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Couples Therapy – a practical online masterclass

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but sometimes these become too difficult for a couple to manage on their own…

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Couples Therapy (Online)

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  • Date: Tues 8th February 2022

  • Length: 1 day (9.30am–4.00pm)

  • Tutor: Jennifer Broadley

  • Suitable for: See below

  • CPD Certificate: 6 hours

  • Price: £145 per person

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Live training delivered online Attend Jennifer Broadley’s workshop live online via Zoom on Tuesday 8th February 2022. The content covered is the same the attended workshop with a few modifications to some of the exercises, and you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. All you need is a quiet place to watch, a computer or tablet and a strong internet signal, the rest is easy – simply book your place as normal, and we will email you details of how to join the Zoom workshop.
NB The training will be recorded and made available for 2 weeks afterwards in case anyone has technical trouble during the day.

Probably the best training course I have ever attended. Very full, hugely informative content

Wellbeing Officer, Solent MIND

Why take this course

Relationship issues are one of the most common causes of emotional distress – and often the reason people seek help. A solid understanding of why difficulties arise, and what can be done about them, is extremely useful therefore for all caring professionals, not just those working with couples.

Drawing on pioneering research, Jennifer Broadley’s one-day couples counselling course gives you this important knowledge, along with a range of strategies and proven tips for working effectively and ethically with more than one client.  She shares the practical guidelines and skills she has acquired over many years of successfully helping couples using the human givens approach to build and maintain supportive and mutually rewarding relationships.

Presented without psychobabble, and making good use of insightful case histories, Jennifer demystifies an area of counselling that many find daunting or fear is complicated.

The day covers: the most effective ways to help and build rapport with couples in conflicted relationships; the sex differences in processing emotions; non-blame talking styles; the long-term impact of parenting; past conditioning, including psychological traumas, that can give clues about why difficulties arose; and what we can learn from the way successful couples facilitate mutual needs satisfaction.

Well worth attending – and the money. I'm going back refreshed and well resourced, with lots of new skills and strategies to try.


What will you learn

  • Essential skills for building and maintaining rapport with two emotionally-aroused people
  • Ways to encourage both partners to engage in solving their difficulties
  • How to teach non-blaming communication skills and explain the differences in male and female behaviour to clients
  • What to do if one or even both parties are having an affair
  • How to deal with issues specific to couple counselling, such as confidentiality
  • The key points you need to bear in mind when working with more than one client at a time
  • How to structure effective therapy sessions and goal setting with two people
  • Effective ways to help each partner begin to cooperate in helping the other get their emotional needs met
  • The key ingredients for a healthy and mutually rewarding relationship
  • An insight into the many common relationship problems – and how to help clients overcome them (illustrated with case histories)
  • Tips and techniques for staying objective and empathetic, whilst calming your clients’ high emotional arousal
  • How to recognise and interrupt disruptive behaviour patterns
  • How to use Solution Focused Questioning to initiate change
  • How to manage setbacks and keep the partners motivated
  • How to tell when the relationship isn’t the problem – and what to do about it
  • How to use Guided Imagery with two people
  • Information regarding the latest research into effective couples therapy
  • How early life experiences can influence our relationships, and what to do about this now
  • Creative ways to develop effective interventions, including using tasks and metaphor
  • Asperger’s syndrome – how to work with couples if one or both show Asperger traits, a common cause of relationship problems
  • Considering the wider picture, including other family members
  • Course notes, CPD Certificate and more…

Course Programme

The ‘Couples therapy – a practical masterclass’ counselling course starts at 9.15am and runs until 4.00pm (GMT+1hr).

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone working with couples or families, including psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, psychologists, teachers, GPs, health visitors and those involved in mental health
  • Anyone who is interested in learning solution focussed, brief therapy interventions, working with the human givens, to facilitate a rapid process of change for couples in distress.
  • Anyone wanting to overcome their own insecurity in a relationship
Please Note

Please Note

This course is not a substitute for therapy.

