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How to avoid burnout

Essential self-care for helping professionals

New research gives us practical ways to prevent overwhelm or burnout in ourselves and others, manage workplace stress, avoid ‘compassion fatigue’ and much more…

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How to avoid burnout Live Online Training

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  • Date: Tues 10th Dec 2024

  • Accredited CPD Certificate: 6 hours

  • Length: 1 day (9.15am–4.00pm GMT)

  • Tutor: Emily Gajewski

  • Limited places available

  • Price: £145 per person

Includes course notes and access to a recording of the event


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Excellent online training…. very insightful and thought provoking

Hilary Kearns, Acupuncturist

Live Online Training – Join Emily Gajewski on Tues 10th December to take some important time out for yourself, or to help those you support. You’ll receive a confirmation email on booking and details of how to join the Zoom workshop will be sent the day before the event.
Bonus Recording – the training is recorded, in case anyone experiences technical difficulties on the day, so you will also get a recording for a limited time afterwards to maximise your learning.
Can’t make this date? Then please register your interest below – we’ll email you when a new date is available.

What you will learn

  • How to identify burnout in ourselves and others – the warning signs you need to look out for
  • New insights from the latest research on how to prevent burnout in your working life
  • Easy, practical steps to protect yourself in stressful work situations
  • How to avoid ‘compassion fatigue’
  • The importance of having enough ‘spare capacity’ to be able to help others effectively
  • Evidence based ‘top tips’ for optimal working practices to maintain your own wellbeing
  • The Cycle of Stress – how to ‘work with it’ for optimal health
  • An understanding of vicarious trauma – and how to avoid it
  • Techniques to calm yourself in client sessions when you are ‘triggered’ by something they bring up
  • Understanding the difference between compassion fatigue and empathy fatigue
  • Reducing your own risk of depression when you’re worried about your clients
  • The joy of creating ‘flow’ in our working life
  • Constructive ways to manage difficult feelings that arise as a result of your work
  • Practical techniques for grounding and ‘letting go’ of clients
  • How to safely explore our own areas of vulnerability
  • Useful tips for ongoing stress management
  • What you need to maintain your own mental health
  • How to re-ground yourself if you’re feeling overwhelmed or derailed by a client
  • An opportunity for you to reflect on your own practice and wellbeing, take some time to step back, learn what works for you and how you can create more ‘spare capacity’
  • Time to relax, try out techniques and refresh your tools to support your wellbeing and build resilience
  • How to utilise what you’ve learnt to create your own realistic wellbeing plan.

The information in this course has made a huge difference to me. Thank you

Julia Ellis

Why you should take this course

CPD Provider LogoWhen our day-to-day jobs involve continually listening to other people’s emotional difficulties, how do we avoid being overwhelmed by them ourselves or succumbing to compassion fatigue? We are the ‘tool’ of our trade. It could be argued that we have a duty to those we work with to prioritise our own mental health and wellbeing so that we can give them the best possible service. This live online training events shows you how.

‘Burnout’ is commonly defined as a physical and emotional state caused by excessive or overwhelming workplace stress. This is often specifically related to work but of course feelings of burnout can be impacted or compounded by other life events and caring roles too. Even if we know good stress management techniques, this often isn’t enough.

Burnout is a very common phenomena in the ‘helping professions’, A 2018 research review paper published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology analysed 30 years of research on this topic, involving 9,000 psychotherapists. Over half of the therapists they sampled reported “moderate-high levels of stress and burnout”.

The good news is that burnout, overwhelm and empathy fatigue are not a given of working in roles where we are consistently exposed to others’ emotional pain. New research and insights into ‘buffering’ the impact of this work mean that we can consciously choose to put in safeguards to our own mental wellbeing, whilst also remaining connected and present with our clients.

Emily Gajewski’s online course draws on her extensive experience of working as a therapist and clinical supervisor, in the NHS and privately, for over 20 years. Throughout the day she examines the many ways working in the caring professions can impact us personally and gives you a wealth of practical steps you can take to mitigate them. She also covers the most up-to-date guidance on keeping ourselves well and thriving in caring roles and will help you develop a realistic plan for your own continuing wellbeing.

