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Guided imagery and visualisation for therapeutic change

Essential skills for successfully treating a wide range of conditions – including trauma

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Guided imagery and visualisation for therapeutic change

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This has been a priceless experience. Life-changing. Brilliant, simply brilliant!

Counsellor / Ex IT Service Manager

NEXT AVAILABLE DATE:  Wed 13th October, Leamington Spa – this popular course fills up fast, book your place now or call our friendly team on 01323 811690.

Why take this course

Strong emotions focus and lock attention – keeping people trapped in problem behaviours. Therapeutic change cannot happen until the emotional arousal is reduced. This is why all health and welfare professionals need to know how to induce the relaxation response in their clients. Guided imagery and visualisation not only reduce emotional arousal quickly but can be used to reframe life circumstances through metaphor and to rehearse in the imagination any required changed behaviours and/or feelings.

This is a key course to attend, as guided imagery is an essential skill required for removing phobias, curing PTSD, lifting depression and overcoming addictions or self-harm, and is also useful for raising self-confidence and increasing motivation. When you become confident in using these skills, you can begin to bring patients out of the emotionally-driven trance states of a wide range of conditions such as anxiety disorders, addiction, anger, stress overload, depression and chronic pain.

That is why guided imagery is one of the most powerful psychotherapeutic tools available to us.

Fascinating way of working with clients – relaxation techniques very powerful. Extremely relevant to practice. Good techniques and strategies learnt to use with clients to help them problem solve and move forward.

Health Visitor

What will you learn

  • Powerful new ways to improve treatment outcomes
  • Training and practice in using one of the most effective psycho-
    therapeutic tools available for treating a wide range of emotional and physical conditions
  • Invaluable ways to motivate people, reframe life circumstances and instigate changes in behaviour
  • Insight into how the mind/body communication system works
  • Greater confidence when working with a wide variety of conditions
  • Supervised practise in generating healing trances
  • The core skills you need to acquire for the rewind technique for treating PTSD and phobias
  • A variety of ways to help people relax
  • Ways to reduce pain, including in childbirth
  • Increased understanding of trance states and their role in everyday life
  • Effective skills for helping people improve their performance – sports, public speaking etc.
  • The opportunity to experience relaxation, guided imagery and visualisation yourself
  • A scientifically-sound knowledge of why the various techniques and skills you will gain are so valuable
  • And much more

Dates and venues

Good to know

Good to know

The skills you will learn on this course are an essential pre-requisite for taking the The Rewind Technique – Effective treatment for trauma (PTSD) and phobias course.

You will also need them for the following courses too:

Course Programme

The ‘Guided imagery and visualisation for therapeutic change’ course starts at 9.30am and runs until 4.00pm.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for anyone interested in gaining these invaluable skills but those involved in mental and physical healthcare in particular would benefit from attending.

The information and skills taught are extremely useful for dealing with: Stress; addictions; agoraphobia; allergies; anorexia; anger; asthma; bed wetting; blood pressure; bulimia; depression; lack of confidence; chronic pain; eczema; frustration; guilt; grief; hay fever; inhibition; insomnia; irritable bowel (IBS); relationship/marital difficulties; migraine; nightmares; obsessions (OCD); pain control; panic attacks; phobias (all kinds); sexual difficulties (impotence, premature ejaculation and vaginismus); shyness; skin disorders and trauma (PTSD); flashbacks; ulcers; warts and worrying.

You can also control blood pressure, stimulate the immune system, promote healing of damaged skin tissue and bones and give birth easier using guided imagery and visualisation.

Reviews for this course

4.6/5 (42 Reviews)
  1. Paul S., Mental Health Worker

    What a wonderfully positive way of working with people – great day, thank you

  2. Rita, therapist

    I can see immediately how useful these skills are going to be for a wide range of conditions, and can’t wait to implement them. I’m going to do the rewind training next.

  3. GP

    Good to reinforce and practise techniques by doing several exercises – felt much more confident by the end.

  4. Bereavement Volunteer for Cruse Bereavement Care

    The handout and information given has been really useful – cannot really think how to better it. Thanks for an interesting and stimulating day.

  5. Counsellor

    All of it great. The Q&A session at the end was particularly valuable in talking about how to apply guided imagery to specific areas. Wonderful course – an amazing tool.

