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How to avoid burnout new

Self-care for helping professionals

To help others effectively we need to have enough ‘spare capacity’ – which means looking after our own wellbeing too – new research shows us how

Course Factfile

How to avoid burnout (Live Online)

  • Length: 1 day (9.30am–4.00pm)

  • Tutor: Emily Gajewski

  • Suitable for: Anyone who works within a role that involves caring for others (see below)

  • Limited places available

  • CPD Certificate: 6 hours

  • Price: £145 per person

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NEW – Live Online Next available date: Tues 23rd November 2021
Join Emily Gajewski for this important new workshop on Zoom. All you need is a quiet place to watch, a computer or tablet and a strong internet signal, the rest is easy. Simply book your place as normal and we will email you your confirmation. You will receive details of how to join the Zoom workshop the day before the event Limited to 20 people
NB The training will be recorded and made available to participants afterwards in case anyone has technical trouble during the day.

Emily is a wonderfully warm and engaging facilitator with a wealth of practical experience

Why you should take this course

When our day-to-day jobs involve continually listening to other people’s emotional difficulties, how do we avoid being overwhelmed by them ourselves or succumbing to compassion fatigue? We are the ‘tool’ of our trade. It could be argued that we have a duty to those we work with to prioritise our own mental health and wellbeing so that we can give them the best possible service. This workshop shows you how.

‘Burnout’ is commonly defined as a physical and emotional state caused by excessive or overwhelming workplace stress. This is often specifically related to work but of course feelings of burnout can be impacted or compounded by other life events and caring roles too. Even if we know good stress management techniques, this often isn’t enough.

Burnout is a very common phenomena in the ‘helping professions’, A 2018 research review paper published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology analysed 30 years of research on this topic, involving 9,000 psychotherapists. Over half of the therapists they sampled reported “moderate-high levels of stress and burnout”.

The good news is that Burnout and Overwhelm are not a given of working in roles where we are consistently exposed to others’ emotional pain. New research and insights into ‘buffering’ the impact of this work mean that we can consciously choose to put in safeguards to our own mental wellbeing, whilst also remaining connected and present with our clients.

Emily Gajewski’s course draws on her extensive experience of working as a therapist and clinical supervisor, in the NHS and privately, for over 20 years. Throughout the day she examines the many ways working in the caring professions can impact us personally and gives you a wealth of practical steps you can take to mitigate them. She also covers the most up-to-date guidance on keeping ourselves well and thriving in caring roles and will help you develop a realistic plan for your own continuing wellbeing.

Emily really helped me to see where my vulnerabilities lie


What you will gain from attending

  • The latest research on how to prevent burnout in your working life
  • How to identify burnout in ourselves and others – the warning signs you need to look out for
  • Easy, practical steps to protect yourself in stressful work situations
  • How to avoid ‘compassion fatigue’
  • Evidence based ‘top tips’ for optimal working practices to maintain your own wellbeing
  • The Cycle of Stress – how to ‘work with it’ for optimal health
  • An understanding of vicarious trauma – and how to avoid it
  • Techniques to calm yourself in client sessions when you are ‘triggered’ by something they bring up
  • Reducing your own risk of depression when you’re worried about your clients
  • The joy of creating ‘flow’ in our working life
  • Constructive ways to manage difficult feelings that arise as a result of your work
  • Practical techniques for grounding and ‘letting go’ of clients
  • How to safely explore our own areas of vulnerability
  • Useful tips for ongoing stress management
  • What you need to maintain your own mental health
  • How to re-ground yourself if you’re feeling overwhelmed or derailed by a client
  • An opportunity for you to reflect on your own practice and wellbeing, take some time to step back, learn what works for you and how you can create more spare capacity
  • Time to relax, try out techniques and refresh your tools to support your wellbeing and build resilience
  • How to utilise what you’ve learnt to create your own realistic wellbeing plan.

Course Programme

The ‘How to avoid burnout’ live online course starts at 9.15am and runs until 4.00pm (GMT).

Who this workshop is suitable for

Anyone who works within a role that involves caring for others – including:

  • medical professionals – including GPs and nurses
  • health and social care professionals
  • therapists and mental health workers
  • counsellors
  • educators, teachers
  • professional carers (foster carers and non-paid carers)
  • social workers
  • occupational therapists
  • outreach workers
  • volunteers
  • holistic practitioners etc.

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