Reviews for this course

4.6/5 (105 Reviews)
  1. Paul Smith, Counsellor

    The course exceeded my expectations, it was very informative and presented in a way that I enjoyed both of which helped me get a lot from attending. The handouts and course notes were extremely full and almost like getting the course in written form also. I am already looking at booking in other courses from Human Givens.

  2. Counsellor and University Tutor PgDip Psychotherapy course

    Thank you so much for the day. Without doubt the best and most comprehensive masterclass I have attended yet. While I am not doing the HG diploma I have completed several HG courses including the rewind and all were of an exceptional standard which I integrate into my practice. But my goodness what an amazing informative day delivered with passion and skill.

  3. Specialist Palliative Care Counsellor

    Hi, I am a Specialist Palliative Care Counsellor working in a Hospice. I am regularly asked to meet patients who want their spouse to accompany them during the session. Having had no couples training up until now, I have been finding this daunting at times, so the one day Masterclass really appealed to me. I am pleased to say that I found the day really beneficial. It was really interesting and engaging and really helpful practically. It was really difficult at the end of the day to pick out one thing that I found as being the most useful – I think everything taught yesterday could be integrated into my practice at work. The course has even given me the confidence to offer couples therapy within my private practice. Thank you very much for an interesting and informative day.

  4. Sandra Churchill, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it was informative and engaging and has given me the tools I need to introduce Couples Therapy into my practice. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to others. Thank you for a great day.

  5. Gavin Caird, Psychotherapist

    Very informative and practical. Also loved the trainer’s insights. Plenty to take away to use when working with couples and individuals, and indeed in own relationship.

  6. Counsellor

    Really informative and helpful to have a guide for some structure to sessions. I have previously completed a 4 day couples course which was person centred. I now feel more equipped with some tools to be more curious with couples. The only thing I felt was missing was issues with intimacy. Thank you

  7. Annie Ryan, Counsellor/Therapist

    Lots of information, some useful tools. Sadly, connection problems for the facilitator.

  8. Sarah, Psychotherapist

    I enjoyed today’s Couples Counselling CPD from the Human Givens perspective. The methods taught will be implemented into my practice very well. The host was experienced, clear and informative. I would recommend it to colleagues. Thank you

  9. Psychotherapist

    Wonderfully presented and very informative, with the training schedule easy to follow and covered well. The notes given prior to the course were extremely helpful to have on hand. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel I have come away with some great strategies to use, and deeper knowledge of working with couples.

  10. Katie Cowling, Counsellor

    This course was very interesting and I learnt a lot in one day. I would definitely recommend this course and the organisation.

  11. Megan, Counsellor

    An extremely informative and engaging course. As I’m coming to the end of my L4 diploma, I knew I wanted to expand my knowledge and work with couples and feel I picked the perfect course to kick start with. Jennifer is friendly and approachable, making it easy to ask questions throughout. I would highly recommend this course!

  12. Counsellor

    Fantastic course! It has given me total confidence to work with couples. Both presenters were extremely knowledgeable, efficient and compassionate.

  13. Corinne Harris, Counsellor

    Jennifer is a good and engaging tutor. She is passionate about her subject. Unfortunately I had misjudged the level of the course content (it was labelled a ‘masterclass’) and I was not introduced to anything new. My couples counselling work already includes everything discussed during the day.

  14. Ronnie Balfe, Counsellor and Psychotherapist

    Concentrated, useful and practical info, well presented and well facilitated.

  15. Psychologist

    This was an excellent workshop – great balance of theory, skills and interaction. Very well organised, structured with course handouts etc. provided in advance.

  16. Mari Gallagher, Counsellor and Psychotherapist

    Jennifer’s comprehensive knowledge and experience was evident during this course. Practical tips were given and insights shared. I learned about building rapport on Zoom, the technique of The Rule of Five, how to apply the RIGGAR model, how to diffuse high emotion situations in a couples session, and how to conduct individual/solo sessions effectively and ethically. It was wonderful to be able to participate in such a worthwhile and useful event in the comfort of my home, no travel stress or time pressure! The handouts and resources provided are clear and promptly delivered. I will be recommending this course to my colleagues.

