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Understanding and treating anxiety in children and teens

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to help anxious children and adolescents become calmer and more confident – with family therapist and best-selling author Miriam Chachamu

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Understanding and treating anxiety in children and teens (Live Online Workshop)

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  • Date: Tues 22nd September 2020

  • Length 1 day (9.30am - 4.00pm)

  • Tutor: Miriam Chachamu

  • CPD Certificate 6 hours

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  • Price: £192 £153.60 per person

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Special Offer

£192.00 £153.60

Tutor: Miriam ChachamuLive Online – Join us on Tues 22nd September 2020 for this live online workshop. The information and skills covered are needed now more than ever since the outbreak of Covid-19 and you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. All you need is a quiet place to watch, a computer or tablet and a strong internet signal, the rest is easy – simply book your place as normal, and we will email you details of how to join the Zoom workshop.
NB The training will be recorded and made available for 2 weeks afterwards in case anyone experiences technical difficulties on the day.

I loved Miriam’s honest, in-depth and relaxed approach – the course was well researched and put together

Therapist, after attending Miriam's OCD workshop

Why take this course

More and more young people are finding life stressful and sometimes scary, and we, their therapists, teachers and parents, are not always sure how best to help them. Most anxious young people don’t believe us when we reassure them that everything will be fine. This can make us feel helpless too, unsure of what else we can do. Now with the coronavirus pandemic, treating anxiety in children and adolescents effectively has become even more urgent and relevant. How do we help the next generation become more resilient, less worried and more able to deal with life’s challenges?

Like all of us, children have emotional needs that have to be met well in order for them to thrive. They are also in the process of developing their resources to meet these needs, a crucial step for their current and future mental health. Bringing up the next generation is not easy – the world around us is becoming more complex, children do not always find their place in it and we are not always sure how to help. As unchecked anxiety can lead to more serious mental health problems, it’s key to help young people as early as possible.

This 1-day online workshop with Miriam Chachamu looks into the root causes of anxiety in children and adolescents, as well as the role families and schools can unwittingly play in exacerbating anxiety and fear, and practical steps they can take to help prevent it. You will leave with a richer understanding of what triggers anxiety in children and teens, why anxiety levels are rising, as well as a range of tips and tools to take away – this practical day includes demonstrations and practice sessions of tools for parents and professionals.

Very inspiring – this will be really helpful in my work and help me improve the way I deal with a child or their parents to get more positive results

Residential Worker, after attending Miriam's Children's Behaviour workshop

What will you learn

  • Why some young people are more anxious than others
  • The differences between general anxiety and specific phobias
  • The hidden messages we might be giving young people that may be counter-productive
  • The role of media and social media
  • Practical relaxation skills for young people
  • Life-style contributors to increased anxiety
  • Adverse childhood events and their relationships with anxiety or phobias
  • How anxiety effects family relationships and what to do about it
  • How to deal with a child who has specific phobias
  • How to work collaboratively with young people to give them hope and foster resilience
  • The link between anxiety and learning difficulties, including for those on the autistic spectrum (ASD)
  • Keeping a good balance between empathy and boundaries
  • Helping with revision and exam stress
  • Specific communication skills to increase understanding and cooperation so that children and teenagers would want to engage with us
  • Easy and effective relaxation exercises for young people and how to teach them
  • What therapists need to know about structuring good interventions and about structuring each session
  • How to support parents so that they can support their children in creating positive changes
  • (also see programme)

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Course Programme

The ‘Understanding and treating anxiety in children and teens’ live online course starts at 9.15am and runs until 4.00pm.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Teachers, social workers, therapists, and anyone else working with children and teenagers who would like to gain a better understanding of anxiety, stress and phobias
  • Parents and extended family members who have anxious children in their lives and would like to help them become calmer and more confident
  • Therapists who are interested in empowering parents to help their children overcome anxieties

Reviews for this course

4.5/5 (11 Reviews)
  1. Simone McConnel, Counsellor

    I would highly recommend this course to family and professionals. I felt for families it gave a clear non jargon understanding of anxiety in children and teens. As a professional it opened my awareness to a health and structural alternative way to practice.
    Miriam often invites participants to ask questions and her answers are clear, this supports clarity of course contents. Miriam was also encouraging to participants to share personal and professional experiences, I found this felt safe.
    Comfort breaks and lunch were scheduled well and I particularly liked the option for relaxed chat during this time.
    Miriam and Arlene worked well together to deliver a good online course. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for a very good day.

  2. Office administrative

    I really enjoyed the course, found it more geared up for practitioners as it was more to help children that were seeking/willing for help.

  3. HG practitioner and mindfulness teacher

    Miriam’s knowledge and experience of working with children shines through on this useful course.

  4. Teaching Assistant

    An inspiring course with creative ideas to help reduce anxiety in young children. I highly recommend this course to anyone working with children. It was enjoyable and useful. I will definitely be using the techniques in a primary school.

  5. Retired Community Paediatrician & registered Member of HGI

    Miriam’s course covered all aspects of Anxiety in children and for me was a good revision course. I learnt some new aspects and was reminded how to approach working with the children and their parents. The information was clear and went well with the slides. Overall an informative and enjoyable course.

  6. Jacqueline Seymour, Early Years Childhood Professional

    This was the first online workshop I have attended with Human Givens on my Diploma Route. I only signed up the day before as finances are tight at present and the discounted price encouraged me to try it. I enjoyed the course and felt that the content and pace of the course was good, although everyone introducing themselves did take up a lot of time in the beginning trying to negotiate the Zoom functionality. I felt that a preparation few lines created by participants about themselves beforehand could have been shared via the chat method to save course time. Also the constant half a screen of course notes and half a screen of Miriam’s Face was really annoying, and I think another way of presenting both would be better. The course content and extra video clips, and extra discussions etc was really helpful. Miriam was extremely professional, courteous and knowledgeable in the course presentation and I would be keen to book another of her courses.

  7. Karen Irwin, GP

    Excellent day discussing the management of anxiety in children with practical tips that were immediately applicable in practice.

  8. Christine Walker, Learning Support Assistant/Counsellor

    I found Miriam very inspiring and I loved her relaxed and informal approach in delivering a well researched, informative and in depth course on understanding and treating anxiety in children and teens. It has enhanced my skills and knowledge and I am looking forward to implementing what I have learnt in my work with young people.

  9. Counsellor

    An excellent course for anyone who works with children and teenagers who are experiencing anxiety in their lives. Useful practical strategies to aid working with this age group.

  10. Company Director

    Both theory and practical help covered in this course in working with children and young people suffering anxiety. Notes and resources from the course very thorough.

  11. Anna Ritchie, Hypnotherapist

    The course was very well constructed and organised as I have found with all the HG courses I have attended. Miriam was very clear and concise and I have started trying out some of the techniques on my son who suffers from anxiety. Thanks for a great day.

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