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Really interesting and engaging online course with lots of tips to support ourselves and our clients

Complementary Therapist

Course Programme

The ‘How to avoid burnout’ live online course starts at 9.15am and runs until 4.00pm. (GMT).

Who this workshop is suitable for

Anyone who works within a role that involves caring for others – including:

  • medical professionals – including GPs and nurses
  • health and social care professionals
  • therapists and mental health workers
  • counsellors
  • educators, teachers
  • professional carers (foster carers and non-paid carers)
  • social workers
  • occupational therapists
  • outreach workers
  • volunteers
  • holistic practitioners etc.

CPD Provider LogoThis course on how to prevent burnout and overwhelm in the caring professions has been independently accredited by the internationally recognised CPD Standards Office for 6 hours of CPD training.

On completion of this training you’ll receive CPD certificates from the College and the CPD Standards Office.

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Reviews for this course

4.8/5 (63 Reviews)
  1. Trainee Human Givens Therapist

    Such a useful course, with lots of information; great use of videos; techniques to take away and use on myself and with clients; lots of opportunities to practice or discuss what we had covered; and lots of real-life examples from Emily. The content was great and really well presented……including loads of links / books / articles to develop further

  2. Kat Marlow, Psychotherapist

    Excellent day that was a much self care as it was learning. An opportunity to slow down, check in and explore our experiences with self compassion and insight

  3. Lucy Reeve, Occupational Therapist

    I really enjoyed the course. Emily was an excellent presenter and there was a lot of helpful information throughout the day. In addition there were lots of links to other sources of information in the form of books, websites, podcasts and the like. The handout was really good too, providing a replica of the slides on the power point presentation, as well as more detail and references. The balance between slides, exercises and videos worked well.

  4. Ann-Louise Williamson, Welfare

    Presenter was engaging, knowledgeable and appreciative of other’s input.

  5. Sue Anderson, Carer/Part-time HG Psychotherapist

    A really practical day with lots of useful information, particularly for those of us in the caring professions.

  6. George Bower, HG Trainee

    An essential course for all practitioners with immediate application for ourselves and for our clients. Emily packs the day with insights and discussions to really help embed the principles and practices

  7. Veronica Williams, Facilitator

    High level webinar that keeps you interested from start to finish. I keep watching again so that I can embody the learnings. There are so many take away gems.

  8. Psychotherapist

    Emily is an excellent trainer. The course was very welcoming and participants were made to feel comfortable, so that our own experiences could be reflected on and shared. I highly recommend the training to anyone who is curious or concerned about burnout.

  9. HG Therapiset

    This was a rich and informative course. Emily is a warm and friendly presenter who makes the on-line learning experience feel very personal. The small group size and break out groups meant that the experience of meeting other therapists and sharing ideas added to the knowledge and experience being shared on the day. A wealth of information with take-aways that I can use for myself and my clients straight away.

  10. Latania Kennard, School Counsellor

    What a lovely day of training. A great balance of feeling packed with helpful information whilst also creative a relaxing atmosphere. So many important reminders about the importance of self-care and that it is a necessity, not a luxury.

  11. HG Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist

    Excellent and enjoyable course with very useful supplementary information. Knowledgeable, experienced, engaging, personal tutor utilising a variety of presentations and allowing ample, useful discussion time. Highly recommended.

  12. Fiona Murphy, Psychotherapist

    I found Emily’s workshop excellent and it provided very practical, useful and insightful information that have helped increase my awareness of this topic of self care and burnout. This workshop has helped me to identify areas that I need to attend to and to identify a plan on how to better support and take care of myself.

  13. Carmel Austin, HG Therapist

    Excellent course. I found Emily to be a lovely calm, consistent presence throughout the entire day. It was a very interesting, informative and thought provoking workshop. Emily was very generous in sharing her knowledge and experience. I have taken away so much from the day that will not only help my clients, but also significant learning in it from a personal perspective also.

  14. Executive Headteacher

    Probably the most ‘stand out’ HG course I have done so far, and I’ve completed many!

