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Volume 30, No 2, 2023

Human Givens Journal

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ISBN: 1473-4850 (ISSN)

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Editorial: Time to move on

‘How we are’ – news, views and information on:

  • Harm reduction in science
  • trigger warnings
  • iGen or shy Gen?
  • affirming in court
  • surpassing CBT
  • chatbots in mental health
  • book characters as replacement friends
  • less communication post-pandemic
  • psychosis and psychiatrists
  • relaxation for paranoia
  • hearing loss, hearing aids and dementia
  • exercise for anxiety and depression
  • spirituality in science
  • self-consciousness
  • adult ADHD
  • creative thinking and resilience

Articles include

Ivan Tyrrell reflects…
Ivan Tyrrell reflects on 30 years of the journal he founded, which in 2001 became Human Givens, and the need always to focus on real ideas

HG in the outback: the profound impact of stories
Merv Edmunds describes inspirational work with violent Indigenous men in Australia’s Northern Territory

Trauma treatment that bypassed NICE: Red Poppy in the workplace
Keith and Nicola Guy recount how they set up a company providing ‘free’ HG trauma therapy and why they now want to sell it on

Freedom of conscience
Ezra Hewing looks through an HG lens to explore the evolution
of moral conscience and how we could develop it further

Psychiatry beyond repair
Peter Gøtzsche tells Denise Winn some real horror stories about the impact of psychiatric drugs and why most drug trials can’t be trusted

Memory: making best use of this powerful innate resource
Mandy Cooper shares the highly effective way that memory is worked with at her residential clinics

Gavin Jinks describes the unexpected impact of committing
to compassion in his university teaching work

“Through a glass, darkly”
Aliya Drake describes how the curing of an unusual phobia
changed her life in wide-ranging ways

One Step Borders: inspiring work with young people
Alex Kennedy describes the success and the story behind the charity he set up to help struggling teenagers and young adults in Scotland

GDPR: what do therapists need to know?
Keith Dewey helps Denise Winn get to grips with data protection requirements and explains the support he can offer to therapists

PLUS: Book Reviews

LAST EVER ISSUE – no advertising

LAST EVER ISSUE – no advertising

To maintain our editorial independence we have never taken advertising, this means every page you read is full of interesting and relevant content. It’s the perfect way to keep up-to-date with developments in the field of mental health and wellbeing – many ground-breaking insights were first published in the HG journal.


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