  17. Diane McCarthy, Counsellor

    Very informative and interesting. Great that training provided practical tools! Loved how it was presented. Shame about the technical difficulties, but didn’t impact too much.

  18. Counsellor and End of Life Doula (in training)

    Useful and informative information and guidance on working with couples

  19. Nurse

    Very interesting and I feel that I learnt a lot. I understand a lot more now about why people have relationship problems and again, the Human Givens approach seems perfect for this.

  20. Jennifer Loudon, International Programs Manager

    I’ve been interested in taking this course for a while and it didn’t disappoint. Although the majority of the course participants were trained and practicing therapists and I am not, the course was easy to access and suitable for all, regardless of background. I was with my husband for nearly 20 years before being widowed 8 years ago. Navigating a world of dating and new relationships is hard and building a new relationship proved difficult, but this course has given me great insights and tools to start and maintain a new relationship on the right foot. And with so many others around me also struggling, I also look forward to helping others.

  21. Debora South, Occupational Therapist

    A great and logical insight into relationships and how they work. Has given me more tools to use when diffusing stressful interactions! Trainer was very experienced and a pleasure to listen to.

  22. Victoria Day, Counsellor

    I found the course very interesting with lots of information, but would have liked more chance to interact with other peers as a way to process and absorb all the information learned.

  23. Counsellor

    The information is good. It would be good if there could be a role play of how RIGGAR can be used so we can see how it is done.

  24. Ruth Andoh-Baxter, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

    The course was interesting and informative with useful tips and techniques to embed into couples work. The breakout sessions were helpful

  25. Counsellor and Psychotherapist

    I found the course really accessible and particularly enjoyed the examples from practice given by the facilitator. Loved that a lot of emphasis was put on how we can work effectively with couples and what this looks like in practice.

  26. Gloria Vujcich, Counsellor

    Love the way it was structured. Like that it was a brief solution focused therapy combined with a human givens approach.

  27. Family health advisor

    Fantastic information, case studies, techniques and tips.

  28. Psychologist

    The day was a great learning experience. A lot was covered in one day. It was very thorough and gave a detailed overview of the Human Givens Approach of working with couples in therapy. Some very useful tools were provided. Based on what I learnt on the day, I feel more confident to work with couples.

  29. CBT Therapist, Hypnotherapist, OCD Coach

    Excellent tutor, superb course.

  30. James McCluskey, Integrative Counsellor and Hypnotherapist

    Excellent presenter with good structured content and a wealth of strong stories, metaphors and techniques that could be used for numerous situations. Exceeded my expectations and I can thoroughly recommend it for its content and value for money.

  31. Amanda Carter-Blackford, Psychotherapist

    Jennifer Broadley delivered this course in a professional, engaging and highly understandable way. There was a suitable mix of theory, content, case study reference and tips on further reading and exploration. I ordered the recommended books immediately as my interest in this area of counselling is great. I cannot wait to get started and work with clients. I am relatively new to the area of the Human Givens approach, having done a couple of other courses. I am not a fan of Zoom, but found myself completely absorbed in Jennifer’s delivery. I loved her style and feel really encouraged and motivated to work in this area. Thank you!

  32. Paul Collison, Therapist

    I have attended quite a lot of online courses and I must say today’s course was one of the best I’ve attended. Really interesting. Very well run. Really helped to have the Facilitator and someone doing all the online tech. Great great great !!!!!

  33. Counsellor

    Very good course, enlightening and easy to understand. Not about how perfect you are in therapy but about taking the steps. I would have preferred more practical aspect of this course but not enough time. Overall, the tutor did a very good job in presenting.

  34. Anika Sparling, Counsellor/Psychotherapist

    This was a brilliant course and I enjoyed it a lot. The presentation was very good and I like that we got a lot of useful information emailed to us. There are a good few new skills I’m taking away with me to integrate into my work with couples. Thank you!

