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Couples Therapy: Neurodiversity and relationships new

Additional specialist training for those working with couples or helping with relationship issues…

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Neurodiversity and relationships Live Online Training

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Fresh, engaging and very, very informative. I learnt things to use in my personal life as well as with the couples I work with

Live training delivered online join Jennifer Broadley for another jam-packed session live online via Zoom. You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Simply book your place and we will send you email confirmation – your Zoom link will be sent the day before the event.
BONUS RECORDING – the training is recorded, in case anyone experiences technical difficulties, so you will also get a recording for 2 weeks afterwards to maximise your learning.
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This additional training session gives us more time to look at how neurodiversity can impact relationships

CPD Provider LogoIn most cases, applying the skills and techniques learned in the Couples Therapy Online Masterclass is all that’s needed to help a couple move forward in their relationship. Sometimes though, some extra focused knowledge of the challenges within specific types of relationship can help a therapist assess more quickly and meaningfully the relationship dynamic, allowing them to more effectively help the couple find a constructive and compassionate way forward.

Why take this course

Neurodiversity has been given significant media attention recently, which is all hugely positive. As a result though, more people are seeking out information and answers for their questions and personal experiences. As part of that process, they may well seek some counselling or therapy. It’s important then that, as therapists or counsellors, our knowledge, skillset, language and stories stay as up-to-date and relevant as possible to best serve our clients. In this session, we take time to clarify what’s most helpful and identify practical steps that can help.

Jennifer's knowledge and experience shone through

What will you learn

  • Debunking the myths about neurodiversity – and replacing them instead with newer, more positive and inclusive research-based thinking
  • The value (or not) of a diagnosis – and the possibility of mis-diagnosis 
  • The challenges when one or both partners are neurodiverse 
  • The most effective tools to support a re-steer back to respect and compatibility
  • What to look out for with right- and left-brain-orientated neurodiversity
  • How best to get mutual emotional needs met when two partners have different priorities, awareness and emotional expectations
  • Having a neuro-divergent child – and how that can impact a relationship (positively and otherwise)
  • Managing expectations – around the speed of change, and the consistency of more-respectful and kinder behaviours after therapy is complete
  • Strategies that could work well with a neuro-divergent partner – and when might we have to get more creative
  • A therapist’s next steps – when they suspect one or both of a couple is neurodivergent. 
  • And much more…

You will also have the opportunity to ask Jennifer questions and benefit from the discussions resulting from those asked by others.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone working with couples, perhaps as a relationship counsellor or couples therapist, who would like further insights and ideas for helping couples when one or more is neurodivergent
  • Anyone who has previously attended our Couples masterclass 1-day workshop (live or in person)
  • If you already work with couples in your salaried work or private practice and you want to develop more insight into the different ways neurodivergence can impact couples specifically, and relationships generally, then this online training is for you.
Please Note

Please Note

This course is not a substitute for therapy.

CPD Provider LogoThis course has been independently accredited by the internationally recognised CPD Standards Office for 4 hours of CPD training.

On completion of this training you’ll receive CPD certificates from the College and the CPD Standards Office.

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Reviews for this course

4.7/5 (22 Reviews)
  1. Humanistic Integrative Therapist

    The workshop gave me a deeper understanding of identifying potential neurodivergence within the therapeutic relationship and therefore informing my practice. Thank you.

  2. Psychotherapist

    Excellent overview of Autism type 1 and ADHD and how it may present in couples therapy. Some useful insights and interventions on how we may work with this issue in the therapy room.

  3. Lise Bratton, HG Diploma trainee

    I haven’t attended the first part of the Couples Therapy Course (yet) but was keen to learn more about ‘neurodiversity’ and working with people on, what appears to be, a very wide scale. The course was very helpful – thanks.

  4. Jackie Norton, Family Mediation

    Great course. Accessible language. Jennifer is so knowledgeable and open to varied questions.

  5. Psychotherapist

    I loved the presenter and her style of presenting and I thought the content will be super helpful in my couples therapy work. What is known about neurodiversity has greatly increased even in the last five years, and seeing it not just as a lack but as a difference with advantages as well as disadvantages has changed people’s perceptions of neurodivergent friends and family. I feel more confident of working in this field now with what feels like a more supportive framework.

