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How to work effectively with troubled teenagers

Discover new ways to motivate and engage young people, promote behaviour change, improve their mental health – and much more

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How to work effectively with troubled teenagers

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  • Date: Wed 20th October 2021

  • Length 1 day (9.30am - 4.00pm)

  • Tutor: Richard Brook

  • CPD Certificate 6 hours

  • Suitable for: see below

  • Price: £145 per person

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The best workshop I have attended so far and I’ve done eight! Everything was relevant – completely spot on.

Teacher / Tutor

Live Online – Join Richard Brook on Wednesday 20th October 2021 for this live online workshop via Zoom. The impact of Covid-19 on young people means it’s now more important than ever to know how to connect with, help and motivate them – you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions throughout the day. All you need is a quiet place to watch, a computer or tablet and a strong internet signal, the rest is easy – simply book your place as normal, and we will email you details of how to join the Zoom workshop.

NB The training will be recorded and made available for 2 weeks afterwards in case anyone experiences technical difficulties on the day.

Why take this course

Tutor Richard Brook brings a practical and humorous approach to the bewildering array of models currently directed at front-line workers.

The programme is varied and intensive, yet lively with a strong focus on gaining skills. It clarifies what healthy teenage development looks like, why things can go wrong and the best ways to help young people overcome obstacles and begin to create lives for themselves that work well.

Richard also shows how, by working with the ‘givens’ of human nature, and ensuring that sound knowledge of how people really function is applied intelligently to teenagers, you can speed up progress, reduce anti-social behaviour and teen depression, and bring young people real benefits.

At the end of the day you will find yourself more empowered to respond effectively to each individual’s needs, temperament and learning style, whilst avoiding the emotional pitfalls of working in stressful situations.

Such a realistic and logical approach – it's given me lots of ideas for working with a variety of people, not just teenagers!

Probation Officer

What will you learn

  • The essential knowledge and skills you need to deliver effective interventions to young people – both individually and in groups
  • An increased understanding of what drives most problematic behaviour, including anti-social behaviour
  • What healthy teenage development looks like – this may bring you some surprises!
  • Ways to respond effectively to each individual’s needs, temperament and learning style, whilst avoiding the emotional pitfalls of working in stressful situations.
  • A clear and logical foundation upon which to structure creative and effective interventions
  • A deeper understanding of the causes of adolescent mental health problems
  • Constructive ways to help prevent teenage depression, anxiety and stress
  • An expanded repertoire of skills and a refined understanding of what works and – most importantly – why
  • A range of simple and effective techniques for engaging uncommunicative young people, building rapport and promoting behavioural changes
  • The opportunity to try these techniques out
  • The common misconceptions about adolescence
  • How to discover and build upon a young person’s strengths
  • Ways to motivate young people and help them set achievable goals
  • Practical problem-solving with young people
  • Four vital guiding principles that ensure your work with young people is relevant and effective
  • Knowledge of how the insights from the human givens approach can dramatically improve interventions and their outcomes
  • The opportunity to discuss how you could implement these in your own work with a highly knowledgeable tutor who has years of hands-on experience
  • Increased confidence in your own ability to affect positive change
  • Course notes, CPD Certificate and more…

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Course Programme

The ‘How to work effectively with troubled teenagers’ course starts at 9.15am and runs until 4.00pm.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone who has to deal or work with troubled and troublesome teenagers, including:  teachers, youth workers, mentors, drug workers, social workers, schools counsellors, educational psychologists, primary mental health workers, all members of youth offending teams, youth justice workers, police and probation officers, prison staff, parents, residential and foster carers
  • People who work directly with young people through sport and/or outside activities
  • Anyone interested in improving adolescent mental health and reducing anti-social behaviour
  • Many parents and even young people themselves have also found the course helpful


This course is also available for inhouse training – see: City of London Police

Reviews for this course

4.6/5 (46 Reviews)
  1. Clinical Trials Project Manager

    The course content was very thorough but it was Richard’s examples from his working experience that really helped underpin this. A very helpful course which also provided a useful further reading reference list.

  2. Alix Royer, Human Givens Counsellor/Coach/Therapist

    Richard Brooks is one of the best teachers I have seen in HGC. He combines a heartfelt drive for the work with huge experience and sound knowledge. What’s more, the workshop included plenty of relevant and fun exercises to make the contents come alive. I could be in his class for a week!