  35. Beth Hamilton, Private Psychotherapist

    Presenter; Jennifer is enigmatic, energised and passionate about her topic. The way she put across the subject was joyful, she filled me with the knowledge I will need and the confidence that I can do couples counselling, having avoided it for years. She made the process of couples counselling look so easy. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her, she is a credit to HG. Presentation; was perfect, good PP slides, robust notes in order of the presentation and the whole day was sprinkled with Jennifer’s case studies and experiences with her clients. It was great to be able to ask questions and even better to be able to watch the replay later as I don’t want to have missed any of Jennifer’s wisdom.

  36. Claire de la Varre, Hypnotherapist and Human Givens Therapist

    I loved Jennifer’s natural, amiable and thoughtful delivery style. The content was very helpful, and I have come away feeling that this material can apply not only to couples in romantic or intimate partnerships but to any dyad e.g. parent-child, siblings or friends. I learned tools and strategies that I can use immediately, with clients and in my own relationships.

  37. Clare Wells, HG counsellor

    Would highly recommend to anyone. So much information to digest, being a HG therapist some of it was familiar, but the exercises were great and the specific language with couples really useful. The guided imagery was beautiful, I loved the warm rock safely watching things go by! Jennifer is a talented teacher!

  38. Rachel, Counsellor and supervisor

    An excellent workshop; well paced, packed with relevant and useful content, and lots of practical examples.

  39. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

    I appreciate the structured RIGAAR model which takes chatting in a counselling room to therapeutic goals. This course gave very practical ways of interacting with couples that can be translated to working with other dyads. I feel confident to practice what I learned today.

  40. Daniella, Psychotherapeutic counsellor (part-time) and NHS staff member (part-time)

    Jennifer is incredible! Her teaching was warm, upbeat, amazingly informative and superb quality. I loved that we focused on her imparting her knowledge, experience (with anonymised case studies) and wisdom rather than endlessly be put into breakout rooms to “reflect”. It felt like a genuinely dynamic use of time.

  41. Genevieve Smith, Psychotherapist

    It’s was a really good day. Very interesting and enjoyable. I’ve learnt lots. Thank you.

  42. Helen Hill, Counselling and Psychotherapy

    The course was informative and helpful. I am already practicing as a couples counsellor it was nice to see the methods I put in place were also used by yourselves. I felt re assured I was not missing anything in my therapy after listening to tutors and other counsellors. I picked up a few other helpful tips. I am 20 years experienced and been out of the field for a while so it was nice to come back into the classroom (or Zoom room).

  43. Esther Limberg-Birks, Fusion Therapeutic Life Coach

    I found this online training excellent, professional, interesting and informative. It was a full day which I found a beneficial add on to my training. I am now confident and excited that this is a service that I can offer my clients.

  44. Anna Bialous-Griffiths, Psychologist, psychotherapist

    Great training, very practical and full of important information.

  45. Catriona Mason, Human Givens Psychotherapist

    I had eagerly anticipated this workshop being repeated online. I was really looking forward to it and I wasn’t disappointed. Even though it was on zoom it held my attention all day with its fast pace, slick presentation and interactive exercises. I have been taught by Jennifer before and her energy and vibrancy is highly motivational and very contagious. I left the day wondering how the time had gone so quickly and excited to be opening up my private practice to couples therapy with confidence. Can’t recommend this workshop enough. Thank you!

  46. Catherine Neil, Human Givens Therapist

    This is an immensely useful and practical day spent thinking about how to work effectively with couples. The group leader/tutor is warm and engaging and puts across her knowledge and experience in useful ways including peppering her talk with anecdotes of real work with clients which was helpful to hear.

  47. Christina MacDonald, Counselling

    Well structured and excellent and relevant content. Provides a framework to work with providing the client with effective and value for money therapy.

  48. Ahmed Motiwala, Psychotherapist

    I found this course extremely useful for my learning and future practice of couples counselling.

