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How to help children thrive

Gain effective tools and communication skills to help improve outcomes, support healthy child development, diffuse challenging behaviour, deal with difficult feelings, build resilience – and more

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How to help children thrive (Live Online Workshop)

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  • Date: Tues 7th February 2023

  • Length 1 day (9.15am - 4.00pm GMT)

  • Tutor: Miriam Chachamu

  • CPD Certificate 6 hours

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Tutor: Miriam ChachamuLive Online Join family therapist and best-selling author Miriam Chachamu on Tuesday 7th February 2023 for her inspiring workshop, you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and benefit from her extensive experience. The day is held via Zoom.
BONUS – the training is recorded in case anyone experiences technical differences, so you will also get a recording for a limited time afterwards to maximise your learning.

Highly recommended! Miriam has extensive knowledge and experience of working with children ... A huge bonus is that many of the skills learned could also be useful in strengthening communication and relationships with adults

Health Visitor

Why take this course

Life is harder than normal for many children today. More than ever before, they struggle with low self-esteem or low mood, depression, anger and anxiety. It’s therefore important that we understand children’s perspective and their emotional needs so we can support their development and enable them to fully enjoy their childhood, gain valuable life skills and grow to become their best.

Drawing on new research about children’s brain development, Miriam uses her extensive experience of working with families and children to give you a wealth of insights into children’s mental health and effective communication skills that you can implement straight away to improve relationships and outcomes. You will learn how to connect with children to: get them to open up to you; help them deal with difficult emotions and reduce emotional outbursts; guide them to learn from past mistakes; build confidence and healthy self-esteem; and provide them with lifelong skills including communicating effectively, positive behaviour, taking responsibility and understanding their feelings.

She also looks at the effects on children of difficult life experiences, some of them traumatic, and the causes of challenging behaviour and difficult emotional outbursts in children who haven’t experienced such difficulties. Using the many insights and skills covered on this course, it is possible to create environments in which not only children but also the rest of the family, class or school can thrive.

Essential information about why children act the way they do and how to respond in healthy, appropriate ways ...

Melanie Kettner-Borough

What will you learn

  • New research about children’s brain development and emotional wellbeing
  • How difficult life events can shape a child’s mind – and what we can do to help
  • Distress signs to look out for that indicate a child isn’t thriving, or is suffering from low self-esteem or depression
  • A better understanding of difficult feelings, effective skills for dealing with them and preventing future emotional outbursts
  • New insights into how children feel, think and understand our communication with them, which will increase cooperation and improve relationships – you may be surprised at what you find out!
  • How our attempts to help sometimes backfire and what we could do instead
  • How to prevent most temper tantrums and difficult behaviour – and de-escalate the ones that do happen
  • What children need to be mentally healthy
  • How to develop positive relationships with children
  • Healthy and lasting ways to engender self-esteem in children
  • Practical skills for motivating children to be their best
  • How to help children both spot and learn from their mistakes
  • Typical obstacles that prevent children from learning and progressing – and how to remove them
  • Relaxation and self-regulation skills
  • How to know what is realistic to expect from each child
  • New language skills for improving outcomes
  • Tried and tested ways to prevent or manage difficult behaviour
  • How to create an environment in which not only the child but the whole family flourishes
  • The opportunity to discuss with a highly experienced tutor how to apply what you’ve learnt with the children you know
  • plus Course notes and CPD Certificate

This practical day is full of insights and positive, gentle and effective tools for helping children to feel good about themselves, improve challenging behaviour and gain essential skills for life. It looks at the causes of children’s mental health struggles, the developmental impact of difficult life experiences and/trauma, how we can communicate better with children to avoid escalating a situation and help them deal with difficult emotions, practical steps for improving their mental health and much more…

Course Programme

The ‘How to help children thrive’ live online course starts at 9.15am and runs until 4.00pm. (GMT).