  6. General Practitioner

    I found this course very interesting, informative and highly engaging. I learnt a lot today.

  7. Photographer, artist, coach

    I thought it was a good entry-level introduction, and I really like Jennifer and her way of presenting. My only comment is that Jennifer did go off track quite a few times, which meant some of the slides felt rushed. This was due to questions being asked that related to general couple counselling, which was not relevant to the course.

  8. HG Counsellor

    The two main areas of neurodiversity were comprehensively covered in a relatively short period and I definitely feel better equipped to counsel clients with AS, ADD or ADHD. Excellent and comprehensive notes to accompany the course.

  9. Emma Whymark, Counsellor

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The trainer was very knowledgeable and presented the material in an interesting and thoughtful way. I welcomed the opportunity to ‘meet’ other delegates in the breakout rooms. Course organisation, information and technology was excellent too. This was the first Human Givens course I’ve attended and I look forward to taking more training with you.

  10. Sarah Lemiech, Counsellor

    So well organised and informative. It was really nice to be on an online course where the presenter, Jennifer, was passionate about the subject, and really knew the presentation as well. I also really appreciated the fact that Jennifer could concentrate on the teaching element, whilst a lady on the Human Givens team managed all the technical stuff. This has been the best and most professional online course I’ve been on. I took a lot away from this regarding working with my own clients. Thank you.

  11. Human Givens Psychotherapist

    I work with children and families, many of whom are on the autistic spectrum or have traits. I found the course echoes much of what I encounter, but helped give a clearer insight into the parents’ relationship in the family. I enjoyed the theory from a Human Givens perspective.

  12. Retired

    As someone in a neurodiverse marriage, the course was both inspiring, encouraging, enlightening – a ‘light bulb moment’ furthering personal understanding and insight, connected to lived experience. A comprehensive overview: material was clearly presented, teaching specifically focused to application of presenting characteristics. Further benefit from shared experience with others on course, along with useful resource list. Thank you

  13. HR Consultant

    The course was full of useful information. I could see its application in the workplace and wider. Jennifer was very knowledgeable and personable and created an inclusive, open and safe environment for learning and exploration. I gained so much from this session. I highly recommend!

  14. Family Mediator

    This was incredibly interesting and helped me to understand why I might be struggling to get some people to negotiate because I am not appealing to their left/right brain thinking. I’m definitely going to try to implement some of this in my next case to see if it helps them to move forward.

  15. Human Givens Therapist

    This course was fresh, engaging and very, very informative. I learnt things to use in my personal life as well as with the couples I work with. And the presentation and tec support was very professional and efficient.

  16. Social Worker

    The presentation of this training was engaging, informative and enjoyable. The course was well structured with a balance of experience, knowledge and practical advice, peppered with relevant case studies. The HG fundamentals are woven throughout the presentation in a stimulating and enlightening way.

  17. Clare McDonald, Counsellor

    The course was incredibly interesting. I would greatly appreciate further courses surrounding neurodiversity. Thank you.

  18. Sue Crossland, Counsellor/Couples Therapist

    I found today a great CPD experience. Gained some very useful information about neurodiversity that will be helpful for both couples and individual client work, and some great tools for working with ND couples. Thank you.

  19. Counselling Therapist

    The blend of Human Givens modality and the ND training in couples was so insightful for me. I’m hungry to learn more about Human Givens as well as using the strategies presented for couples.

  20. Kaye Bewley, Psychotherapist, Author and Publisher

    Interesting concepts which I can put to use immediately with my own couple counselling clients. Raised my awareness of several challenges that are being faced in today’s therapeutic environment and helped me identify areas that need to be addressed with my own clients.

  21. Helga Moore, Therapist

    A very good overview of how to work with neurodiversity in relationships using the HG approach.

  22. Psychotherapist

    The course was well presented and explained – I would have liked another comfort break as the session was very long. Thank you, it was very informative.

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Couples Therapy: Neurodiversity and relationships
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