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Guided Imagery II – 3 essential techniques

The highly effective guided imagery and visualisation techniques you will learn on this workshop are essential for helping people successfully overcome depression, addictions, anxiety and more….

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Guided Imagery Training - 3 essential techniques

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  • Length 1 day (9.30am - 4.00pm)

  • Tutor: Rosalind Townsend

  • Accredited CPD Certificate : 6 hours

  • Price: £198 per person

Price includes lunch, refreshments and course notes


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Brilliant. I've received training in hypnotherapy, yet I still learned so much from this day!

Sarah Swanton

Next date – Nearly FULL – Thurs 26th September in Bristol.
Join Ros Townsend to learn and practise 3 powerful guided imagery and visualisation techniques – including ‘Counter-Conditioning’.*  This workshop is open to anyone with some experience of using guided imagery. It counts towards Part 1 of the Human Givens Diploma and follows on from our popular Guided Imagery and Visualisation for therapeutic change workshop.

Why take this course

CPD Provider LogoThis new workshop delves deeper into this essential therapeutic skill’s power and flexibility – you will learn a variety of guided imagery techniques that are highly effective at helping people move on from problem behaviours, reframe life circumstances, lower emotional arousal, make therapeutic lifestyle changes, increase resilience and more.

Building on the skills learnt on Guided Imagery and Visualisation for therapeutic change (‘Day 1’), this second workshop focuses specifically on the techniques that allow clients to move forward from depression, overcome anxiety and combat addiction. We also look at how to introduce helpful new understandings to clients in a way that overcomes resistance.

Strong emotions focus and lock attention keeping people trapped or stuck – so this hands-on training also gives you the opportunity to further develop your therapeutic abilities to help people rehearse in their imagination any desired change to their behaviours and/or feelings, which dramatically increases the likelihood of those changes taking place in ‘real life’, and then being maintained in the future.

Guided imagery, as taught on Day 1 is one of the most powerful psychotherapeutic tools available to us; Day 2 will allow you to develop your ability to use it flexibly and successfully in a range of different client presentations. These are essential skills to have in your therapeutic ‘toolkit’.

* Please Note: counter-conditioning was previously taught on our pre-2023 Stopping Addictions workshop.

Excellent course focussing on the practical, technical use and delivery of techniques to use during guided imagery

Maria Martin, GP

Ros has a lovely delivery style that’s very inspiring and left me with so many ideas going forward...

Mary Flynn, Guided Imagery and Visualisation for Therapeutic Change

What will you learn

  • How to use the brain’s powerful internal ‘reality generator’ to enable clients to make desired change in their lives
  • Invaluable ways to enable a client to approach situations with confidence and overcome situational anxiety
  • Powerful ways of using this skill to help a client take the ‘first steps’ out of depression
  • An effective technique (counter-conditioning*) which increases likelihood of success when working with clients struggling with addiction
  • Understanding of how to use guided imagery effectively when supporting a client with behaviour change of any kind
  • The use of metaphor within guided imagery; how to craft powerful extended metaphors which take into account a client’s individual model of reality
  • Training and practice in using these techniques
  • Greater confidence in working flexibly with this technique so as to respect each individual client’s model of reality
  • Powerful ways to introduce helpful ideas to a resistant client without breaking rapport
  • Supervised practice in specific techniques for work with a range of presentations
  • How to use healing trance states to reframe difficult life circumstances and build hope using the client’s own resources
  • Specific techniques that can be used to manage pain, or work with anxiety or any other strong state of distress
  • Increased understanding of trance states and their role in everyday life
    A scientifically-sound knowledge of why the various techniques and skills you will gain are so valuable
  • A range of ways to help people improve their performance – sports, public speaking etc.
  • The opportunity to experience for yourself specific new techniques within guided imagery and visualisation
  • And more

Dates and venues

Good to know

Good to know

To attend this course you need to have plenty of experience in using guided imagery and visualisation for relaxing clients or to have completed our Guided Imagery and visualisation for therapeutic change (Day 1) course. (If you are taking the HG Diploma, you will need to attend both days, as both count towards Part 1 of the Human Givens Diploma.)

The additional skills you will learn on this second day are introduced on the following courses as integral to effective treatment for the conditions they cover:

Please note:  The counter-conditioning technique was previously taught on our ‘Stopping Addictions’ workshop. This changed from January 2023.

Course Programme

The ‘Guided Imagery and Visualisation Additional Techniques’ course starts at 9.30am and runs until 4.00pm.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone who has experience in using guided imagery and visualisation (or hypnotherapy) to induce a relaxed state in their clients, or has attended Guided Imagery and Visualisation for Therapeutic Change (Day 1)
  • Anyone, with the above skills, who wants to help people effectively and for the long-term, particularly those working in mental and physical healthcare, or with addictions or self harm
  • Psychotherapists, counsellors and mental health workers (who also have the above skills) who work with a wide range of conditions and would like to ensure long-term behaviour change
  • Trained hypnotherapists looking to add these techniques to their existing skillset.

CPD Provider LogoThis guided imagery techniques and visualisation training has been independently accredited by the internationally recognised CPD Standards Office for 6 hours of CPD training.

On completion of this training you’ll receive CPD certificates from the College and the CPD Standards Office.

Register your interest – next date

If you can’t make any of these course dates, please complete the form below and we’ll email you when another date becomes available.

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Reviews for this course

4.9/5 (43 Reviews)
  1. Louise Harris, CFYP Manager/Trainee Psychotherapist

    Excellent course. Full of practical advice, real examples and opportunity for discussion. Ros lead the day calmly with wisdom and space to allow each individual to develop their skills, no matter where they were in their journey with HG. Thank you for an excellent and very worthwhile day.