  49. Elaine Supple, Counsellor / Psychotherapist

    I found the course very informative both theoretically and practically. Jennifer Broadly’s teaching style was easy to understand and very engaging. She shared her wealth of knowledge and her hands on experience with humility, wisdom and humour. What a great combination! Great day!

  50. Counsellor/Psychotherapist

    I found the Couples Therapy Masterclass provided a very good blend of theory, practical tools and real world illustrations. Jennifer was open about her own experiences in her practice of couple therapy with some useful scenarios. Her delivery was clear, vulnerable and with a soupçon of good humour. The interaction amongst attendees was very pleasant and well managed. Well done to Jennifer and the Human Givens team for staging this very professionally during the latest lockdown.

  51. Counsellor

    Really great course. Informative, useful and engaging. Will definitely be using some of the tools given and I feel more confident to work with couples.

  52. Iakovos Flaskis, Hypnotherapist-Psychotherapist, Company co-owner

    The knowledge and skills that I acquired from the seminar are truly priceless, not only for my therapeutic practice, but also for my own personal relationships! Thank you.

  53. Counsellor in Private Practice

    This was interesting and informative for me looking to start adding couples work to my practice. This complemented some other training I have undertaken and has given me confidence around how to manage this element in practical ways.

  54. Psychotherapist

    I have been a couples therapist for two decades. I took this course to freshen up and re-remind me of my passion. It did not disappoint. Although I’m not a Human Givens therapist the approach makes sense to me. I loved the tutor’s enthusiasm and own passion for the work.

  55. Dawn Anderson, Paramedic and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

    I found the course to be well-paced, informative, interesting and professionally presented. As a fairly newly qualified counsellor, I was aware of a shortfall in couples’ training (within my core study) but feel much more confident now about working with couples.

  56. Julia Ellis, Retired Local Authority Housing Advisor / HG Student

    An excellent & insightful course, lots of practical examples, informative & very useful. I’m inspired to continue to learn about the HG approach to therapy. Thank you for a great course.

  57. Gillian Legge, Human Givens Counsellor

    I thought there was just the right amount of presentation by Jennifer and engagement with participants through exercises and question time. I feel, with the content covered, I am definitely more confident in providing couples counselling in any future sessions. It also helped with furthering my understanding male/female perspectives of relationships for individual clients that enter therapy for relationship problems. A good refresher also of the effectiveness of the framework of RIGAAR. Thank you for a very interesting and most informative day.

  58. Counsellor

    A very informative, enlightening and engaging course. Learnt so much and the facilitator’s delivery was excellent.

  59. PR & Marketing Consultant

    Jennifer is a talented teacher, her vast experience in couples therapy was evident in her online course. So much was covered and I learnt a lot that will help develop my skills as a counsellor.

  60. Dirk Plas, Body psychotherapist

    I found the content very useful. For me more hands on would be way more useful than going through the notes the whole day. I can read the course notes myself. So I think a more exercise based workshop would carry more worth.

  61. Sandy Willis, Counselling therapist

    Pre reading was very informative. I found the RIGAAR model particularly beneficial, I will be applying this model in my practice.

  62. Hilary Kearns, Human Givens Therapist

    Great information and insights on working with couples. Would certainly encourage me to do so. Excellent content. Delighted with the Zoom delivery, saved on all the time and cost of travelling.

  63. Psychotherapist

    The course was well presented, with insightful information and case studies.

  64. Clinical Hypnotherapist and RTT Therapist

    The course was both interesting and useful. I felt, as with other HG courses I have done, that it would have benefitted from being longer.. so much information that could have been delved into in greater depth. But it was good, clear and concise. Jennifer is a proficient and engaging tutor.

  65. Roxy Blumgart, Counsellor

    I think the course is a real eye opener. I learned so much about couples counselling but with active tools to give clients. The tutor was excellent and the quality of the course was very good. Slightly rushed and a few important issues such as domestic abuse could have been given more time. But apart from that I found it excellent.