  15. Sara Rad, Clinical Psychologist

    Thank you for an interesting course with lots of space for self-reflection, self-care and compassion ideas, something that can sadly be easily forgotten in this high paced life that we are living in. The presenter appeared very calm and present, self soothing exercises practiced were pleasant and effective. The entire course was well structured.

  16. Occupational Therapist

    Really useful day – lots of great ideas and resources to follow up with a strong emphasis on self-care.

  17. Hypnotherapist

    Such an important topic for those in caring professions. As someone who is prone to burnout, I thought I knew alot about the subject already, but actually – I learned so much more. The content was incredibly well referenced and Emily signposted us to many resources, that it could easily have been a two day course! The work around completing the stress cycle was incredibly useful, and new to me. I am still working my way through the references and reading, and my learning in this area continues to grow. I definitely notice the difference in my own self care as a result of doing this workshop.

  18. Des Howden, HG Psychotherapist

    The training day with Emily was great. It had been well researched, thought out and planned, and the content was excellent – and Emily’s delivery was given with absolute congruence. I would recommend this training to anyone.

  19. HG Therapist

    I found the day really helpful. There was a lot of new information to me, particularly on the role of oxytocin in the stress response. I enjoyed the mix of talking and activities. A great day to get focused on the tweaks I can make to support my own wellbeing as a therapist as well as useful info to share with others.

  20. Coach/Trainer

    Emily was a terrific presenter/trainer – very knowledgeable and able to draw upon a wide variety of resources to counteract or pre-empt burnout. I look forward to putting many of the exercises and suggestions into practice, starting today. Many thanks to Emily and to Fiona too – seamless assistance.

  21. Celia Drakard, Owner of podiatry private practices and HG therapist

    Paced well, time for reflection. Size of the group worked well. Content very informative without being overwhelming, and much to follow up. Excellent for therapists themselves and clients. As from next year the Professional Standards for HSC Professions place a duty of care/maintaining good mental health on professionals themselves. It will be interesting to see how the professions themselves help and support their members fulfill this standard. I will be in contact with the College of Podiatry to ask about their approach. Thank you for so many ideas.

  22. Clare Borg, Lead Administrator

    Very informative and a varied mix of attendees which allowed further insight into how sections of the course were beneficial. Emily was a great trainer/host.

  23. Headteacher Support Coordinator/Coach

    I found the training very useful, based on research and presented well at an appropriate pace and with time to think. It was helpful being able to discuss issues in small groups and although I work in the area of stress and wellbeing in schools, found some new information and insights. Thank you.

  24. Social care administrator

    The course was well put together and understandable.

  25. Annmarie Gray, Psychotherapist

    How to manage different feelings that arise as a result of our clients. How we think about the stress behind it.

  26. Jenny Annetts, Finance Officer

    This was a really interesting day. Emily was very knowledgeable and taught us lots of tips to support us whilst working with others. It has given me fresh focus on what my priorities are and a clear idea of where to start.

  27. Karen Fitzgerald

    The first course I have done with HG after a very long time of promising myself I would do this. I loved every minute. Emily was wonderful and her knowledge is evident in how she ran the day. The participants were lovely and it was a very powerful day, as everyone seems to have come away with a renewed vigour for self care.

  28. Bunty

    This has been so helpful, giving me clarity on how to safeguard against my burnout, as well as to be able to clearly identify the symptoms in myself and others. I know now how to personalise these techniques and incorporate them into my working day. This will help me to be more resourceful and resilient in my work and has also given me tools to teach clients that I can use straight away. Being able to carry out the burnout inventory is so useful as well as the references to follow up in the future. Lots to think through and support the work that I do.

  29. Health Visitor

    I really enjoyed the course and found it extremely useful. Emily provided the information in a clear, easy to understand format. The opportunity for discussion was facilitated and the breakout groups gave a better chance to talk to fellow attendees. The course handouts arrived via email the day before the course. I would recommend this course.

  30. Family Worker

    A fantastic course packed with tips, ideas and inspiration that I will definitely be using. A much needed reminder that self care is vital, in fact we have a duty of care to those we help. It offered a much needed opportunity to really reflect on workload, personal wellbeing and how to change this for the better. Thank you.