  2. Student

    Really helpful for pulling all the skills learnt over the rewind/guided imagery days together. Great content – helpful booklet – lots of practicals.

  3. Bronte Le Marquand, Life Coach

    I loved the course so much – it has been so informative and Ros is an amazing teacher.

  4. Hypnotherapist

    Incredibly helpful. We have benefitted from being in a smaller, very supportive group – wonderful!

  5. Lucy Day, Specialist Children's Practitioner

    Brilliant course

  6. Sarah Swanton, Operations Director/Trainee Therapist

    I have received training in hypnotherapy, and yet I still learned so much from this day. Builds on day 1 ‘Guided Imagery’ so well. Ros is such a brilliant teacher/trainer.

  7. Maria Martin, GP

    Excellent course focussing on the practical, technical use and delivery of techniques to use during guided imagery. The teaching and practise is done at a pace to allow you to leave feeling you could start practising.

  8. Angelika Imber, Yoga Therapist

    Clear, articulate, great practical wisdom. The practise is so helpful.

  9. Keith Nelson, Counsellor

    Fantastic skillset! Ros is amazing!

  10. Deputy Head of Education & Training

    Excellent – Ros makes everything so understandable. Great demos.

  11. Holly Campbell, Project Manager

    A joy to deepen my knowledge of Guided Imagery. Thank you!

  12. Trainer

    Very clear and was wonderful to practise the techniques. Also a good opportunity to watch the live sessions by Ros.

  13. Laura McClintock, Head of Human Resources

    An excellent course which really built on Guided Imagery 1, as well as the Rewind Technique, and provided other valuable uses for guided imagery. The course had a very good combination of teaching and opportunities for practise.

  14. Volunteer language teacher

    Very informative. Lots of space for practice. Very clearly explained.

  15. Nick Hatter, Life Coach

    Learned a great technique to make motivational interviewing go deeper.

  16. Simon Mellalieu, Specialist Mentor

    Information clear – a lot to consider.

  17. Counsellor

    Lots of different techniques to help me in my practise.

  18. Trainee Counsellor

    The best training I have undertaken to date. I have learnt so much on this course that I will be able to put into my future practice.

  19. Social Worker

    Ros is brilliant as before – so knowledgable and makes it seem so easy – until I try and first forget crucial points. I love the training and find it very inspiring.

  20. Katie Hollis, Suffolk Mind

    I have loved all of it! So helpful and broken into such helpful, manageable chunks.

  21. Psychologist

    Excellent hands-on practice. Really clear examples and direction as to applications.

  22. Anna Tingle, HG Therapist

    For me this was a wonder opportunity to refresh my knowledge and gain some new insights and language techniques.

  23. Zani Cockerham, Teacher

    I feel more confident to use guided imagery.

  24. Andre Sloos, Psychotherapist

    Clear, concise and practical – good pace and useful.

  25. Jennifer Humphries, Airbnb Manager

    I enjoyed the material and felt the day was a useful reminder of Part 1 and had additional information.

  26. Keri Hartwright, HG Therapist

    A great refresher and update – thank you.

  27. Therapist

    This was an excellent course which consolidated learning that I had already done and brought new ideas to the fore. I enjoyed the fact that we had plenty of time to practice and this gives a greater understanding for the client side of therapy. As always Ros is amazing. Thank you!

  28. Liz Barr, HG Therapist

    The course was clear, succinct, practical and delivered with charm! First class.

  29. Counsellor

    Fantastic course building on from Guided Imagery I previously attended.

  30. Counsellor

    Excellent course – a perfect continuation from Day 1. So useful to learn these techniques and I plan to attend the Addictions and Self-Harm courses.

  31. Claire Bunting, Mental Health Practitioner

    Excellent as always. Looking forward to further courses.

  32. George Bower, Management Consultant

    A great extension to the OCD Part 1 and a useful bridge for Part 2, especially around language and metaphors. Ros’s demonstrations added valuable colour and the practice sessions helped really embed the framework/protocol.

  33. Dianne Tingley, Occupational Therapist

    This course gave me an awareness of guided imagery in more depth. This included the concept of a reality generator. It also included the experience of counter conditioning.

  34. Personal Trainer

    Ros’s teaching and relaxing plus all explanations were excellent. Lovely practising with colleagues. I certainly learnt a lot today and I’m very grateful as it is helping my confidence grow in terms of being a future therapist.

  35. Kate Curtin, Mental Health Nurse

    Brilliant – Ros is a great teacher. Very practical. Kept all teaching easy to understand – she is good humoured and approachable.

  36. Karsten Alva-Jorgensen, Coach

    As always, Ros’s teaching was clear and effective and the course design hugely conducive to learning and embedding new skills.

  37. Michael, Vet

    Solid introduction to additional guided imagery techniques with clear demonstrations. I also particularly
    enjoyed the metaphor part.

  38. Toby Sewell, Care Manager

    As always, Ros is clear and easy to understand. Really enjoyed the day.

  39. K Hamrat, Support Worker

    As always, find the interactive teaching style conducive to learning, especially applying techniques.

  40. Human Givens Therapist

    This course built on guided imagery and was a great revision/refresh for an experienced Human Givens therapist. Ros was clear and did great demos. Also the practice sessions were well managed and useful.

  41. Therapist

    Thank you – great set of techniques.

  42. Human Givens Therapist Practitioner Trainee

    Well organised, practical method that can be used to help clients meet their needs in healthy balance.

  43. Hannah Phillips, Sports Consultant

    Brilliant and lovely presented course – Ros is fantastic.

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Guided Imagery II – 3 essential techniques | In-person training
Guided Imagery II – 3 essential techniques
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