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How to build a successful private practice

Whether you’re starting out in private practice, or have been in business for a while, this inspiring course will SAVE you time and money and help you build the practice and lifestyle you want …

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How to build a successful private practice Live Online Training

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  • Date: Tues 22nd Oct 2024

  • Accredited CPD Certificate: 6 hours

  • Length: 1 day (9.30am - 4.00pm GMT)

  • Tutor: Jennifer Broadley

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Extremely helpful course. The real life, practical examples and advice were invaluable...

Emma Wardropper

Live Online Training –  Join Jennifer Broadley on Tuesday 22nd October for this inspiring, practical training – you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Simply book your place and we will email you details of how to join the Zoom training the day before the event.
BONUS RECORDING – the training is recorded in case anyone experiences technical difficulties on the day, so you  also get a recording for a limited time afterwards to maximise your learning.

Why take this course

Although word of mouth is one of the best ways CPD Provider Logo to get business, being a good counsellor or therapist isn’t always enough to fill your practice with clients – and that’s where the easy-to-learn, simple but effective business and marketing skills you will learn on this online course come in.

Jennifer Broadley has been a qualified and practising psychotherapist for 10 years and has been in business for herself for well over 20 years. She brings her extensive knowledge of the personal and professional ups and downs to life in this practical and motivating day.

You will also gain a wealth of time-saving devices and tips that others who have successfully built their thriving practices have used, all of which will allow you to focus more time on your clients.

Jennifer built her business, Healthy Chat, from no clients to full practice within 2 years. She has tried-and-tested marketing strategies and will share with you the ones that have worked for her and the ones that haven’t. She is fully transparent with her client numbers, systems and finances so that you will leave the course clear about whether a full-time or part-time therapy practice is for you – and how to go about getting the work/life balance you want.

I’ve learned so much! A must for everyone setting up a therapy business

Health Visitor

What will you learn

  • The essential actions to take when starting your practice from scratch – what’s worth spending money on and what’s not
  • Confidence to take on your first client(s) or increase your client intake until you have a full practice
  • Clear systems for starting or growing your counselling / therapy practice
  • Tools to ensure clients easily find you, trust that you can help, and then book sessions with you
  • Clarity about how long to work with a client – average timings and outliers (for stress, trauma, panic attacks, relationships, etc); when to keep a client and when to let a client go
  • Key information that will help you decide how much to charge and when/whether to be flexible
  • Important things to remember if you work with clients online
  • Time-saving methods for client management: intake, treatment, ending well and future follow up
  • How to manage yourself as a business owner – when to work hard, when to take time out
  • How to make your therapy practice fit in with the lifestyle you want to live – and what to do to avoid becoming overwhelmed
  • When (or whether) to let go of your full or part-time work and shift to letting your counselling practice support you financially
  • How to get your 9 emotional needs met while working for yourself
  • How to define your ideal client(s) and where to find them
  • Practicalities: taking payments, tracking your numbers, meeting your targets, turnover v’s net income, paying VAT (or not), paying tax, chasing non-payments
  • Creating a healthy, open attitude and language around money and finances
  • How to set up your therapy practice to be financially successful and more

Brilliant, this online course has shown me what I need to focus on to build a successful private practice – and where to put my energy, money and time!


Course Programme

The ‘How to build a successful private practice’ live online workshop starts at 9.15am and runs until 4.00pm. (GMT).

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone who wants to set up a private therapy or counselling practice
  • If you’re already in private practice and want to increase your client numbers, work less and earn more, you’ll also benefit from attending
  • Anyone who is presently in full or part time salaried work and is considering moving to self employment or entrepreneurialism

CPD Provider LogoThis course has been independently accredited by the internationally recognised CPD Standards Office for 6 hours of CPD training.

On completion of this training you’ll receive CPD certificates from the College and the CPD Standards Office.