  31. Nicola Preston Bell

    This course gave me time to immerse myself in the latest findings on burnout and how to avoid it. We also had time to review our own experiences of burnout and establish how we could ensure our home and workplace practises allow us to stay happy and healthy. Sharing experiences with other professionals was enlightening, as there were a lot of useful tips as well as realising we all have a tendency towards similar traits that can lead to overwhelm.

  32. Dr Kelly Tanner

    This was a great course. A lovely, safe and reflective space to think about my role and wellbeing. I met some wonderful people and came away with some practical ideas for how to look after myself whilst looking after others.

  33. Headteacher Support Service

    The term ‘burnout’ is become as over-used as ‘wellbeing’ and ‘stress’. This course provides clarity on what the term ‘burnout’ means in reality and how to recognise the real phenomena. The course is well structured in that this leads into further insight and understanding through research and then offers strategies to counter the effects. Very useful and practical.

  34. Sean O’Callaghan

    Excellent course detailing how to avoid burnout. Emily highlights the importance of caring for yourself and seeing it as not being selfish.

  35. Elodie Ladlow

    Really interesting. The examples Emily used were extremely helpful and the book recommendations and Ted Talk also great resources and a lot to think about for my practice.

  36. Denise Morton

    I thought it a good mixture of input and a range of activities and breakout rooms. I thought Emily modelled all the positive qualities that she was teaching us about.

  37. Complementary Therapist

    Really interesting and engaging course with lots of tips to support ourselves and our clients. Reminding us that we have a duty of care to look after ourselves in order to be fully able to support others, be that family, friends or clients.

  38. Complementary Therapist

    This course gives anyone in the health, care and education professions a good understanding of how to get, and stay, grounded – to protect ourselves and, therefore, our clients.

  39. Psychotherapist/Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor

    It was a very useful reflective space to encourage me to revisit self compassion and techniques to help avoid burnout. Also some interesting new research ideas. Thank you very much.

  40. General Practitioner

    I very much enjoyed this course. It was very timely for me as working through the pandemic has been very challenging. It was just what I needed. Thank you.

  41. HG Therapist

    Emily’s course is well structured and included the right balance of learning, reflection and then consolidation of what we had learned.
    This course has given me insight into how I can recognise the signs, both in and out of the therapy room, of the indications of burnout. I have learned some practical tips to use at work and in my home life to reduce stress to enable me to be more balanced and compassionate to myself and those around me.

  42. HG Therapist

    Having attended one of Emily’s courses before, I was expecting this to be good, but I had forgotten just how good she is. The material is so very useful, well thought out and structured, and presented with her lovely, considered and caring manner. Bothmaterial and presentation contribute in all kinds of ways to helping someone both be a better therapist, and manage their ownlife better. I also really appreciate that the resources used are up to date and well referenced. Another excellent course Emily -thank you.

  43. Emily Saunders

    Superb new course. A Human Givens workshop is always inspiring in my experience and even though I know the approach well, I continue to get new insights and helpful hints which improve my practice. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to “give their best” to any endeavour without making themselves ill!

  44. Mary McGlynn

    I found the course to be really interesting and enjoyable. The Tutor was very engaging, she explained things really well, was personable, used lots of her own examples and just the right amount of group work and slides. I found myself engaged and very interested in everything she said, she has a lovely warm way about her while also making sure the information is imparted well. I picked up some wonderful information and handy tools for both myself and the students I work with on a daily basis. I would highly recommend this course.

  45. Julia Ellis

    I feel encouraged and inspired by this course content and Emily’s insightful work into staying emotionally intelligent, befriending stress, reframing our approach, developing resilience and maximising our potential across all areas of our life, personally and professionally. The information in this course has made a huge difference to me. Thank you.

  46. Pupil Wellbeing Support Worker

    Great course. The information I have learnt will help me support my colleagues in challenging roles.

