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Antidepressants: what we all need to know new

Taking or considering taking antidepressants? Or perhaps you know someone who is? This unique, highly informative day with Beverley Thomson addresses all your questions and concerns.

Course Factfile

Antidepressants: what we all need to know

  • Date: Thurs 14th July 2022

  • Length: 1 day (9.30am–4.00pm BST)

  • Tutor: Beverley Thomson

  • Suitable for: Anyone interested for personal reasons – all health and welfare professionals  (see below)

  • Limited places available

  • CPD Certificate: 6 hours

  • Price: £90 per person

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Live Online One-off Event join expert Beverley Thomson on Thursday 14th July 2022 for this special event held via Zoom.

BONUS – in case anyone experiences technical difficulties, a recording will also be made available to delegates for a limited time afterwards.

Antidepressants are now prescribed in their millions for depression and a surprising number of other conditions. As they can cause a wide variety of physical and psychological effects, it’s vital that anyone considering taking such medication – or who cares for, supports or works with someone who is – knows about and is able to recognise them.

This special online event gives you the opportunity to join Beverley Thomson, a well-known expert speaker, writer and researcher in the field, to find out more for yourself. Whilst recognising that medication can play an important role in recovery, our combined aim with this day is to help empower the public to make fully informed choices.

Why you should attend

Most people who take antidepressants in good faith (as prescribed by their doctors) or who are considering taking them, know very little about the extent of the potential risks. Often turned to by the medical profession as the quickest solution (NHS waiting lists for therapy are long), overprescribing, unrecognised patient harm, limited scientific knowledge and little support for those who wish to withdraw from their medication are compounding patients’ problems. Others, meanwhile, find their medication helpful but would like to be fully informed and know how to manage it better.

This day, with a generous amount of time allowed for questions, is an opportunity to learn the full facts and, with open minds, explore options to help ourselves and others avoid harm and dependence. It will enable all of us to consider more fully the options available and to become more ‘savvy’ consumers.

Essential information – really helpful

What you will learn

  • How our mental health became medicalised in the first place
  • The truth about what antidepressants can – and can’t – do
  • Why so-called ‘chemical imbalance’ is a myth
  • How antidepressants really work
  • How taking antidepressants affects all needs and resources
  • How to be an ‘informed patient’ and give ‘informed consent’
  • Why antidepressants affect different people differently
  • How to recognise the diversity of potential antidepressant adverse effects
  • How to identify dependence and ways it makes us vulnerable
  • The risks of antidepressant-induced intense agitation (akathisia) and antidepressant-induced suicide
  • Safest withdrawal methods from antidepressants
  • Understanding of the ‘harm reduction approach’
  • Why antidepressant use is of special concern in children, the elderly – and in veterans
  • The up-to-date position (from research and guidelines) for understanding/avoiding the withdrawal relapse trap
  • Why antidepressant side effects may be diagnosed as ‘medically unexplained symptoms’ and ‘functional disorders’ – and why this matters hugely
  • How antidepressants may affect talking therapies
  • What needs to change and how it needs to happen

Programme for the day

The ‘Antidepressants: what we all need to know’ online course starts at 9.15am and runs until 4.00pm. (BST).

Important note:

We recognise and acknowledge that medication can play a crucial role in recovery for many people. The aim of this workshop is simply to give patients and the public essential information that will help empower them to make informed choices about taking medication.

Who this day is suitable for

  • Anyone who is taking or considering taking antidepressants and wants to know more about them
  • Anyone who lives, works with or is close to someone who is taking/considering taking antidepressants, and wants to be best able to support them
  • All health and welfare professionals – including counsellors and psychotherapists working with people who may be taking antidepressants for depression, anxiety or other conditions (OCD, eating disorders, etc.), GPs, psychiatrists and psychologists

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