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Reviews for this course

4.8/5 (85 Reviews)
  1. Charity Consultant

    I really enjoyed Jennifer’s course. It was full of practical advice and helpful suggestions. Jennifer gave a clear outline of strategies to help to set up and develop a practice. She also provided examples of how to market, manage expectations and set achievable goals.

  2. Ollie, Psychotherapist

    Fabulous! This training took the scare factor out of setting up a private practice and provided clear steps of what is key and the nice to haves.

  3. Keith Nelson, Counsellor

    It was very inspiring, motivational and educational. I got some good and useable tips.

  4. Mahmood Khan, Student

    Excellent training course. The trainer was great at keeping things simple yet covering all the important aspects of building a successful practice.

  5. Bridget Blackford-Read, Therapist

    Very helpful/useful because Jennifer’s information demystified the processes available, including recommendations re what to do and what not to do. The planning exercises made me really think and consider what I want, how to approach, and just to”start. Jennifer’s presentation of the info was clear, encouraged thoughts and comments, and felt relevant whether qualified or not, and particularly whether a HGI therapist or not. Thank you so much.

  6. Psychotherapist

    This course was great. It distilled a lot of knowledge and experience in a way I found helpful at the start of my private practice. I have come away grateful for the practical tips and my unique action plan that developed from the material as the day unfolded

  7. Teacher moving towards psychotherapist

    The course did everything it said ‘on the tin’. It clearly gave ideas on marketing and setting up your own counselling business.There were so many step by step and practical bits of information that it has given me so much to think about. Jennifer’s approach was very clear and down to earth. She has so much experience in this area and was honest in a warm and friendly way. I would definitely recommend it and will now look at attending other Human Givens courses (this was my first!).
    Thank you.

  8. Counsellor

    This course was very informative and in depth in explaining all the things to consider when setting up your private practice

  9. School Therapist

    Thanks so much for another great day! Time well spent as always thinking about HG all day and how brief therapy is so effective and how much demand is out there of people looking for help. Real practical skills as always.

  10. Dr Sydney Okojie, Medical Practitioner

    This course gave what it set out to do in a very delightful and empowering way. Well spiced with examples of useful experiences and expert knowledge. What we received are great pearls to hold on to on our path to successful practice.

  11. Unnur Inga Jensen-Wilmot, HG Student/Positive Psychology Practitioner

    Immensely practical, encouraging and insightful course. I found the information given very valuable which gives me hope for potential practise set up when the right time arrives. Thank you so much!

  12. Martine Daly, HG Therapist

    Excellent introduction to setting up as a therapist – great notes too and handouts.

  13. Therapist

    Jennifer thought of everything. Very basic, very much targeted for absolute beginners with no experience. Good to ensure no aspect has been missed in set up. I did think from the title or description of the course it would also incorporate building/growing a current practise, so was disappointed to have spent so much money and time on a setting up from scratch training day, when money is tight. It was refreshing that Jennifer was so open in sharing her real life £ figures and documents. Those sent as extra attachments were very useful. Thank you for those.

  14. IT Systems Analyst – training to become a HG Therapist

    We covered a massive amount of content on the day, which was all really clearly (and simply) explained, with lots of ‘real-world’ examples. The course notes and handouts are extensive and also the input from other attendees was really valuable. I really feel like I have everything I need to start the process of setting up my own practice.

  15. Melanie Kettner-Borough, Co Paster and Counsellor

    This is a must for anyone who is planning to start their own counselling/psychotherapy practice! In fact, there is wisdom and information for people who are already practising and are looking for tips from someone who has walked this road, made mistakes and picked up a huge amount of practical wisdom. I was so inspired as Jennifer Broadley guided the participants on the journey of what to expect from the first contact with a client/potential client through to billing and any follow up. So many practical tips and suggestions – what we could do and what we could avoid administratively, branding, how to get listed, tracking your clients’ progress, pricing and how to avoid under valuing yourself. All this and so much more which has given me so much more confidence as I start on this journey of building my practice. I highly recommend this seminar – time and money well spent. Thank you.

