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PC Sharon Herbert, the coordinator for a uniformed youth organisation, explains why in-house human givens training proved the best option for their specific needs.

We work with a broad spectrum of young people who are extremely vulnerable and present with difficult attitudes to understand and navigate sometimes.

The dynamic of the group we were working with had become increasingly difficult to manage and as we need to maintain engagement and trust with them this was putting a huge amount of pressure on our staff to continue to harness positive relationships.

I soon identified that we required additional training in understanding and managing challenging teen behaviours and started looking around to see what was available.

Why human givens?

I explored a number of training options but found the human givens training delivered by Richard Brook, How to work with troubled and troublesome teenagers, was the only one that covered all the areas I was specifically looking for – from teen development, neuroscience and practical tools for staff to utilise confidently, to building an environment where our young people were understood and the positive change we were looking for would be effected. And not forgetting the need to reduce the stress that was building amongst my team!

The feedback was outstanding – and the skills and knowledge gained have gone on to have a really positive impact...

The tutor Richard has a wealth of hands on practical experience and references to draw upon and is extremely engaging in his delivery.

When I reviewed the staff feedback forms after the session to report back on the gaps that we had closed the feedback was outstanding – and the skills and knowledge gained have gone on to have a really positive impact on the dynamic of the group and also with particular individuals.

My staff are more relaxed, empowered and confident now – and will no doubt also apply the learning outside of the work environment with their own children!

My staff are more relaxed, empowered and confident now...

Thanks to Sharon and everyone at The City of London Police – we were very glad to be able to help you in the important work you’re doing with vulnerable young people.

Find out more

Find out more

Bringing the course in-house made it easier and more cost-effective for staff to attend – and there was more time for discussions with the tutor, Richard Brook, around their own specific needs, the dynamics of the group they work with and the particular challenges the youth team were experiencing.


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