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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

– understanding OCD and how best to treat it

This online training event takes an in-depth look at Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and focuses on practical and effective methods of treatment. It also highlights the lesser known forms of OCD and shows how we can prevent early signs of OCD from developing further…

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Live Online Training

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  • Date: Tues 25th June 2024

  • Accredited CPD: 6 hours

  • Length: 1 day (9.15am - 4.00pm BST)

  • Tutor: Miriam Chachamu

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  • Price: £145 £125 per person

Price includes course notes and access to a recording of the event

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Excellent content and practical applications for treating OCD

Peta Dunn, GP

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Live training delivered online Join Miriam Chachamu on Tuesday 25th June for this live online OCD course workshop via Zoom. The content covered is the same as our original attended workshop, with some modifications to the exercises – you will have plenty of opportunities to ask Miriam questions. We will send details of how to join the Zoom workshop by email the day before the event.
BONUS RECORDING – the training is recorded, in case anyone experiences technical difficulties on the day, so you will also get a recording for a limited time afterwards to maximise your learning.

Looking for a different date? Please register your interest below.

Why take this course

CPD Provider LogoObsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is not only distressing for sufferers but for their family members and friends too. Contrary to the popular view of OCD being harmless over-cleanliness or simply checking things over and over again, people living with OCD experience a high level of anxiety – and the condition can damage their relationships, social and work lives, and physical health.

Many sufferers are ashamed of their problem and hide it. Sometimes therapists fail to recognise the rarer forms of OCD and therefore fail to offer effective treatment. And many people with milder forms of OCD do not realise that they can be helped, and do not seek help until their condition becomes much more severe.

This accredited live online course offers an in-depth look at OCD in all its guises and focuses on practical and effective methods of treatment – OCD recovery is possible in most cases.

The day is interactive and includes demonstration videos of therapy sessions, short video clips, in-depth discussions and case studies.

The films of the therapy sessions and the video of dealing with intrusive thoughts were particularly useful

School nurse

What will you learn

  • New information that will enable you to help OCD sufferers more effectively
  • A better understanding of OCD, what it is and how it develops
  • The ability to recognise the less familiar types of OCD – these are often missed by both client and therapist
  • An effective 4-step method for treating OCD
  • New ways to help people overcome their compulsive tendencies
  • Illuminating video clips of OCD sufferers describing their experience
  • Helpful ways parents and educators can prevent signs of OCD in children and teenagers from developing further
  • The important role of guided imagery in treatment and why it improves success rates
  • How to separate the person from their OCD
  • ‘Pure O’ – we look at ‘purely obsessional’ OCD, where people experience distressing intrusive thoughts without any external signs of compulsions
  • The chance to observe effective therapy for OCD and discuss case studies
  • How obsessive compulsive disorder fits with other psychological conditions – and with autism
  • What to do when OCD symptoms are firmly entrenched
  • The opportunity to discuss some of your own cases with a highly knowledgeable tutor
  • How to handle challenging cases successfully and more…

Course Programme

The ‘Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – understanding OCD and how best to treat it’ online course starts at 9.15am and runs until 4.00pm. (GMT).

Who is this online course suitable for?

  • Anyone who works with, lives with, teaches or treats people suffering from OCD, or who thinks they may have OCD but isn’t sure
  • Psychotherapists, counsellors, health and social care professionals, mental health and wellbeing professionals, educators, school counsellors, individuals working in a variety of capacities in any number of organisations who are looking for OCD training for professionals
  • Anyone who has family members or friends who suffer from OCD would also benefit from this live online course – it contains essential, practical information about how to help OCD sufferers
  • The day is also valuable for anyone struggling to deal with their own obsessive thoughts or actions

Please Note: This course is not a substitute for individual therapy

This course looks at a range of OCD behaviours, including:
  • Compulsive checking
  • Contamination / Mental Contamination
  • Symmetry and ordering
  • Ruminations / Intrusive thoughts (Pure O)
  • HOCD – Homosexual OCD
  • POCD – Paedophile OCD / Prenatal and postpartum OCD
  • and more

CPD Provider Logo

This course has been independently accredited by the internationally recognised CPD Standards Office for 6 hours of CPD training.