  6. Office Manager

    I found that all the information given was very useful as I do not have a therapeutic background. What a great teacher. Everything was explained very clearly and I feel that I learned a lot about this subject.

  7. Headteacher Support Service

    The whole day was absolutely wonderful – so many strategies to use with clients.

  8. Social Worker

    These approaches are the most useful I have come across to apply to my work and feel as if you can really make a difference.

  9. Counsellor

    Practical techniques to start the process of helping people lift from depression – good practical experience and lots of ideas for helping people relax.

  10. Management Consultant/Healer

    Fun, engaging and powerful. I can see such great application in this work.

  11. Occupational Therapy Senior Technical Instructor

    Most I’ve learnt and taken away from a course in years!

  12. Software Engineer

    The practical element was worth its weight in gold.

  13. School Counsellor

    It is so relevant to the young people I work with. The more Human Givens College courses I do – the more empowered I feel.

  14. Teacher and Mother

    Structured in such a way that by the end of the day I’d grown enormously in confidence.

  15. Counsellor

    I feel that this workshop has improved my practice more than any other I have attended in 15 years. Thank you!

  16. Artist working in Domestic Violence

    Amazing what can be achieved very quickly and simply. I will certainly use it in work with victims of domestic violence as part of art sessions.

  17. Teacher/Outreach Worker (Social Inclusion)

    As a sceptic, with many preconceived ideas, today has opened my eyes in no uncertain terms. I have bought a pile of books and will be devouring them over the weeks to come. Thank you – probably the most enlightening course I have attended.

  18. Counsellor

    New ideas, new ways of working.

  19. Outreach Worker – Women’s Refuge

    I can take techniques learnt today straight back to my workplace and use them with clients immediately. Fantastic day – can’t wait to try it out.

  20. Welfare Officer

    It opened up a completely new hopeful way to help clients become less aroused to enable real solution-focused therapy to flourish.

  21. Midwife

    I will be able to use what I have learnt today in antenatal classes to prepare women for childbirth. An excellent day.

  22. Marketing Manager, The Open University

    Fascinating subject matter. Thank you for another brilliant workshop!

  23. Community Learning Disability Nurse

    Very tangible, easy to use methods. Demystifying something I felt was more complicated than it is.

  24. Stress Therapist/Complementary Practitioner

    Couldn’t have been better.

  25. Facilitator

    Directly relevant to my work – consolidated current practice and introduced new techniques. A really interesting and enjoyable day – thank you.

  26. BME – Mental Health C.D.W.

    Excellent source of information which I will use as an intervention in almost any type of situation where there is a need to relax anybody. Wasn’t expecting to gain so much from a workshop. Excellent!

  27. Support Needs Co-ordinator

    Good to be able to practice the techniques in a ‘safe’ environment and build in confidence how to use the skills.

  28. GP

    I will try this with quite a number of ‘stuck’ patients – physical and mental.

  29. Youth Worker

    Have been interested in this topic for some time, so to have the tutor bring it to life as she did was really fantastic.

  30. Training Officer

    It was a good mix of discussion, demonstration and practical application.

  31. Counsellor

    The lecturer has a wonderful, calming and relaxing manner. She makes learning fun and enjoyable.

  32. Connexions PA

    Made me think, well paced and delivered. Nicely broken up with practical work. A truly enlightening day, excellent venue and delivery.

  33. Acupuncturist

    Very enjoyable day – BlissTrip! Thank you.

  34. Teacher

    Really easy to follow, precise instructions about a technique and how it can be applied.

  35. GP

    Very powerful, effective method for achieving positive change.

  36. Mental Health Resettlement Worker

    Extremely useful tool for work and personal life. Very well explained and demonstrated. Excellent supporting material.

  37. Pilates Instructor

    Interesting to see how it fitted in with what I already do and enhances and develops skills I already have. Very user friendly. I feel I can pick it up immediately and work with it.

  38. Therapist

    Will use immediately!

  39. Coach

    Once again a thoroughly enjoyable, engaging and interesting workshop. Further improving my learning experience.

  40. Hospital Play Specialist

    I can take many techniques back with me on a practical level to try with patients.

  41. Drug Worker

    I can use this in my work, possibly every day, and provides personal insight.

  42. Learning & Leadership Development

    Thanks for a great day – was excellent value for money too.

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