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Effective Conflict Resolution new

This workshop gives you the psychological understanding, techniques and skills you need to resolve interpersonal conflict in any context, leading to better outcomes all round…

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Conflict Resolution

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NEW:  Join conflict resolution and mediation expert Rupinder Mahil on Thursday 9th March 2023, Bristol – the far-reaching new concepts and practical strategies you will learn are applicable to all forms of inter-personal conflict and prove invaluable when implemented.

When we address conflict in the right way it helps us solve problems and improves the health and wellbeing of those involved...

Why take this course

Conflict isn’t always destructive. Properly handled it can be creative and productive, leading to better outcomes and possibilities for all. Although conflict is a normal, ever-present possibility in our lives – between family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, and in our interactions with organisations – when it  becomes entrenched it can cause immense individual distress, and waste time and money.

Addressing interpersonal conflict using the psychological insights, concepts and proven techniques you will learn on the day, helps us to solve problems creatively and improve the health and wellbeing of those involved. To lead a healthy life we don’t need to avoid all conflict, but we do need to know how to approach it in ways which can help everyone involved meet their emotional needs, a win/win for all. Learning the human givens approach to conflict resolution helps to reduce the potential damaging consequences of destructive conflict and embrace the benefits of constructive conflict.

Throughout the day, Rupinder will draw on her own considerable practical experience of successful conflict resolution and mediation in a wide range of settings as she provides expert guidance and training in the psychological insights and skills you need to be able to constructively resolve conflict between individuals and/or groups.

This course will: 

  • deepen your understanding of why conflicts develop and escalate, the psychological factors involved and the role our innate needs and resources play in conflict situations
  • build your confidence and comfort around being in situations that involve conflict
  • give you a range of skills and techniques that you can use with both individuals and groups, in therapy or the workplace – or with your friends and family
  • develop your leadership ability to respond to conflict and/or support others who are enduring it
  • introduce you to a practical, sequenced model for effective mediation and conflict resolution
  • teach you how to use it to support the process of resolution by improving how individuals relate to one another and addressing the contentious issues constructively.

A fantastic approach that helps you unpack the issues, respond positively and find an effective solution that moves everyone forward...

What will you learn

  • The common causes of interpersonal conflict
  • The negative impacts and potential benefits in conflict situations
  • How to consider intentions and outcomes when engaging in conflict
  • The different methods used to influence the outcome of conflict, and how the method influences the outcome
  • What a resolution really is
  • The cultural and contextual influences on perceptions, experience, and responses to conflict
  • Identifying our influence on the process of conflict
  • Effective skills to engage people who are in conflict
  • An effective framework for facilitating constructive conversations
  • How to structure a session/s to: facilitate resolution, increase engagement, understanding and define the needs of all parties
  • Effective skills to facilitate negotiations
  • Techniques and diffusing strategies to reduce potential barriers
  • How to access resources to build agreements that last
  • The effective skills needed to facilitate negotiations
  • How to implement opportunities in organisations to address conflict effectively
  • And much more

Course Programme

The ‘Conflict Resolution’ course starts at 9.30am and runs until 4.00pm.

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Who is this course suitable for?

This course is for anyone wishing to understand more about the different ways conflict can affect us, or to feel more confident in a leadership/ facilitation role when helping conflicted people. It is also relevant to anyone working in a support role such as counsellors, psychotherapists, managers, HR staff, social workers etc., as well as employees, customer service personnel and anyone working in schools and education.

The course is interactive and experiential, with a focus on developing practical and transferable conflict resolution skills. It combines trainer input, discussion, small group activities and role-play to build your confidence when helping to resolve conflict at all levels, whether one-to-one or in organisations.

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