On completion of this training you’ll receive CPD certificates from the College and the CPD Standards Office.

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Reviews for this course

4.4/5 (111 Reviews)
  1. Andy Cheffings, Part time pain & anxiety therapist, part time charity admin, part time community artist

    An excellent overview of OCD. Careful, inclusive and humane presentation. Thoughtful and inclusive question and answer segments. An interesting introduction to a possible therapeutic intervention which was clearly structured and carefully focused on the particular purpose.

  2. HG Trainee Psychotherapist

    This was quite honestly one of the best HG workshops I have participated in. Miriam has a vast wealth of knowledge on the subject, and this was reflected eveb further in the excellent Q & A session we had at the end. It’s always an incredible experience watching Joe Griffin do what he does best in the videos shown to us. In fact, the various videos covered really added to the experience. Each video was an incredible eye-opener, highlighting exactly what an OCD suffer can experience in a day. It was also interesting learning about the varying types of OCD. I am really glad that I took part in this workshop with the wealth of new knowledge that I have gained. Many thanks to Miriam.

  3. Maura Brivio, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

    The course was interesting, informative and well structured. I really enjoyed it and liked the variety of materials used. Miriam’s knowledge comes across clearly as she seamlessly combines theory with practical skills. Now I have a better grasp of my clients’ experiences and understand how relationships can unintentionally worsen OCD behaviours. Learning about different types of OCD was particularly fascinating. The additional skills shared during the sessions are also helpful for further reference. Overall, it was a valuable experience. Thank you!

  4. Retired

    An interactive and enlightening day. Great insights into OCD. A huge topic to cover. Enjoyed the breakaway group discussion. The course benefitted from having participants including therapists, family of OCD and participant with OCD behaviours. Useful techniques to use.

  5. Penny Tyndale-Hardy, Therapist and Trainer

    A really good exploration of what OCD is and how it manifests – taking care to think about what it feels like for those experiencing it and to avoid othering.

  6. Patricia Jordan, Therapist

    I really enjoyed the course – I loved the clear techniques and group participation.

  7. Counsellor

    I found the OCD course very useful in understanding what OCD is and how to help my clients.

  8. Psychotherapist

    It was an interesting course, even though I feel that I haven’t really learned something I didn’t know already or something that I could not just see from a YouTube video.

  9. Student

    Very informative from a therapeutic and human perspective.

  10. Occupational Therapist

    The course gave very informative facts and great resources for further learning.

  11. Counsellor

    The course was very informative and helped give practical interventions and ways of working with someone with OCD. I found Miriam very knowledgeable and she was engaging as a tutor on the topic. Found the input from other people on the course interesting.

  12. Trainer/Therapist

    Miriam is a knowledgeable and compassion trainer and I enjoyed her approach. The information on what OCD is was very good and very well delivered.

  13. Natasza Gomez, Counsellor/Psychotherapist

    I enjoyed the course very much – it offered practical application of techniques to help those affected by OCD.

  14. Pastoral Support Assistant

    A very informative course delivered in a very engaging way by a highly knowledgeable and experienced therapist. I loved the practical focus and a variety of ideas for tackling OCD

  15. Psychiatrist

    Interactive course – lots of experience skills shared

  16. Atifa Ismailmiya-Balding

    I felt immediately relaxed and welcome. Miriam is a joy to listen to and interact with. Her wealth of knowledge is really incredible and she breaks it down into manageable chunks of learning. The links that were posted in the chat function during the meeting were so helpful and an extra form of reference and resource. I loved the ease of the booking and emails/links received. I will definitely book to attend another session.

  17. Jo Wood

    Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the live course, but I watched it back afterwards. What a learning curve I went on! I feel so much more well informed about OCD and how to support any clients I may see in the future who have this diagnosis or who are experiencing OCD tendencies. As always, watching Joe Griffin work with a client was the icing on the cake. Thank you Miriam and thank you Human Givens.

  18. Counsellor

    Very well constructed course material. Miriam has a wealth of knowledge to share – thoroughly enjoyed the day.

