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The Missing Links – Affect Bridge, Molar Memories and Sub-threshold Trauma new

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Affect Bridge, Molar Memories and Sub-threshold Trauma

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  • NEXT Date: Tues 8th Oct 2024

  • CPD Certificate: 3 hours

  • Length: 9.45am – 1.00pm (GMT)

  • Tutor: Rosalind Townsend

  • Price: £95 per person

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Join Ros Townsend live online on Tuesday 8th October for this important CPD course, designed specifically for mental health professionals interested in the human givens approach.  BONUS – you will get a recording for 2 weeks afterwards to maximise your learning.

There are many occasions when a client presents with an excessive emotional response and it is not immediately apparent why this is happening. Perhaps they know that they are ‘over-reacting’ in some way – getting very angry, very fearful – or are experiencing a driven urge to take a particular action – such as eating or having sex.

This live online course will help you gain confidence in working safely and ethically with affect bridges to discover if an unhelpful pattern, in the form of a molar memory or sub-threshold trauma is at the root of their experience, allowing you to then determine collaboratively with your client the best ways of addressing that. During the course, there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions of the tutor, and to engage in exercises and discussions with your peers and colleagues.

Why take this course

Whether you are a new HG therapist wanting to develop a clear understanding of how to utilise an affect bridge to determine if a molar memory or sub-threshold trauma is present, and to better understand the protocols for working with these, or whether you are an experienced HG practitioner looking to refresh your knowledge and delve deeper into understanding this valuable skillset, this course will help you gain the skills and understanding you need to do so safely and effectively.

In an early article regarding molar memories, Joe Griffin termed them ‘an ancient mechanism that is ruining lives’; and the impact of such driven urges on the lives of our clients cannot be underestimated. Molar memories can, on first encountering the theory, seem complicated and unfathomable, but this course will set them – and sub-threshold traumas and the use of the affect bridge to access both – within a clear framework of understanding, linking back to the way in which our brain perceives things (referencing the APET model) and to RIGAAR (how we structure a good therapy session).

During the course, numerous case studies will be shared and used as the basis for exercises, and there will be ample opportunity to link the learning to your own experiences in the therapy room.

You will gain a clear understanding of: how to follow the treatment protocols for working with molar memories and sub-threshold traumas – adapting these, of course, to each client’s unique model of reality; how to safely and ethically utilise an affect bridge; and how to avoid the danger of creating any false memories.

Ros is a brilliant teacher and presenter. She made the whole course interesting, engaging and informative as well as very supportive. She was also very patient with all our questions!

Gemma Rogers, Counsellor/Coach

What the training covers:

  • How APET and RIGAAR relate to one another
  • Why an understanding of APET is essential when working with affect bridge
  • What an affect bridge is
  • How to use affect bridge safely and ethically within your therapy sessions
  • How to avoid the risk of creating false memories
  • Why we must proceed with caution when undertaking affect bridges when working online
  • The difference (in this context) between ‘positive’ and ‘negative’
  • The tell-tale patterns of a sub-threshold trauma and a molar memory being present
  • A framework to understand the presentations of both sub-threshold traumas and molar memories
  • How to identify a sub-threshold trauma
  • An understanding of the treatment protocol for sub-threshold traumas
  • How to identify a molar memory
  • An understanding of the treatment protocol for molar memories
  • Why molar memories sometimes present differently in complex trauma
  • How to use the understanding of APET and help clients to utilise affect bridge as a positive tool within their lives

Who is this course suitable for?

  • This course is designed for both trainee and fully-qualified HG therapists
  • It is also suitable for any mental health professionals interested in the human givens approach
  • It is recommended to all HG practitioners by the Human Givens Institute (HGI)


9.45 am – Join Zoom

10.00 am – Course session starts

1.00 pm – Course ends

In any online training it’s important to build in regular breaks and ensure that every 20 minutes there is a shift in focus of attention to pull the eyes away from the screen. There will be two 10–15 minute comfort breaks during the training and regular opportunities for discussion and exercises in break-out rooms.

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Meet your tutor

Rosalind Townsend, HG tutor and therapist

Rosalind Townsend

Ros Townsend is an experienced psychotherapist and supervisor with busy practices in SW England, where she combines private therapy work with referrals from Occupational Health and the NHS.

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Reviews for this course

5/5 (50 Reviews)
  1. Helen Prosper, Counsellor

    This was a wonderful illuminating course which really helped demystify molar memories. It provided great examples of how to use the affect bridge, how to identify a molar memory and how to work with one. An excellent course.

  2. Lucy Evans, HG Therapist

    The presentation was very clear and I discovered some things I had never quite grasped before. A good balance between the presentation, and group practice and plenty of time for questions. The presenter was enthusiastic and approachable.

  3. Keith Nelson, Counsellor

    It clarified the concepts for me and opened up a whole new “tool” for my therapy toolkit.