  66. HR Director/ Executive Coach

    Really enjoyed this course, it really worked well online. Great to dispel some myths and to hear about real life experiences. Thanks

  67. Colin Mawhinney, Therapist

    Well structured and delivered with enthusiasm – was comprehensive and coherent.

  68. IT Contractor / Part time therapist

    Very insightful, lots of high quality information.

  69. Integrative Therapist

    As a therapist already working with individuals I felt it was time to broaden my client base and skill set and start working with couples. Not know where to start or how to structure the sessions this masterclass has answered both of those questions for me. There is a lot of content, all useful and I now feel I have the confidence to give couples therapy a go. Thank you so much!

  70. Emma Grey, Psychotherapist

    Being an experienced therapist, already working with couples, I found the insights to be of a sufficient depth to benefit my practice. The alignment and integration of approaches was useful for all delegates. Despite the event being ‘virtual’ there was adequate provision for questions and discussion, which was very welcome and felt natural. Hats off to Jennifer! The notes were the most comprehensive of any HG 1-day course so date.

  71. Aimee Harris, Counsellor

    Very good, really informative and well presented.

  72. Lucy Harris, Counsellor/Psychotherapist

    This was an extremely useful day as right from the beginning it was informative and practical. It was also a helpful introduction to Human Givens for those of us not trained in that approach.

  73. Helen Prosper, Play therapist and health coach

    This was an excellent course. Full of useful insightful information regarding common issues between couples and great practical tools anyone can use, and how to then support people through their relationship difficulties.

  74. Melanie, Pastor

    I was extremely excited to be challenged in expanding my knowledge when it comes to couples therapy. The Human Givens approach is, I believe, a game changer. Regarding couples therapy, it makes the challenge of trying to see what is going on so tangible. Jennifer Broadley did a great job with a large number of participants, she made it intimate and friendly. The subjects that she covered including Caetextia has certainly expanded my understanding and ability to assist couples in their desire to heal and move forward in their relationship. Notably using RIGAAR as a model…hugely helpful. I highly recommend this Couples Therapy course – I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I knew. Enriched and equipped.

  75. Counsellor and Psychotherapist

    The information presented on the day was really informative and thought provoking with many practical examples given and has inspired me to develop my skills in this area.

  76. Counsellor

    For me, this is one of the best courses I have attended. I find Jennifer’s style of teaching really good – her enthusiasm, ability to relay information in a straightforward and engaging way makes for a really enjoyable day. I had been nervous about working with couples but having completed this training I now feel much more confident.

  77. Retired from education/health background

    An interactive presentation, with useful theoretical input re. male/female differences, together with guided presentation of RIGGAR model used in Human Givens approach. Participant exercise sheets, as used in therapy, formed part of teaching day – a useful base for focussing attention. Tutor was experienced and spoke with inspiration and honesty, in an engaging manner – holding the attention of those present. Breaks throughout the session were helpful, together with initial ‘overview’ of participants taking part, at beginning of the day.

  78. Lecturer

    The course was very good and I learned lots of different tips on how to try to help couples. It’s given me more confidence.

  79. Martin Dunlea, Human Givens practitioner

    Relationships are complex. When the honeymoon period is over and reality bites many couples are confronted with the realisation that they are not getting their needs met within their relationship. Relationships can go off course for a variety of reasons. The Couples Therapy Masterclass equips the therapist with the necessary skills to help couples, who have a desire to do so, get back on course through clarifying the “real problems” and implementing solutions.

  80. Psychotherapist

    Good highlighting of practical skills to utilise with couples. Good structure.

  81. Sandra Horne, Therapist

    Good course

  82. Karen Hautz, Dyslexia and ADHD learning coach; HG trainee student (parts 1 & 2)

    Jennifer is an engaging presenter whose passion for her work is very evident. I learnt so much on this course and it has given me the confidence to work with couples.