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Teachers, social workers, therapists, and anyone else working with children who would like to gain a better understanding of the causes of mental health struggles, and practical ways to help improve children’s wellbeing, behaviour, self-esteem and confidence
  • Anyone who wants a better understanding of how children think and feel, and perceive our communication with them
  • Anyone who interacts with children and would like to learn new positive and effective skills to connect with them and to motivate them to become their best
  • Therapists and parenting practitioners who are interested in empowering parents to become more confident and skilled in their parenting practices
  • Parents who wish to improve their relationships with their children, reduce friction and increase harmony in the home
  • Therapists and parenting practitioners who are interested in helping others develop positive relationships with their children or to communicate effectively with children and prevent emotional outbursts
  • Anyone else who would like to have a better understanding of the world from a child’s perspective and discover how they can use this understanding to improve children’s behaviour and wellbeing

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Reviews for this course

4.8/5 (46 Reviews)
  1. Retired

    Miriam presented an excellent informative, interactive, up-to-date and practical course, on how to help children with their emotions and to thrive in an increasingly technological and changing culture, citing many good examples of helpful and unhelpful interactions and skills for positive communication. A very worthwhile course

  2. Jean Ramsey, Education Coach

    Was so sorry I could not attend the live training as I was coaching sixth form students around exam anxiety on 10th May. Loved the informal presentation style. Such a great deal of information delivered in a very digestible format. Liked going from theory to what a a good one looks like! Will definitely be using these techniques in my own work in schools and at home. I love how the human givens needs based work is gradually filtering into schools. I follow Paul Dix and Rob Plevin too and I see the thread of kindness and respectful communication running through it all. Thank you so much!

  3. HG Psychotherapist

    Really enjoyed this course. I already knew about some of the techniques, but Miriam dug deeper and gave some really useful examples in how to talk to young children in a way that really helps.

  4. June Dean, Counsellor

    Miriam is very engaging as a presenter. She covers all the aspects of what the course was about. I especially enjoyed the videos, as this brought the course to life by showing visual examples, this really helped me to understand the concept.

  5. Lyn Tonks, HG Counsellor

    Miriam spoke to us in a way which made the learning seem fun. I took away a lot of useful knowledge for working with young children.

  6. Vicki Frost, HG Therapist

    A great course delivered by an excellent tutor.

  7. Teacher

    Really glad I attended. Great new skills and helpful insights into what drives children’s behaviour which I can use straight away. Particularly liked the section on anger outbursts – that’s going to be very useful!

  8. Melanie Kettner-Borough

    Such crucial information and reminders useful for any parent, teacher, social worker, childworker or therapist/counsellor. Essential information about why children act the way they do and how to respond in a healthy appropriate way avoiding traditional mindsets and cultural pitfalls. Highly recommended. Miriam Chachamu lead an honest, empathetic seminar highlighting all the methods and values held by Human Givens thinking. I wish this information was more broadly accessible. Many thanks. Worth every penny and the day I spent dedicated to this learning.

  9. Elaine Curtin

    I went in open to learning and left not only with a treasure chest but with a sense of patience and empathy when around children and their parents.

  10. Tara

    I really enjoyed this one day workshop, even though the microphone was not working on my laptop! I felt included in the group and by Miriam. The information shared was explained with patience and broken down in a way that I did not get over loaded at once. The slides also helped as a visual. I feel much more equipped with knowledge about how children may see and feel the world around them, and a deeper understanding of how to interact with them should obstacles arise and pass on this knowledge to parents/carers.

  11. Counsellor

    Interesting and insightful with useful strategies on supporting children.

  12. Claire Morris, HG Therapist

    I found the course very insightful and learnt a lot. Miriam is a great tutor that lead us skilfully through the stages of understanding and then onto delivery of skills in practice. Thank you.

  13. Judith Desbonne, Human Givens psychological therapist

    Miriam is a very knowledgeable tutor with a lot of experience. The day was jam packed with information and practical skills for working with younger children. Although I am an experienced HG therapist, the course was still able to make me look at the theory in a different way, such as adapting the HG needs and resources for children.

  14. Tom Lawrence, Psychotherapist

    Interesting, informative and relevant. Miriam has a gift for working with children.

  15. Gideon Boulting, Director Producer Film and TV


  16. Clinical Psychology

    It had good theoretical explanations. I think it can benefit if it has more practical exercises, and if students can ask more questions.

  17. Health Visitor

    Miriam has extensive knowledge and experience of working with children and provided a raft of practical tips and effective communication skills to utilise with in order to help them understand their emotions and thrive. A huge bonus is that many of skills learned on this course could also be useful in strengthening communication skills and relationships with adults. Highly recommended!