  47. HG Practitioner

    This talk had so much information and was very well referenced throughout the day, with pointers and links if you want to review or even explore aspects in more depth at a later stage.
    There was ample time for people to ask questions but there wasn’t any pressure to share information with the groups as a whole if you didn’t want to.
    The course has been unexpected in that it has not only given me practical techniques and information that I can use for myself but also with my clients and maybe even my friends and family

  48. Nigel Filer

    I think I missed the fact that this was a course for Caring professionals – my mistake. Coupled with the fact I have yet to start seeing large numbers of clients and do not have a background in a caring role found this course difficult to engage with in terms of the practical discussion elements. I think I’d have probably benefitted more after a year or two of counselling.
    Anyway, it has been useful in term of being aware of what can happen and how to prevent or recover from burnout.

  49. Lynda Bryer

    I learnt so much! Being an HG therapist and a Mindfulness Teacher aware of Self Compassion practices I did not think I would learn as much as I did. I took away a lot of new information as well as looking more deeply at what I need to tweak to make life more fulfilling. I could go on and on about how brilliantly thought out this was, layers of useful and thought provoking stuff, embodied in the loveliness of Emily as a clearly caring and experienced practitioner. Many Thanks to Arlene too for all those links in the chat. Fab!!

  50. Doctor

    Really excellent day, very useful tips and also helpful to hear other people’s experiences.

  51. Jennifer Taylor

    A very good day.
    Really enjoyed the content, interaction with other attendees.
    I think it is better to keep the numbers low when it is now via Zoom.
    It seemed about right.
    The timings were good so we could all chat a bit and have the time to assimilate the information.

  52. Linda Doe

    Full of useful information, theory and research, applied intelligently and with pragmatism. Emily is a wonderfully clear and inclusive speaker.

  53. Lawrence Miller

    Overall excellent, Emily and Arlene did a great job. Very easy to listen to.
    Mostly the course content was relevant

  54. Sam Peddar

    I really enjoyed the live webinar on Burnout today.
    There was an in-depth explanation of what it is and how we are all susceptible to it.
    The self assessment highlighted personal problem areas.
    I enjoyed exploring the various tools and processes to recognise, treat and buffer ourselves from Burnout which seems to be as endemic as COVID.

  55. Business Coach & Facilitator

    I thought that the content was very good and I liked Emily’s delivery style – good pace and good examples.
    The content was well laid out and included simple practices that we can adopt to help ourselves. We can also pass them on to help our clients.
    The support from Arlene was excellent as was commented on by a fellow participant before we finished.

  56. General interest in the topic

    The course gave a comprehensive overview of the subject, relating to three overall factors influencing burnout – with helpful recommended resources to follow up.
    Helpful presentation re. recognising associated neuro-chemical responses and how to engage effectively with these.
    Holistic self care emphasised as key part in prevention of burnout.

  57. Andrew Wright, IT Consultant/Trainee Life Coach

    Professionally and enthusiastically delivered course, Emily showed a really good knowledge of the subject which was delivered in depth via the slides and handouts with plenty of time in the Q&As to get any questions answered as well.

  58. Hilary Kearns, Acupuncturist/ HG Therapist

    Excellent days training….very insightful and thought provoking.

  59. Anna Tingle, HG Therapist

    This course was for me an informative and compassionate reminder of the importance of self care. Emily’s presentation style is professional, whilst being relaxed and reassuring at the same time. It gave me some valuable new insights and reminded me of other concepts that are essential to consider in order to maintain a healthy work/ life balance and provide the best possible care to clients.

  60. Allan Eno, Psychotherapist

    The course was presented well, making time for questions and answers. The course also included some useful videos and supported by proven psychological research and neuro science. Working in pairs and groups allowed us all to interact with each other, which was especially helpful during the current pandemic. In short, a professional and valuable experience with lots to take away.

  61. Welfare Officer / Womens Project Lead for a Veterans Charity

    Always good to stop and look at self care (not something that I am very good at). Emily is a great person to learn from, her style of presentation, relaxed manner and clear explanations are very easy to follow.

  62. Maria Butollo, TCM Specialist

    It helped me verbalize and see more clearly what was consuming my patience and motivation. Most of all, I realized for the first time that I am not alone with a lot of contradictory feelings about my work. In my opinion there should be a follow up course with more hands on examples and rehearsals.

  63. Psychotherapist, coach

    Clear well structured course with some useful exercises to take away

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