  19. Jo de Louvois

    I thought the course was delivered beautifully by Miriam. Very clear, concise with so many excellent resources. I will look forward to training with Miriam again. Thank you.

  20. Counsellor

    Thank you. I found the information very informative and it was good to see therapy in action – it helped when the film was paused every so often to talk about what was happening.

  21. Ronald Davis

    Thoroughly enjoyable CPD course – the instructor was knowledgeable of the subject area – OCD – and provided an informative and engaging learning experience. Look forward to attending other HG training.

  22. Rebecca Winfrey

    Really liked seeing the video of a consultation. Also the discussion of the many ways OCD can present and the fact that it is often not immediately obvious was helpful.

  23. Integrative Counsellor

    I enjoyed taking part in this course as a taster to Human Givens and OCD. It was great to hear anecdotes from Miriam about how she used this work, anonymous client stories and her own experiences. It would have been advantageous to have a Q & A session as on occasion the presentation was a little fast (but I appreciate the amount of content in a day session and this is what replays are helpful for!). When the ‘raised hand’ function was used – people, including myself, weren’t noticed/didn’t get a change to clarify a point being made. It would have been helpful if a staff member was on top of this function as it can be difficult to interrupt the flow of a speaker. I enjoyed the video of Joe using guided imagery – I found this very thorough and interesting and took lots of notes. I thought it was great that Miriam paused at intervals and clarified what was happening and asked questions. That helped me to keep engaged in a lengthy video. I thought this was a solid introduction to OCD. I found the different types and co-morbidities bit interesting – I would love more of this, and maybe that’s where my CPD shall take me by using some of the links that were provided in the chat log. My only suggestion would be to alter some of the language on the autism and OCD slides. Removing ‘severely autistic people’ and ‘high functioning’ s these terms are becoming outdated and it is recognised that these are linked to the individual’s cognitive abilities, and not autism. This would really benefit autistic people and help spread more appropriate language to wider audiences.

  24. Counsellor

    The course was interesting, informative, thought-provoking and well structured. It affirmed the work I do with my clients but also helped me to understand my own relationship with OCD and how it is exacerbated in times of stress. This gives me a better understanding of what is happening for my clients. It also deepened my understanding of how parents and other family members can un intentionally collude with children who have OCD. I was interested to learn about ROCD which I had never fully considered properly.

  25. Latania Kennard

    Thank you Miriam for a wonderful day training with you. The day was jam-packed with highly practical, helpful and experiential learning. I particularly benefitted from seeing the HG therapy session by Joe Griffin during the day and the opportunity to think about what we would do to help the client in our own practice. The film about the student’s walk to college with OCD thoughts was highly effective. I actually had to turn the volume down in my headset as it was so jarring, but as I say, a highly effective demonstration of how OCD makes people internally focus. How HG uses everything that the client brings and uses it to shrink the problem to go in on itself – like a Judo master using the opponent’s strength against itself to defeat it. Thoroughly enjoyable, engaging from start to finish.

  26. Des Howden

    It was a great seminar – packed full of up to date information.

  27. Social Worker

    Miriam is very knowledgeable about OCD. Informative course. I wonder if separating children/teens with adults might be helpful?

  28. Anna

    Very interesting and practical.

  29. Hypnotherapist

    A good comprehensive insight into treatments for OCD. The group discussions were useful, and the knowledge that the tutor had on the subject was extremely helpful to professionals. A well-run course with lots of takeaways.

  30. Richard Hall, Mental Health Practitioner

    Excellent, informative course. Miriam (and Arlene) were first class, and all videos used were ‘gold’. Highly recommended.

  31. Educational Psychologist

    Informative course presented by an experienced therapist.

  32. Psychotherapist

    I was very happy with the course content. I learnt a lot from the course and dealing with OCD. It was great there was an IT administrator too and no technology hitches. Miriam was clear and easy to understand.

  33. Mel Harmer, Behaviour Practitioner

    I feel like I learnt a lot from the course today. I do think that within the context of supporting someone with LD in the care system, ‘we’ support staff/behaviour practitioners/local authority teams need more knowledge and awareness about OCD and how to support someone with this diagnosis.

