Miriam Chachamu tutor photo

Miriam Chachamu

Miriam is a family psychotherapist and a human givens practitioner and supervisor with extensive experience of working with children, parents, families and professionals. Having trained at the Institute of Family Therapy, she started her career at the New Learning Centre in London where she later became assistant director. The centre used to run a school for children who could not cope with mainstream education due to learning, behaviour and emotional problems. As well as teaching the children academic and social skills, she worked with their parents to help them meet their children’s emotional needs and to manage their challenging behaviour.

Miriam now combines work as a family psychotherapist in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service with her private practice as a family psychotherapist, parenting consultant and human givens therapist. She regularly gives lectures, workshops and courses to parents who wish to help their children become their best. She also trains various professionals in recognising and meeting the mental health needs of children.

Miriam designs and delivers highly effective training, offering an insightful look into the way we think and feel together with practical skills that make a positive difference to people’s lives. Miriam’s first book How to Calm a Challenging Child was published in 2008 (Foulsham) to excellent reviews.

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