1-day workshop

How to tell stories that heal

– master the art of therapeutic storytelling

This popular and empowering day explores stories that have a powerful beneficial effect on the mind/body system and teaches you how to source and tell such therapeutic tales yourself.

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How to tell stories that heal

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  • Length 1 day (9.30am - 4.00pm)

  • Tutor: Denise Winn

  • CPD Certificate 6 hours

  • Price: £192 per person

Price includes lunch, refreshments and course notes


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Wonderful practical skills - I was entranced the whole day.


Why take this course

Stories can be incredibly powerful therapeutic tools. They help bypass rigid views about life, enhancing the listener’s flexibility of thought. And by suspending ordinary constraints, they help people reclaim optimism whilst fueling their imaginations with the energy necessary to attain goals. In the physically ill, they can also stimulate the immune system and speed recovery.

All successful psychotherapy and counselling involves storytelling and the use of pertinent metaphors, which both tap into the natural way our brains work.

We can’t know what goes on in another person’s mind but, if you perceive the ‘pattern’ of a story and understand that it could be useful to them at a specific point in their life, that is reason enough to tell it. Their unconscious, creative imagination will seek and find the ‘meaning’ relevant to their situation. No explanation, no direct statement of a story’s meaning can substitute for the way it acts on the hearer’s mind.

So informative and relevant to my everyday work.

School Counsellor

What will you learn

  • A powerful way to stimulate optimism, hope and independence in
    distressed people
  • How and why our brains work through ‘pattern-matching’
  • How to use this profoundly useful tool for getting through to people stuck in the black-and-white thinking of emotional distress
  • Increased ability to source and tell therapeutic stories yourself
  • Ways to enhance your own problem solving capacity, as well as being better able to help others with theirs
  • A new way to motivate and engage people
  • Insights into the mind/body communication system and how useful this tool can be for promoting healing and recovery
  • A great way to build rapport and bypass resistance
  • How to choose the appropriate stories and metaphors for different people, and when to use them
  • Practical ways in which therapists, teachers, GPs, managers, policy planners etc can apply this knowledge to their work
  • The ability to enhance flexibility of thought, creativity and confidence in your clients
  • How stories and metaphor can also help us diagnose where problems lie
  • A new love and deeper understanding of the value, resonances and resources within stories
  • Greater confidence in dealing with a wide range of people – and a solid understanding of, and practise in, the therapeutic precision of metaphor and more…


Dates & venues

Pat Williams, creator of this course, talks you through its benefits

Course Programme

The ‘How to tell stories that heal’ course starts at 9.30am and runs until 4.00pm.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone involved in psychotherapy, counselling or social work who needs to harness the therapeutic power of metaphor by being an effective storyteller
  • It is also valuable for the medical and nursing professions to know how to tell stories that lift depression and promote healing
  • Anyone interested in the age-old power of metaphor and storytelling for professional or personal reasons


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Reviews for this course

4.6/5 (22 Reviews)
  1. Social Worker

    Exceptionally well delivered day, I was transported to another world!

  2. Speech Therapist / Psychotherapist

    Subtle but very powerful ways of giving hope to people. I can see this being incredibly helpful in my work.

  3. Mental Health Practitioner

    Very useful to use stories within brief therapy, especially with clients who may be ‘stuck’ – thank you

  4. Counsellor & Psychotherapist

    Fascinating use of using the creative side of the brain – and today has given me confidence to do this. Thank you so much for passing this skill/awareness on.

  5. HG Therapist

    Real insight – this will have a huge impact on the way I work.

  6. GP

    I’ve always loved reading/films but hadn’t appreciated how I can use these stories/experiences in day to day life and in the surgery in a therapeutic setting. Lots of ideas for helping patients during consultations.

  7. Nutrition & Functional Medicine Profession

    Wonderful, entertaining and mentally stretching.

  8. TV Director

    It was enlightening to see how much one can do with fragments of ideas – changes one’s perspective on how to communicate.

  9. Support Needs Development Officer

    The power of stories is amazing!

  10. Family Therapist

    Workshop was so rich and versatile being interactive – role plays made it a very good learning experience.

  11. Patient Support Worker

    A super day. It was over before I realised it had started. Very stimulating.

  12. Davis Dyslexia facilitator

    Excellent. Challenged my perceptions of the sub text of stories – and it’s good to be challenged!

  13. Psychology Student

    Really enjoyed the experience – powerful, an unforgettable day!

  14. Language School Director

    Just hits the nail on the head about life, love and humankind – I will use this approach more and more in my life and work.

  15. Educational Psychologist

    An excellent combination of theory and practical experience presented in a very rich way.

  16. Social Worker

    I work with people who have been institutionalised and a story with hope can be so valuable.

  17. Health Visitor

    The power of stories is fascinating. I particularly liked the idea of being able to use my creativity in a new way.

  18. Client Support Employment Project Worker

    This workshop has given me loads of confidence and understanding which was exactly what I’d hoped for!

  19. Occupational Therapist

    Brilliant! Lots of new insights into using storytelling as therapy and for self development.

  20. Business psychologist/career counselling

    Totally relevant and appropriate to my work in coaching and development – based on solid foundation.

  21. General Practitioner

    I can’t wait to use these new skills in my own GP practice.

  22. School Counsellor

    So informative and relevant to my everyday work.

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