  34. SEMH Specialist

    There was a lot of useful information given today and useful examples of successful therapy.

  35. Mental Health Nurse

    Good use of Human Givens pre-recorded sessions.

  36. Holistic therapist

    A wonderful online course, very helpful on understanding OCD and the therapeutic way of Human Givens. Thank you.

  37. Counsellor

    The use of language and timings made the course not only very informative but accessible. I had some knowledge of OCD and have come away from the course feeling so much more knowledgeable and confident in my abilities as a counsellor supporting someone with OCD. There was so much useful information and practical strategies shared – thank you!

  38. Elizabeth Cummings, Clinical Lead, Bridge Counselling Service

    The content of the course was very helpful and informative. Miriam used both her experience and knowledge to give us a clear understanding of OCD and how best too deal with it in counselling. There was some initial uncertainty about group tasks in breakout rooms but the facilitator helped to sort this. Overall, a very useful day’s training.

  39. Martina Dowling, Psychotherapist

    I feel that this course has greatly expanded my understanding of OCD and how to work with it. Miriam was an excellent presenter and facilitated engagement with learning really well. I liked the combination of visual slides and interaction with others on the course. Watching video demonstrations of working with OCD in session and then having the opportunity to discuss this with Miriam and within the group really reinforced my learning for the day.

  40. Gavin Roberts, Hypnotherapist

    A very good online course with many helpful ideas and advice about how to treat OCD from a Human Givens perspective. The video sessions (with a real client) were very useful to watch. I will certainly be applying some of the techniques and, because of the course, I feel more competent in helping clients with OCD.

  41. GP, Hypnotherapist

    Very engaging tutor who really understands the subject. It was particularly useful to see two full human givens therapy sessions for OCD as this gives a much more rounded learning experience. It was good that other methods of treatment were also talked about.

  42. Human Givens Therapist

    Miriam knows her subject and effectively imparted her knowledge in a clear way. Miriam was warm and welcoming – and it was nice to see her again after many years!

  43. Musician and Coach

    As always, informative and very useful information that has given me clarification on how best to work with people suffering OCD.

  44. Counsellor

    Very informative, well-paced and easy to understand. Well worth doing,

  45. Nina Sweeney, Counsellor

    As with all Human Givens CPD, this was very informative. We are all to see ideas and different perspectives that can inform our practice.

  46. Clinical Lead

    Found it interesting.

  47. Joanne Webb, Counsellor

    I enjoyed the course and took a lot of information that I will use within my practice. I didn’t find the breakout rooms useful. Miriam was a good trainer and I would be happy to attend another of her courses. I am disappointed not to receive the powerpoint slides Miriam used.

  48. Counsellor

    I really enjoyed the course. Very informative and lots of techniques which could be useful when working with OCD,

  49. Layla Alishaq, Physican

    Very good

  50. General Practitioner

    I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The teaching, the content, the way it was delivered was altogether lovely. Thank you.

  51. Counsellor

    In depth course on OCD that covered different types of the disorder and looked beyond the surface regarding how it can start and prevail in a sufferer’s life. Also explained different types of therapy and resources to treat it, both for client and sufferer. I enjoyed it very much and feel like I have learned new aspects of OCD.

  52. HG Therapist

    Miriam made us all feel very welcome and a valued part of the training day, the pace was just right and the use of videos were very useful to reinforce and give insight into the lives of people suffering from OCD.
    It certainly helped me to broaden my understanding and knowledge about OCD and gave me practical advice, particularly with the use of metaphors.
    Definitely worth attending

  53. Louise Ewer

    This was a very valuable training day with informative and practical information that I can incorporate into my practice straightaway.
    It was really helpful (and enjoyable) to watch Joe Griffin’s sessions with a client and this helped bring the learning to life. As someone who completed their HG diploma some time ago, it was also a good reminder and demonstration of key HG skills(such as guided imagery).
    Miriam was very knowledgeable and also allowed participation from delegates in this online setting. This is a big enough subject area to make it a two day training. This would also allow for more discussion that is often missed in an online setting because there is not the opportunity to mix and discuss with other delegates/trainees during breaks.
    A very enjoyable and useful day, thank you.

