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How to support teenagers through the stress of starting university life

Do you know someone about to start university? Are you or they worried about what it’s going to be like or how you’re all going to cope?

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How to support teenagers through the stress of starting university life online webinar

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Adapting to university life can be a daunting and highly stressful time for young people and their families, as everyone adjusts to the many challenges and changes it brings.

CPD Provider LogoThis hugely helpful and informative webinar – aimed at parents/carers, students, teachers and counsellors – contains some of the best advice available for anxious students and their loved ones.

Gareth’s wealth of experience is condensed into sound, practical advice that you can implement straight away.

He highlights potential problems many aren’t aware of – as well as what not to worry about – and shows you how to make the transition to university as stress-free as possible, for everyone involved…

Huge thanks for offering this terrific online seminar – it was well worth my time – very informative.


What will you learn

  • Why the transition into university can be difficult for almost all students – and how you can make it easier
  • Practical steps you can take to help them prepare for university – even in the last few days before they go
  • The myths about university and student life that can trip up many students and parents, plus what to expect from the early weeks of term – what you shouldn’t worry about
  • A guide to the key processes students go through during the first weeks of university and how they can use this time to make the next three years better
  • An understanding of the holistic nature of learning at university level and what this means for students
  • Advice on what to do if or when things aren’t going as well as hoped – including tips on managing anxiety (important information as high levels of anxiety and stress can lead to mental health problems)
  • Why it’s important for parents and carers to look after their own emotional health, and some ways you might do this
  • How to prepare for the changes you will see in your son or daughter.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Parents/carers of prospective university students – anywhere in the world
  • Students about to embark on university life
  • Professionals working in schools, colleges and universities

The information and ideas Gareth shares are vital for parents, guardians, teachers, university counsellors and students themselves.

Meet your tutor

Gareth Hughes tutor photo

Dr Gareth Hughes

Gareth is an HG psychotherapist, researcher, nationally recognised expert on university mental health and wellbeing and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Good to know

Good to know

This webinar complements Gareth Hughes’ 1-day workshop: Anxiety and Learning: how to improve academic performance and wellbeing, which is available as inhouse training.

You may also like Gareth’s other webinar:  How to reduce anxiety in students and young people  and our courses on a range of subjects pertinent to teens and children.

CPD Provider LogoThis course has been independently accredited by the internationally recognised CPD Standards Office for 1.5 hours of CPD training.

Reviews for this course

5/5 (3 Reviews)
  1. Matthew, Teacher

    Gareth has a wealth of experience that he passes on clearly, simply and eloquently. His advice is extremely useful, practical and thought provoking.
    Our son is about to go to university. He’s excited about it and we’re confident he’ll be fine but this course still gave us plenty to consider and discuss together. Thanks Gareth

  2. Sarah

    Covers aspects such as practical preparation, what to anticipate, helpful ways of thinking, differences in approach as a learner and as a parting parent and what are realistic expectations in modern times of university life and career paths as well as how best to navigate studentship. Helpful information with a reassuring tone and suitable suggestions for tackling this stage of education.

  3. Lisa

    Definitely worth the money, would have been happy to pay more for the quality of information. It’s made us feel a lot better prepared for the changes ahead this autumn, which don’t seem quite so daunting now.

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How to support teenagers through the stress of starting university life
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