  3. Naomi Whimpenny, Behaviour Support Lead, Specialist Education

    Really useful information on the slight changes required to the HG approach to ensure you can work effectively with troubled and troublesome teenagers. Sound background to why teenagers do what they do, and how best to help them without getting shut down or shut out! Impressed by the on-line presentation and great to still have the opportunity to discuss and complete activities with other attendees.

  4. Teaching Assistant

    A great insight into the different ways to help teenagers to overcome anxiety and depression. Richard gave practical approaches to problem solving. It was excellent training – thank you.

  5. Founder, Keel

    Thorough, informative, insightful and hugely practical. Richard Brook’s teaching is clearly informed by many years of direct experience working with troubled teens, and his training is all the richer for it.

  6. Music Teacher

    The course was superb, expertly delivered and with some very useful, practical exercises that embedded the learning.

  7. Kat Marlow, Psychotherapist

    This course provided me with some different perspectives and tools to use when working with teenagers. It was particularly interesting to think about how teenagers might find it difficult to articulate what they are experiencing, and I loved the metaphor of fixing a rusty tap and allowing the water to run until it goes clear for not jumping on the first thing that’s said.

  8. Wendy Rice, Counselling Student (Level 5)

    I absolutely loved the course. So much information and lots of essential tools were provided. Many courses I have done have been ‘light’ on practical information, but heavy on ‘waffle’ – this was the exact opposite. I will definitely be signing up for another Human Givens course to add to my toolbox.

  9. Elaine Curtin, HG Therapist

    I enjoyed the live examples, the tutor was experienced and built rapport with us all very quickly. A well organised and presented training day, and I left feeling more confident about how to – and importantly, how NOT to – communicate with teenagers. I left with a good and useful toolkit.

  10. Rhonda Dow, Counsellor

    Richard was very easy to engage with, even on-line. He had a wonderful sense of humour and clearly has a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with teenagers in a number of different capacities. The slides were thorough and well presented, and so many brilliant ideas were presented by the whole group of attendees as well. I was very much looking forward to attending this course, and exceeded my expectations.

  11. Counsellor/End of Life Doula

    A clear and useful day of information when working alongside teenagers. Thank you Richard

  12. Julia Ellis, Retired Housing Advisor LA/HG Sudent

    An interesting and engaging workshop with lots of interactive learning at a good pace. Insightful and informative.

  13. Lizzie Slowe, Equine Facilitated Therapist

    The course ran smoothly and was well and clearly presented with plentiful resources signposted in the chat which was helpful. As someone who is not familiar with the HG approach, I was curious about what differentiated it, and was somewhat clearer after the course. The content was interesting and brought to life by anecdotes and examples that were thought-provoking. The facilitator was clearly very well experienced, both at working with young people in a variety of settings and in teaching. There were some gems that stuck with me, and some concepts that will be useful in my practise. For a one day workshop there was a good amount of ground covered. I would have liked to have had some more teaching, discussion and information about ways of working with what I am currently seeing young people facing; many with fear about society and climate change, much confusion around sexual orientation and gender and (following on from Covid) uncertainty, instability and social anxiety. All in all, although I was perhaps hoping to look at those issues in relation to young people, I thought the course was worth doing, but I probably won’t do any more trainings with HG. My approach is very embodied and experiential, anchoring in good experiences. Sessions are co-created by the client, the horses and myself, so flexibility and having plenty of tools in my tool box are key. I do include a fair amount of psycho education and so having different models to draw from is always useful, which is why I attended the course with an organisation I don’t know much about. I appreciated the structure and pace of the course, and I felt there was a really generosity – to share information and experience.

  14. Rich Emerson, Therapist

    This was so very helpful as I’m working more with young people more than ever. Richard was amazing. Thank you HG.

  15. Teacher

    This was an extremely informative course, packed with relevant information and practical, useful advice.

  16. Margaret R Gibson, Counsellor

    Lots of information and strategies for dealing with obvious troublesome behaviour in teenagers. However, there was no focus on the quiet, withdrawn teenager who is troubled but never rises to the attention of the police or other services. In particular, under-achieving girls who withdraw from school and all social life. These girls and boys are allowed to slip through the net of many intervention services because there is no outwardly aggressive behaviour.

  17. Michelle MacDonald, Homeopath

    Very interesting information presented by Richard emphasising the HG approach as well as his invaluable experience in the field of working with teens.

  18. Margaret R Gibson, Counsellor

    Lots of good insights into working with troublesome teens.