  18. Music Teacher & Coach

    I found this course fascinating. It brought together lots of strands of knowledge of which I was already aware, expanded on them and also filled in some of the gaps! There was a lot of very useful material which I intend to use as a starting point for further exploration and I will definitely be putting the principles into practice.

  19. Sean O’Callaghan, Former teacher

    Very good course highlighting the issues that can affect children’s development and how to best help them using the Human Givens approach.

  20. Charlie, Architect, counsellor, parent

    A straight forward introduction to raising and working with children using the HG approach.

  21. Sue, TA and creative writer

    I loved Miriam’s enthusiasm – great to be able to work closely with someone of her experience. Really helpful.

  22. Cognitive Hypnotherapist

    Lots of relevant points for me both as a therapist, mum and grandma.

  23. HG Therapist (Trainee)

    The course was brilliant.

  24. Relationship Counsellor

    Excellent interactive day and enthusiastic and skilled teacher/therapist.

  25. Hypnotherapist

    Practical, calm approach – applicable to adults too!

  26. Solitcitor

    Found the idea of descriptive listening particularly useful – I can see how this could diffuse a situation.

  27. Priest

    A useful day. The course leader was very engaging and flexible about responding to questions.

  28. K.S, GP

    I learnt a lot of good responses and approaches to children and the underlying principles behind these approaches.

  29. Mum of two under 5s!

    Thanks for a wonderfully helpful day, lots of light bulb moments for me. Very useful to understand a lot of children’s behaviour is a means of getting their needs met. Great to work with Miriam.

  30. Outreach Worker

    A really helpful day – I found the section on how children perceive what we say to them a real eye-opener and will now be much more careful with the language I use!

  31. Physiotherapist and HG Graduate

    All of it was useful, but the exercises we did really made me think! Very relevant to all the children in one’s life whether they are 8 or 80!

  32. Educator/Therapist

    As usual a great day with helpful and informative course materials that effectively back up the main ideas discussed and presented.

  33. Psychotherapist (HG)

    The demonstrations of reflective listening with children, looking at events from a child’s perspective and relating everything to a child’s needs – and not blaming – were particularly useful. A great day, thank you.

  34. HG Therapist / Reflexologist

    A really useful day. The demonstration was especially useful and interesting. I also liked the way Miriam provided examples to illustrate all the techniques/points she was making.

  35. Kim, Teacher

    Particularly useful was the understanding of why children act out and how we can help them. Miriam was absolutely superb – so knowledgeable and a great speaker. I feel I have learned many techniques and I hope we can book her to do some training at my school.

  36. Therapist

    I thought the day was very informative and fulfilling – thank you.

  37. Mother and Marketeer

    The explanations were very good and led on from one another in a constructive way – adding to the information and building knowledge. The tools and skills discussed are very useful. Miriam broke them down, used examples and role play so we could understand them thoroughly and their application. I thought it was a very well run training day – so much information to pack in.

  38. Teacher

    All elements skilfully woven together. Theory and practical approaches clearly connected. Material presented with authority and good nature.

  39. Health Visitor

    Many thanks – brilliant

  40. Headteacher

    A great day. Really helpful to understand the difference between perception and reality of an experience and how it can affect children and adults.

  41. Andrew, Psychotherapist

    All of it was useful – I learnt so much.

  42. Sophie, Medical secretary

    Really helpful exercise around stopping behaviour from getting out of control.

  43. Foster carer

    I’ve read Miriam’s excellent book but this brought it all to life more clearly for me. It was great to see some of the skills demonstrated and to practise ourselves. I also appreciated being able to talk to her about some of the behavioural problems I have to deal with.

  44. Probation Officer

    There was lots covered that I will use in my work – eg. how to praise appropriately; building resilience was also very useful. And how to de-escalate or avoid anger outbursts. This will be very helpful in working with young people or with those who have children.

  45. Housewife/Mother

    This has given me a wealth of information and skills – I particularly liked the anger mountain idea. Miriam really knows her subject.

  46. Nurse

    Thank you! Today has given me a much better insight into how kids behave and why – and I feel much more confident about dealing with the difficult situations I often have to face at work now.

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