  83. Human Givens Psychotherapist

    Firstly, I understand that it is not easy to deliver a course via zoom, the dynamics are quite different and it’s a little difficult to become involved in the class. That withstanding I hope my comments are constructive and not seen as negatively critical. I felt the introduction took too long on zoom and that the first hour wasn’t really very productive. I thought that a lot of the HG information was too basic for HG practitioners. I do understand it is difficult getting the level right with a mixed class. As a general point I think providing HG ‘master classes’ for those with the HG diploma could be really useful, without the need to go over needs, resources, pragmatic tracker etc. Just a thought. I thought the presentation was a little jumpy but again difficult with zoom, I guess. The handouts are good, many thanks and the short video was great.

  84. Georgie Corrywright, Psychotherapist and Herbalist

    I have really enjoyed the day. Learnt loads and feel much more confident to start working with couples. Lots to take in, so looking forward to reading my notes.

  85. Counsellor

    I found the course to be a great introduction to both working with couples and or their families and to the Human Givens. I feel inspired to learn more about both. Many thanks

  86. Tom Lawrence, HG therapist

    Jennifer is an excellent communicator and clearly a gifted therapist who deftly brought her experience and knowledge together for a most interesting and helpful course.

  87. Writer/Life Coach

    The course was well structured, informative and gave many examples of hands-on practice of the theories presented which made it directly applicable in a therapeutic setting. It gave me the extra confidence I needed to integrate couples therapy into my practice. Thank you.

  88. Marina Boyle, Psychotherapist

    It was a very good informative course with great resources.

  89. Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Sexologist

    Excellent, this really made my practice better.

  90. Integrative therapist

    Excellent. I feel equipped with framework to start working with couples. The information was presented clearly and additional interventions were a real bonus. Thank you.

  91. Marie-Pascale Abercombe, Psychotherapist (BACP)

    Well structured day, practical examples were helpful, a good foundation to practising couples counselling. Interesting strategies. Jennifer is engaging and presents in a warn and down-to-earth way.

  92. Anna Underwood, Counsellor

    Helpful education around couples, gender brain differences, myths etc to help inform couples work and pass on to clients. A useful model for working with couples. Particularly useful was turning general emotional needs into specific, practical goals.

  93. Vera Grey, Counsellor

    Gave a great deal of confidence by introducing a structure for sessions and a lot of background information. It was sufficiently broad to be helpful to a range of participants, and had a number of new tools for me to employ as a seasoned counsellor.

  94. Sandra Reimanski, NHS Psychotherapist/counsellor

    Well structured and mindblowing… I came with hope and am leaving with a full master skill. Thank you for that!

  95. Jeff Martin, P/T Counsellor

    Very informative, useful theory, skills and their practical implementations. Knowledgeable presenter showing experience with examples. Reassured me I can work with couples!

  96. Janet Emmanuel, Voluntary Pastoral Counsellor

    Very good. Some very useful aspects to take unto my counselling sessions, practical tips to use for a better outcomes. Glad I attended.

  97. Lisa Maltby, Psychodynamic & Integrative Counsellor

    Clear, interesting, well delivered. Good course notes.

  98. Maria Murphy

    The caetextia explanation was great!

  99. Psychologist

    A very good overview of the subject – the importance of emotional needs as they relate to couples was also really interesting and will be very useful. Excellent examples throughout. Very glad I came.

  100. Mediator

    The insights into the different ways men and women see the world put into context were extremely helpful – and the ways to ensure each party gets its needs met as well as possible was very thought-provoking.

  101. Kate Singer, Psychotherapist/counsellor

    Really useful course, wealth of information, interactive trainer. The biological differences of how the brain works and emotional needs audit were particularly useful. Looking forward to next courses.

  102. Physiotherapist/HG Graduate

    A most informative day. So much information in a short space of time.

  103. Writer and Therapist

    Superb! The tutors’ personal experience made a huge difference to the depth, breadth and quality of teaching.

  104. Clinical Hypnotherapist

    I feel much more confident in my skills as a therapist and will also definitely be using what I have learnt today in my own relationship.

  105. Psychotherapist and volunteer mediator

    Such a warm, knowledgeable tutor – and obviously a very experienced therapist – it was a pleasure to learn from her.

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