  19. Psychotherapist

    Great course! Full of very useful practical tips. Helped me to understand teenagers better.

  20. Charlie Green, Training Manager

    Being online was convenient and surprisingly engaging. I got to know lots of people in the group thanks to the variety of ways we all were encouraged to interact. The breakout rooms worked really well and the training team ran the tech very smoothly. Really impressed. I will definitely do more HG training online.

  21. Counsellor

    Very insightful course.. would recommend!

  22. HG Therapist

    Really useful and thought provoking day with lots of practical advice and insight of real situations/examples.

  23. Diana Gunner, School Counsellor

    This was a thoroughly enjoyable course. Richard’s easy way of teaching made the day fly by but I also came away with lots of tools to use with my students.

  24. Vicki Barnes, CYP Co-ordinator

    I came away with lots of new knowledge and feeling like everything made sense. The use of theory and being able to break out in groups and put this into practice, really helped. I found Richard to be very engaging and he explained everything very well. I would certainly recommend as I have found that the course has put a few ‘jigsaw’ pieces together for me in being able to develop material for teenagers.

  25. Ingrid Blades, Director

    Very useful workshop for understanding how HG psychology can be used with teens. It was full of very helpful practical techniques and tools. Workshop participants were able to draw from Richard’s huge knowledge and experience – a sort of group mentoring approach that encouraged us to gleam as much as possible from his brain that inspired and informed solution based interventions across different types of work with teens.

  26. Attendee

    An enlightening and inspirational course.

  27. Health coach and HG counsellor

    This was a great course giving brilliant insight into how to better support troubled teenagers. The content was useful, practical and feels possible.

  28. Teacher/psychologist

    Nice information gently given to be accessible to a wide range of audiences.

  29. Counsellor

    Really useful for anyone working with challenging teens. Richard has a wealth of knowledge and experience with this age group and I have gained some great insights and new ideas to put into practice – thank you!

  30. Sean O’Callaghan, Former teacher

    I learnt so much today about how to effectively engage with teenagers (and others). Looking forward to using these techniques.

  31. Caroline Moodie, Clinical Hypnotherapist

    Wonderful wise lecturer, well rounded course with exercises which enabled us to ‘meet’ others on the course. Well presented and explained. The only criticism would be the necessity of the ‘Running with Bulls’ film.

  32. Chartered Psychologist in private practice.

    Richard Brooks was very useful as he not only presented useful facts but matched them up with examples of how he had tackled using the facts with teenagers with behavioural difficulties. The models used are so much better than the old ABC approach, which I realise is now quite outdated. Thank you again.

  33. Retired / Volunteer

    It was a last minute decision to do this course – but I am delighted I did as it was excellent!

  34. School Counsellor

    So much of what was said was relevant to my day-to-day experiences. I’m glad I came.

  35. Educational Psychologist

    A useful overview of the human givens philosophy and an introduction to some of the tools that can be used when working with teenagers. The section on RIGAAR and the activity was particularly useful and insightful.

  36. Coach Mentor

    Some really useful strategies for working with young people. Very relevant to current profession.

  37. School Counsellor

    Fantastic day. Learned a lot in a very relaxed and open atmosphere. Thank you.

  38. Pupil Support Worker

    Very relevant to my work – touched on many situations I face daily

  39. Student

    The whole day was very interesting and useful. I particularly enjoyed the anecdotes, which made the theories easier to understand.

  40. Keyworker for offenders

    Excellent throughout and highly relevant to my work. Today has enabled me to be more imaginative and creative with engaging young people.

  41. Educational Psychologist

    As a practitioner in secondary schools, the handouts and concepts are very constructive for promoting understanding in the minds of school colleagues who can unwittingly escalate problems. I thought it worked well for me – an excellent mix of information and practical activities all imbued with the HG approach.

  42. Youth Service/Probation Officer

    I feel much better equipped to work with young people now.

  43. Probation Officer

    The practical skills, exercises and presentation were all excellent.

  44. Police

    Enlightening and informative! A thoroughly worthwhile day.

  45. Hypnotherapist

    I have gained loads from today – too much to write down! Excellent mix of practical exercises and listening. Richard is very engaging and interesting – wish I’d met someone like him when I was a teenager.

  46. Garda Diversion Youth Project Co-ordinator (Police Juvenile Projects in Ireland), Garda Diversion Youth Project Co-ordinator (Police Juvenile Projects in Ireland)

    Very practical, useful advice and a new approach to bringing about behavioural change.

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