  16. HG Therapist and Town Clerk

    I already knew more than I realised about private practice. The course emphasised some very important concepts and has triggered me to take some action, which was much needed. My biggest takeaway is the desirability of niching, which I intend to do. I also learned many things that I should not be wasting my time doing, some of which I was considering. I needed this kick up the backside to give my business the focus it needs to achieve the outcome I want. As psychotherapists we want to help others, but we need to value ourselves as a priority. Thank you for the help.

  17. Self-Employed

    The course provided lots of detailed information, which was very thorough and some useful tools I was not previously aware of about how to build a successful practice. It also reinforced much of the information we have been taught previously on HG training.

  18. Counsellor

    The trainer was very authentic, sharing their own experiences, clearly introduced the subject and was very helpful in terms of my own relationship with money.

  19. Aliya Drake, HG Therapist

    It was nice hearing the personal experiences of what worked and what didn’t. A real eye opener that made me think I might be able to do this after all.

  20. Simon Bostock, Therapist

    The course covered all aspects of setting up in a practice. I was impressed with the content on what worked and what did not work.

  21. Finance Professional/Counsellor

    Jennifer has a wealth of experience and knowledge. I appreciate very much the sharing of her valuable insight to us. Practical and informative.

  22. Emma Wardropper, HG Psychotherapist

    Extremely helpful course. The real life, practical examples and advice were invaluable. I enjoyed Jennifer’s style of teaching and she made everyone feel comfortable to ask questions, whatever their level of experience. I feel equipped to make some changes to my own business now. Thank you Jennifer!

  23. Teacher

    Jennifer has structured the course and the worksheets very well and covered everything clearly. She was honest and open and covered things that do not work as well as essentials. It was very useful to have the on-line systems explained and which ones are most useful and tried and tested. All questions were answered clearly and it is obvious that Jennifer is passionate about sharing her knowledge for others to succeed.

  24. Therapist in training

    Jennifer was very generous in sharing her experience and provided some very practical and useful advice. In sharing what has worked and hasn’t worked so well, as well as addressing recent changes in the industry, I can imagine that I am going to save a lot of time and money not going down routes that don’t actually bring in business.

  25. Zanna St Quinton, Mother/Trainee Human Givens Psychotherapist

    Thank you so much for providing so much helpful and invaluable information today. Jennifer obviously has a huge amount of experience and it was incredible to be able to learn from all her trials and errors with various marketing routes, in particular. I’m sure she’s saved us all a huge amount of money! The day has got me so enthused about setting up my private practice and filled me with confidence, particularly with regards to the cost/value of a session.

  26. Udo Solberger, Parenting Coach (just getting started)

    Jennifer gave a lot of practical and useful advice on what is working and not working when setting up my new parenting coaching business. She pointed out the most efficient steps to take to get going, and also which paths are better not taken. The course helped me get out of my head where I tend to over-plan and jump into taking action.

  27. Art Psychotherapist

    This course was excellent, insightful and engaging. It packed a lot into one day and I now feel more confident about my next steps in setting up my private practice.

  28. Ingrid Steele, Coach, Facilitator

    Jennifer shared lots of very useful information that will be invaluable in setting up in private practice.

  29. Humanistic Counsellor

    Mostly, I appreciated the practical nature of the course, particularly Jennifer’s sharing of what hadn’t worked for her in terms of marketing activities and the emphasis on systemising business processes. All in all, I feel that the course has consolidated some of the ideas I already had in terms of how to move forward, providing some added confidence whilst also highlighting expensive and time consuming marketing activities that I should maybe think twice about.

  30. James McCluskey, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist

    Very useful content presented in a very good way. Highly recommended!

  31. Occupational Therapist

    Jennifer was very generous with all her materials and with what had not gone well to save us going down “blind allies” as she called them. Her communication skills are excellent and the course was well thought out with good hand outs made available before the course. She was highly professional, both ethically and from a business point of view. She has a warm personality, but is very clear and decisive about this being a business, charging enough to cover all outgoings and valuing ourselves and the product we are selling. An inspirational speaker!

