So far this was my favourite CPD. Brilliantly delivered!

  54. Human Givens Student

    The course was very comprehensive and extremely accessible. Rosalind explained things very clearly and many things I have puzzled about made absolute sense. I had many lightbulb moments. Rosalind is extremely confident and clear and is an excellent teacher with a wealth of knowledge. A fascinating lady and I will definitely book on her other courses. The breakout groups were extremely useful and everyone friendly and willing to share. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone.

  55. Human Givens Therapist

    Ros has a lovely, engaging presentation style. Even the recap of the HG emotional needs and rewind technique was done in an interesting way. It was nice to be able to access some of the resources that Ros uses with her clients and explain the fight/flight/freeze response. It was also good to have the different techniques needed to engage clients in freeze discussed.

  56. Psychologist & Psychotherapist

    Very thorough revision of important information for me, and Ros is an excellent presenter – a most engaging and interesting day.

  57. Therapist

    It was lovely to refresh and expand my knowledge on this topic. I felt that Ros guided us through this complex area at a pace that was comfortable for everyone. A very enjoyable and informative day, thank you for making it so interesting.

  58. Kat Marlow, Psychotherapist

    This was a really excellent course. I have worked with complex trauma for 5 years and there was still plenty for me to take away from today – new metaphors, visual material and the opportunity to share experiences with others.

  59. Stephen Pinsent, Psychologist

    For the portion I was able to attend (I will review the entire course when it is available) I was quite pleased with the topics, content, examples, pace, illustrations and examples, and opportunity to engage with other participants. I would recommend the course to colleagues of mine. As a trauma specialist, I see good value in the content of this course.

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