  54. Julia Ellis

    Insightful and inspirational. Thank you Miriam – a fascinating day.

  55. Melanie Fletcher

    I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the course. It was delivered at a good pace and Miriam was an absolutely great tutor and explained everything so well and clearly. Thank you so much, I have learnt so much to take away and put into practice.

  56. Child and Adolescent Therapist

    The day gave me a deeper insight into how OCD impacts a persons life and the ways to help and understand the person experiencing this tormenting way of living, but most importantly help and change is possible

  57. Retired (Clinical Psychologist)

    This was an interesting and informative training day. All were encouraged to participate and it was noticeably interactive. The videos were very helpful along with the expansion given by Miriam.

  58. Judith Shaw

    This was an excellent and thorough course explaining about OCD in all its forms. It gave concrete suggestions for how to help people with OCD to move forward in their lives. Miriam was an excellent lecturer and varied the teaching in a useful and engaging way. The only reason I cannot give it 5 stars is that there were ongoing problems with the technical side of things and I was not able to hear Miriam all the time.

  59. Complementary Therapist and Professional Voice Practitioner

    Enjoyable course and now my preferred method of learning – online – as we get recordings after.
    Miriam, as usual, knows her subject well.

  60. Darren Stiff, HG Therapist

    Really useful format – right length -and lots of simple to understand info. I am a therapist and will be adjusting my practice immediately to incorporate the things learnt during this training.

  61. IT Consultant/Trainee Life Coach

    Professionally and enthusiastically delivered course. Miriam showed a really good knowledge of the subject which was delivered in depth via the slides and handouts with plenty of time in the Q & As to get any questions answered as well.

  62. Hypnotherapist and Counsellor

    Fab course – really useful information. Thank you.

  63. Nigel Tropman, Brief Hypnotherapist

    The course was informative. It was delivered in a relaxed manner and the video demonstrations were quite informative. It was an enjoyable course.

  64. Linda Witchell, Hypnotherapist Counsellor Coach

    I liked the mixture of Powerpoint, videos and discussion.

  65. Human Givens Therapist

    Miriam opened up a wider perspective for me on what could be considered to be OCD behaviour and thinking.

  66. Fertility Counsellor

    I found the course very useful and informative and gave me more tools for working with clients.

  67. Lise Bratton, Book Editor/Designer/Artist

    From personal experience I was keen to understand OCD, its manifestations and treatment. The day was very useful and practical. Miriam Chachamu’s manner means her teaching is clear. I found the case study films and the breakout groups afterwards particularly useful, helping to embed the learning. As a student, I found the working experience and feedback of the other participants (many professionals) very helpful.

  68. Sophie Graham, Counsellor BACP Accredited

    I found this course extremely informative – easy to follow and understand. I will begin to incorporate techniques learned immediately.

  69. Counsellor/Supervisor

    Miriam presented a comprehensive overview of OCD – how it presents and how to work with it. Very insightful and useful training course.

  70. Sarah Ariss, Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist

    The course was well organised and would be helpful for someone new to the subject potentially. I don’t feel it delivered particularly on going into OCD at a deeper level or in giving strategies to help clients with more entrenched or disturbing symptoms. It relied a great deal on visualisations and a somewhat authoritarian hypnotic approach. These were interesting aspects, but I felt it could have been more detailed regarding treatment ideas and techniques, rather than spending quite as long recognising symptoms.

  71. HG Practitioner (trainee)

    A great insight into OCD and the varying different ways in which it can manifest. I was particularly interested in the many different aspects of the condition. It was very clearly explained. A really enjoyable day’s learning.

  72. Aliya Drake, Trainee HG Therapist

    Well structured, with great discussions and a friendly and open tutor. This was a very helpful course.

  73. Ezra Hewing, Mental health trainer/therapist

    The tutor brought a wealth of experience, wisdom and clarity to a complex subject!