  32. Miriam Navarro

    Very comprehensive in many levels and very thorough. Thank you. By the end of it my attention levels and energy were dwindling a bit so I wonder if I would have preferred it split into two sessions instead of such a long one.
    I can only imagine how tired Jennifer might have been towards the end of it.
    This is my second course with Jennifer and I really appreciate how matter of fact and efficient she is, as I feel I’m getting a lot out of the courses. That all while also being open and receptive to people’s questions!

  33. Julia Ellis

    An excellent course, so much information packed into an amazing day, everything you need to know to set up your own successful private practice. I learnt so much …..Thank you Jennifer.

  34. Lise Bratton

    A wonderfully comprehensive, well-structured course, covering everything you might need to know about setting up a private therapy practice. Jennifer Broadley’s generous sharing of her own experiences of developing a thriving practice is simply invaluable -whatever you might know about running a business.

  35. Trainee HG Counsellor

    An invaluable insight into what works well and what to consider in setting up and running a private practice. It’s definitely spurred me on to start using Pragmatic Tracker. Useful information on what to include on a website and where and how to market oneself effectively.

  36. Jasenka Horvat

    Very rich and informative content and engaging delivery. It provided a comprehensive overview of various aspects involved in building up a private practice, as well as some very pragmatic advice which I found particularly useful.

  37. John Bukenberger

    Excellent course. Loads of information delivered with a clear engaging style. Will save time and money avoiding practice promotion strategies that do not deliver client contacts. The tutor was candid about the ways that worked for her in developing a thriving private practice. This course is well worth the time and money to attend.

  38. Lorraine Thompson

    I found this to be an essential course for anyone starting out in setting up a business and also an extremely beneficial course for anyone who needs to review and refresh their existing business. Packed with valuable resources, helpful time and cost saving tips and suggestions, all delivered in an open and honest style. I thouroughly enjoyed the day which flew by so the recording will be wonderful to watch and listen to. Many thanks Jennifer.

  39. Psychotherapist

    Jennifer was friendly and extremely informative about what works and what doesn’t work in setting up your Practice. Lots of very helpful information about forms, legality and structure of websites. Arlene was excellent too giving information on relevant websites and information and forwarding questions to Jennifer when necessary.
    I would highly recommend this Course for anyone who wants to set up in Private Practice

  40. Fundraising Consultant and Student

    A terrific day. The programme content was excellent throughout and perfectly targeted to a career-changer like me just starting to map out a new career path/business. Jennifer’s style was highly engaging and
    confidence-inspiring. The combination of high-quality content and style held my attention throughout, and I came away much clearer and more confident about what lies ahead. Thank you!

  41. HG Trainee Therapist

    A fantastic workshop and essential for anyone wanting to start their own private practise – a good, realistic eye opener!

  42. Psychologist

    Thank you for a day of clarity and structure, with great supporting materials

  43. Trainee Life Coach

    Jam packed full of really helpful information, professionally and personably delivered with a healthy amount of examples andlessons learnt

  44. Executive Headteacher

    Clear, practical advice from someone who knows what they are talking about. Really helpful.

  45. Amanda Hagan

    As a newbie therapist, this course highlighted the money pits to avoid such as advertsing in magazines for no return.
    Jennifer’s delivery was excellent. She was very generous with her information and the handouts are useful in a way to adapt for my own practice.

  46. Event Manager

    This course was fantastic. It was so well structured and contained vast amounts of really useful material. As someone pointed out, Jennifer was so generous and open in the way that she shared all her accumulated knowledge and systems with us, from branding and marketing to the start-up sheets and legal requirements, and even how to request a testimonial. As someone who generally avoids money talk, I also found the frank discussion around setting fees & what a therapy session is ‘worth’ was incredibly helpful. I really do now feel inspired to just get started! Thank you Jennifer!

