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The Missing Links – Affect Bridge, Molar Memories and Sub-threshold Trauma new

Essential CPD to deepen your understanding and develop your skills as an HG therapist

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Affect Bridge, Molar Memories and Sub-threshold Trauma

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  • Date: Tues 17th October

  • CPD Certificate: 3 hours

  • Length: 9.45am – 1.00pm (BST)

  • Tutor: Rosalind Townsend

  • Price: £95 per person

Price includes handouts and access to a recording


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There are many occasions when a client presents with an excessive emotional response and it is not immediately apparent why this is happening. Perhaps they know that they are ‘over-reacting’ in some way – getting very angry, very fearful – or are experiencing a driven urge to take a particular action – such as eating or having sex.

This live online course, designed specifically for HG therapists, will help you gain confidence in working safely and ethically with affect bridges to discover if an unhelpful pattern, in the form of a molar memory or sub-threshold trauma is at the root of their experience, allowing you to then determine collaboratively with your client the best ways of addressing that. During the course, there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions of the tutor, and to engage in exercises and discussions with your peers and colleagues.

NEW – we envisage running this training once a year.  Join Ros Townsend live online on Tuesday 17th October for this important CPD course, designed specifically for HG therapists.  BONUS – you will get a recording for 2 weeks afterwards to maximise your learning.

Why take this course

Whether you are a new HG therapist wanting to develop a clear understanding of how to utilise an affect bridge to determine if a molar memory or sub-threshold trauma is present, and to better understand the protocols for working with these, or whether you are an experienced HG practitioner looking to refresh your knowledge and delve deeper into understanding this valuable skillset, this course will help you gain the skills and understanding you need to do so safely and effectively.

In an early article regarding molar memories, Joe Griffin termed them ‘an ancient mechanism that is ruining lives’; and the impact of such driven urges on the lives of our clients cannot be underestimated. Molar memories can, on first encountering the theory, seem complicated and unfathomable, but this course will set them – and sub-threshold traumas and the use of the affect bridge to access both – within a clear framework of understanding, linking back to the way in which our brain perceives things (referencing the APET model) and to RIGAAR (how we structure a good therapy session).

During the course, numerous case studies will be shared and used as the basis for exercises, and there will be ample opportunity to link the learning to your own experiences in the therapy room.

You will gain a clear understanding of: how to follow the treatment protocols for working with molar memories and sub-threshold traumas – adapting these, of course, to each client’s unique model of reality; how to safely and ethically utilise an affect bridge; and how to avoid the danger of creating any false memories.

Ros is a brilliant teacher and presenter. She made the whole course interesting, engaging and informative as well as very supportive. She was also very patient with all our questions!

Gemma Rogers, Counsellor/Coach

What the training covers:

  • How APET and RIGAAR relate to one another
  • Why an understanding of APET is essential when working with affect bridge
  • What an affect bridge is
  • How to use affect bridge safely and ethically within your therapy sessions
  • How to avoid the risk of creating false memories
  • Why we must proceed with caution when undertaking affect bridges when working online
  • The difference (in this context) between ‘positive’ and ‘negative’
  • The tell-tale patterns of a sub-threshold trauma and a molar memory being present
  • A framework to understand the presentations of both sub-threshold traumas and molar memories
  • How to identify a sub-threshold trauma
  • An understanding of the treatment protocol for sub-threshold traumas
  • How to identify a molar memory
  • An understanding of the treatment protocol for molar memories
  • Why molar memories sometimes present differently in complex trauma
  • How to use the understanding of APET and help clients to utilise affect bridge as a positive tool within their lives

Who is this course suitable for?

  • This course is designed for both trainee and fully-qualified HG therapists
  • It is recommended to all HG practitioners by the Human Givens Institute (HGI)


9.45 am – Join Zoom

10.00 am – Course session starts

1.00 pm – Course ends

In any online training it’s important to build in regular breaks and ensure that every 20 minutes there is a shift in focus of attention to pull the eyes away from the screen. There will be two 10–15 minute comfort breaks during the training and regular opportunities for discussion and exercises in break-out rooms.

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Meet your tutor

Rosalind Townsend, HG tutor and therapist

Rosalind Townsend

Ros Townsend is an experienced psychotherapist and supervisor with busy practices in SW England, where she combines private therapy work with referrals from Occupational Health and the NHS.

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The Missing Links – Affect Bridge, Molar Memories and Sub-threshold Trauma
Tues 17th October 2023 £95.00
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