  74. Homeopath/Hypnotherapist/Life Coach

    Having clients with traits associated with OCD, I know that it can be difficult to help. I was therefore very interested to have a new set of tools and a structure to use. A pleasure to see both Miriam describing her approach and style, plus see Joe Griffin at work with a client.

  75. Jayne Timmins, Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Nurse

    A good overview of how to work the OCD from an HG perspective. Loved watching the videos and small group discussions. Miriam is a very knowledgeable and interactive tutor. There was a good balance of theory.

  76. Psychotherapist

    Absolutely adored Miriam! Her grounded presence, gentleness, approachability, and natural didactic style makes for the perfect learning environment. I learnt a lot, but wish the course had more information for clinicians who have solid foundation (scientific explanations, theory, statistics, in-depth experiences, maybe even role play or experiential experiences). Nevertheless it set a foundation with lots of questions for growth and experience, yet it didn’t need to be a full day with the current take aways.

  77. Ingrid Steele, Coach/Therapeutic Coach/Mediator/Facilitator

    I found the course very good indeed. Miriam was extremely knowledgeable and had a great style of facilitating that gave time for people to participate while good time for her to share lot of very useful information and advice. The practical elements of the course were very good to discuss case studies and watch experts in action. It would have been even better to have an opportunity to practice a little as well, to build and share learning, but I appreciate the time is tight on a one-day course.

  78. Health Counsellor

    The session delivered on OCD was really well delivered, very helpful and informative. Thank you so much.

  79. Ahmed Tomal, Counsellor

    I liked the structure of the course. However I would not recommend it to anyone who has at least a level 4 diploma in counselling or psychotherapy. I thought I would learn a lot more about ERP but it was barely touched upon. I was quite disappointed by the workshop. I haven’t learned any new about OCD and don’t really feel any more confident in treating clients after the workshop which I was hoping for. I felt the staff were really good and were open to questions being asked.

  80. Nurse

    Very interesting day. Lots of useful information and tools to use. Miriam was very knowledgeable in her field. May take some practice before I have the confidence to try out the techniques.

  81. Lisa Law Min, Community Mental Health Nurse

    Information was very good and delivered to a very good standard. Enjoyed the group discussions. Information I received will be able to put into practice.

  82. Mental Health Worker

    As I am not working as a therapist, but part of my role is to support OCD sufferers in a day centre, I missed some tips I could directly apply, for example when a person is getting “stuck with zips, shoe laces etc. Is unable to use bathroom, withholds urinating, etc”. Otherwise the course was very good. I liked how OCD was separated from the person as an unwanted friend. I liked the encouragement given during the visualisation to empower the person. I guess for some OCD sufferers, OCD might be the only control they might have over their lives, it’s giving them meaning and purpose.

  83. Social Care Manager

    Clearly presented at a nice pace. Good use of videos.

  84. Lisa, Parent

    I found it really helpful from a parental point of view to understand what my daughter is going through. I feel a lot more knowledgeable about the behaviours that we are facing with her.

  85. Play therapist and health coach

    This course was enlightening, well thought out and well delivered. Thank you
    I have come away with a deeper understanding of both what it is like to have OCD as well as useful therapeutic interventions to support those with it.

  86. Therapist

    A very informative course, excellent engaging and skilled tutor with so much knowledge and experience. Gave me increased confidence that I was on the right lines with my work and some news skills for my tool kit.

  87. Psychotherapist

    I found this course really helpful, having worked with clients with OCD it helped me to realise the power of GV and the process of exploring what OCD means to each individual client.

  88. Clare Ginders, Rehabilitation and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

    It was really informative and provided some useful tools and insights to try with clients. It was an interesting mix of attendees, who I enjoyed listening to, but it was a shame not to be able to meet them or discuss things more freely together due to the current Covid restrictions and necessity virtual learning. But I am really grateful that HG college went to the effort of putting on the course virtually.

  89. Carmel, Psychotherapist

    I really enjoyed the OCD training course and found Miriam to be very engaging in her presentation style whilst inviting interactions from the attendees whilst still getting through the day’s agenda in a timely manner.