  47. Trainee Therapist

    I have been looking forward to doing this workshop for months now, and what I learnt today was beyond my expectations. Jennifer provided so much interesting detail about how to run your own practice, to the point where I am now not only convinced that I would like to continue learning with Human Givens to become a Therapist, but also, I cannot wait now to have my own practice, as thanks to Jennifer, I now feel confident that I would have all the necessary tools to actually run that practice efficiently. We are all so grateful for the amount of truly relevant and practical information that Jennifer provided us with today.

  48. Catherine Neil, HG Therapist

    This course was just what I needed. Jennifer brought her years of knowledge, experience, trial and error to this study day and helped me see what I need to do to continue forward in creating a successful private practice. I have spent the past 5 months since qualifying wrestling with many things to make sense of how to run a practice, and Jennifer’s insight was the icing on the cake. She has inspired me to apply a more measured and systematic approach to the work I do ON my practice. I’ve already set up an invoice tracking spreadsheet and discovered I haven’t been paid by several clients! This is basic stuff but I needed to be shown. Honestly, this is one of the most practical things I have ever learnt with HG. Thank you Jennifer.

  49. Sean O’Callaghan, Retired teacher

    One of the best online courses I’ve ever done! Jennifer’s authentic and friendly advice doesn’t waste one minute of this day-long presentation. I learnt so much. An absolute must if you’re thinking of developing your own coaching business.

  50. Business Manager

    A truly amazing course with extremely useful information. Thank you

  51. PR & Marketing Consultant

    Jennifer is an extremely successful counsellor/psychotherapist and an excellent tutor. She is so generous with her knowledge and experience. I learned so much from her.

  52. Counsellor

    I very much enjoyed the course. It greatly increased my awareness of the fact that I need to spend more time ‘on work’ and what to do in this area if I want to further increase my practice. I appreciated Jennifer’s openness to share as well as the comments from other group participants.

  53. Edward McEvoy, Instrument Technician (Hypnotist)

    The information was excellent, it gave me some clear points on how to proceed with a practice. also pointing out a few advertising methods that I would have considered but proved to be a waste of money if you are thinking of starting a business then I would recommend the course.

  54. Nurse

    It must be so difficult to deliver training on line to an audience who all have different levels of experience. The session contained a wealth of information and Jennifer managed to make it interactive.

  55. Martin Dunlea, HG Therapist

    Jennifer covered all aspects of creating a successful private practice, generously sharing her own experience of what does and doesn’t work. I wish I had taken this course sooner.

  56. Refiya, Consultant

    Very informative and valuable shared information that helps me prepare

  57. HG Therapist

    It is obvious that Jennifer has put a lot of time, thought and effort into this course and has really considered what it is like for a therapist considering starting a private practice or trying to grow an existing practice. She gave clear and practical advice and shared many personal stories of her marketing approach successes, plus stories of efforts she’d made which didn’t provide any return on investment for her. I felt I had a plan to follow and a realistic expectation of what running a successful private practice looks like.

  58. Psychotherapist/Counsellor

    Jennifer’s course on starting up in private practice was extremely informative and detailed. She was exceptionally generous in making available the resources she uses, as well as her honesty in relating what ‘has’ and ‘has not’ worked for her in setting up and running her business. Jennifer’s approach was warm, clear and direct and she demonstrated her skill in understanding what is important for newly qualified therapists to focus on and what to avoid in order to save time and money.

  59. Coach

    If you’re starting out in practice, then this course will save you hours of research and months of trial and error. Jennifer’s presentation style was warm and welcoming and she skilfully covered a lot of ground in a short period.

  60. Patricia Jordan

    I really enjoyed the whole day! Jennifer was relaxed , friendly and informative. I felt as if I had known her all my life and she really wanted me to succeed in my practice. A great day!

  61. Counsellor/End of Life Doula

    Very useful information to learn. Inspiring and motivating! Thank you.

  62. Rebecca Winfrey, Church worker

    This was so very helpful. So much experience packed into these two hours and presented clearly and honestly. Gold dust!

  63. HG Therapist

    This course was informative, practical and and easily applicable to enhance development as a business owner not just as a therapist. This course is a must if you want to turn your passion of helping others into a viable professional service that works for you too as a therapist.

  64. Angus Millar, Trainee Councillor, Accountant, Psychologist

    A very good day covering everything you need to start your own practice. Although aimed at HG graduates there is a lot that would assist anyone attempting to start any small business. There was a lot of information and Jennifer presented it well particularly given the limitations of on-line. It was a bit of a marathon both good and bad in that there was a lot to cover but also there was a lot to absorb. Thanks for giving us time to look at the replay as I’m sure I missed stuff as keeping attention for that length of time was demanding.

  65. Michelle MacDonald, Homeopath

    Very informative and clear presentation. Jennifer was very generous in sharing about her experience, lessons learned and pearls of wisdom. Many thanks !

  66. Ben Bolton

    As I am early in the training process I found the day invaluable. The day was informative, thought provoking and inspiring. I have no doubt I will refer back to my notes regularly in the next few years. Jennifer was an excellent trainer and her honesty and willingness to share her experience was hugely appreciated. All in all, a very valuable day.

  67. Teacher

    Really practical, very generous with advice. I now feel much clearer and confident about how to go about starting my own practice. Thanks very much.

  68. Wellbeing co-ordinator of Solent Mind

    Very well structured and delivered. Having hand-outs with all the information on is invaluable – saves you trying to take notes as well as listen

  69. Will Wakefield, Retired CEO

    Jennifer’s delivery was so natural and her enthusiasm for the profession infectious. This apart from the golden nuggets given out so freely. Time flew by, which is always a sign of something very good! Great day and value!

  70. Counsellor

    A great course. Practical steps – and what not to do! Very useful.

  71. Trainee therapist

    Looking in detail at what setting up in practice might look like and concrete steps that need to be taken was really helpful.

  72. HG trainee therapist

    Very motivating. Have finished feeling ready for action with a plan to follow. Really helped with my self-belief.

  73. HG Therapist

    Lots of information – closing a session, how to use business cards and asking for testimonials were really useful ideas. Lots of time to ask individual questions.

  74. Psychotherapist

    Understanding the value of the therapy and the client and charging according was very a very useful idea to me.

  75. Psychotherapist/Counsellor

    For me, considering my fees and discussing this was helpful and insightful in terms of evaluating my worth. Also considering the time in working in my business and on my business. I felt it was really well balanced with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

  76. Occupational Therapist

    Lots and lots of practical tips based on experience and things to take back to consider and work through. Empowering in terms of encouraging us to shape our practice around the work/life balance

  77. Therapeutic Coach

    Really useful to benefit from things that have already been tried and tested.

  78. HG Trainee

    Practical, useful steps which were invaluable

  79. Commercial Advisor

    So much practical advice and encouragement. The course was brilliant, candid and complete.

  80. Chartered Surveyor

    Very detailed and helpful, thank you.

  81. Hypnotherapist

    Great course. Super presenter. Lots of helpful information. Thank you – I have already implemented some changes on my website.

  82. Educational Psychologist

    Lots of helpful practical information about legal requirements, business considerations, marketing, business building, income considerations, moving from an ‘employee’ mindset to a ‘self-employed’ mindset – all were particularly useful to me.

  83. Church Pastor

    All excellent and very practical. Great information on marketing.

  84. Trainee Therapist

    Really great to have all the info in one place. Definitely helped to build my confidence.

  85. Talking Therapist

    A brilliant opportunity to think, plan and reflect in the company of like-minded people. A very practical workshop from someone who has ‘walked the walk’!

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How to build a successful private practice - Live online course (Zoom)
How to build a successful private practice
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