  90. Victor Rybacki, Retired, was working in IT

    I would have liked more detail on how a mild ritual becomes an increasingly complicated one, as why this happens is not obvious but rightly the course focussed on the methods of treating OCD which is more important than the reasons for increasingly complicated rituals. Overall a useful course to help understand how OCD develops and how it can be treated

  91. Training in the Human Given Givens Approach

    The course provides a great opportunity to understand OCD and its treatment using the Human Givens approach, learning from Miriam’s considerable depth of knowledge and experience and drawing on video examples.

  92. Ruth Woodley, Pastoral support secondary school

    I found the training easy to understand. It will benefit me in my work. The use of clinical cases brought the training to life. Excellent.

  93. Catriona Mason, HG Psychotherapist

    The teaching was interactive, engaging, perfectly paced, diverse. I felt the teacher was listening to everyone and so in control of a classroom that she was unable to see some of the time.
    It is the first live HG workshop I have done (apart from the Institute’s Webinar on practicing online) since qualifying last June and I got the same warm feeling of like mindedness and togetherness that I got from being in the room with my peers during my training workshops. I spent the rest of my day in a high! Filled with new focus and motivation. I really felt on track again. It was just the theme of the workshop it was hearing the clarity and the logic of the HG language again. It was like being amongst old friends again.
    I cannot rate the experience highly enough. Thank you so much for the hard work that must have gone into organising this.

  94. Pippa Jamie, Psychotherapist

    It was a well planned course with an interesting case study of a live therapy session. I would have liked more time spent on the therapy of the different OCD variations, I think it would have been easier to teach if all delegates were therapists, rather than some people being interested in ocd from a personal view point ie parents etc as I don’t think it was appropriate to be enquiring re therapy of individuals without knowing background history etc, however Miriam did very well encouraging them to seek help.
    It was good it was accessible online, during these difficult times
    Thank you

  95. Kat Marlow, Psychotherapist and wellbeing trainer

    The OCD online course really helped to reinforce and expand my understanding of OCD and how to treat it. I’ve come away with a better understanding of the steps to working with OCD and what to try with the more persistent presentations. An excellent day with the added bonus of being able to watch Joe Griffin work with a client with OCD!

  96. Laura Davies, Counsellor - TA

    Overall the course was well structured and ran efficiently. Miriam was engaging and informative.

  97. Parent of a child with OCD

    Really helpful. Useful hints and tips on how to manage OCD and being able to understand what my daughter lives with on a day-to-day basis. Although the day was aimed for those attending on a professional basis, it was easy to follow and understand.

  98. Counsellor

    A great insight into OCD and how to treat it – one of the best courses I’ve done

  99. Educational Psychologist

    A useful day – good range of specific skills, technique and knowledge.

  100. Hypnotherapist

    A really good range of specific skills, technique and knowledge

  101. Psychiatrist

    Watching a video of the therapy session was particularly useful as I have not had an opportunity to see therapy in action before. Will use what I have learnt in speaking to patients.

  102. Social Worker

    Today was fab. I enjoyed all aspects – the skills and tips. The video clips were excellent too and made the course complete.

  103. Person-centred counsellor

    As a person who has experienced OCD, I found today to be highly accurate and informative as well as giving me ideas on how to manage my own OCD and help clients struggling.

  104. HG Therapist

    I loved Miriam’s honest, in-depth and relaxed approach to OCD. The course is well researched and put together. There was space for discussion and questions, which was really helpful. Also great to hear from other people on the course regarding their personal and professional experiences. Many thanks!

  105. Counsellor

    Excellent – will help my practice enormously

  106. HG Therapist

    So, so interesting. New insights shared. So much covered on OCD and relating issues.

  107. HG therapist / Coach

    I feel much more confident in helping people with OCD now

  108. Nurse

    Great day – empowering!

  109. Clinical Hypnotherapist

    Watching the recordings of therapy sessions was very helpful – much better than the pure theoretical information you get on other courses

  110. Lecturer and Counsellor

    Very useful to understand the OCD aspects and how to work with them

  111. Student/Teacher

    Very useful. Helped to expand my understanding of different types of OCD and gave me a range of practical approaches for helping people with OCD symptoms. As always, the video demonstrations were illuminating

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
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