  4. Don Elwick, Psychotherapist

    Ros does a great job of making the concepts and techniques clear. I was particularly struck by the way she clarifies the path to disceerning whether we are dealing with a Molar Memory or a Sub-Threshold Trauma – this was not previously easy to grasp before. I was also relieved to discover that a client I currently have is not likely to need the Molar memories unearthed – as he has already come across as very clear about what has happened in his life from a very early age. It made my next session with them very productive!

  5. Pauline West, HG Therapist

    Well presented, comprehensive and informative.

  6. Psychotherapist

    It was a really helpful course to build my confidence in using the Affect Bridge technique and in my understanding of Molar Memories. I loved all the practical examples which really increased my understanding of these topics

  7. Hypnotherapist

    This was so clear and helpful. I now have a decent understanding of new skills and thorough knowledge as to why and how they can work. Ros is a generous and to the point teacher.

  8. Laura Heijting, Volunteer Language Teacher, Mother of Adult Kids and HG Student

    I loved Ros’s way of explaining the affect bridge, molar memories and sub-treshold traumas with crystal clear, simple diagrams and memorable illustrations.
    The case histories we worked with made it easy to see their practical use, and it deepened my understanding

  9. Unnur Inga Jensen-Wilmot, HG Student, Positive Psychology Practitioner

    I found the course immensely informative and thought provoking. It gave me a new insight into the therapeutic aspects of Human Givens. Brilliant course!

  10. Heather Cowen, HG Psychotherapist

    A well designed course and clearly presented by Ros who clearly explained the difference between sub threshold and molar memories. Referencing the RIGAAR and APET models it was clear how ‘molar memories’ theory dovetails seamlessly into the counselling process. Thus allowing the therapist to consider their therapeutic options in their HG ‘tool box’.

  11. Therapist

    So good to have these brilliant, (but sometimes a little bewildering!) skills broken down in to such simple and easy to understand steps. Ros has such a kind and reassuring way of teaching. A really valuable course that would enhance the practice of even the most experienced of therapists.

  12. Anna Tingle, HG Therapist

    The course was an extremely helpful way of refreshing and extending my understanding of more complex presentations in clients. It was delivered in a coherent and structured manner, and has certainly helped to build my confidence in delivering effective therapy.

  13. Wellbeing & Energy Specialist/Trainer

    As always, Ros delivers brilliantly! As with all things, a lot to get your head round, but I feel I pretty much got it by the end – or I hope so!!! Trying to keep it simple!
    Very useful tools/processes/techniques to go alongside my Rewind work.
    Ros holds space exceptionally well and is incredibly patient. Her time keeping is impeccable considering the amount of people on the course. Respect!
    See you soon.

  14. Jason Dean, Psychological Therapist

    Excellent content and Ros did a great job of explaining a notoriously tricky concept – molar memories 🙂

  15. Holistic Therapist

    An overdue and longed for refresher on Molar Memories. Good to have a clear, simple, uncomplicated explanation to get clarity on what most people I’ve spoken to never understood from the original training. Thank you Ros

  16. Emma Grey, Psychotherapist and Trainer

    As an experienced therapist, my motivation to attend was to seek ways to integrate these techniques into my everyday toolkit- as I felt I’d pushed them to the back of the (metaphoric) drawer. Ros was engaging from the start of the session and was intuitive and creative when responding to questions throughout. Thank you for a great morning, which I both enjoyed and found valuable.

  17. Diana Thornton, HG Therapist and Mindful Self-Compassion teacher

    Very clear explanations of concepts I have previously found elusive. I now feel confident to use them in my practice.

  18. Carmel Austin, HG Therapist

    Excellent morning. Ros presented the information in a very understandable way. Would highly recommend this workshop to both new and experienced HG Therapists. Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable morning.

  19. Human Givens Psychotherapist

    One of the most useful CPD courses that I have attended – clear, concise and easy to understand. This training has given me more confidence to use these protocols and has really embedded prior learning on the subject.

  20. Charlie Green, Deputy Head of Education & Training

    Ros delivered a clear and inspiring session which I have continued to reflect on each day since attending. It has brought a fresh clarity to working with the affect bridge and molar memories. Very valuable and have recommended widely to my colleagues

  21. HG Counsellor

    First rate training on a complex subject area, I feel so much better informed now!

  22. Amanda Johns, HG Practitioner

    Great course. Very well explained, step by step, layering the knowledge. Very clear examples and able to answer attendees questions well.

  23. Marta Maj, HG Psychotherapist

    I enjoyed the workshop very much, very useful information, delivered with clarity. I particularly liked working with colleagues in groups. It was very helpful.

  24. Emotional Wellbeing Lead & Senior Counsellor

    The trainer was very knowledgeable and explained the principles clearly.

  25. Human Givens Psychotherapist

    Long time coming but well worth waiting for. Really well planned out course and the three techniques extremely well explained. Ros is a brilliant trainer able to impart knowledge and expertise in such a user friendly way. Thoroughly enjoyed the training. Thank you.

  26. Roberta Hutchins, HG Therapist

    A comprehensive course, built up really gradually with theory and group exercises to create a much clearer understanding of molar memories and sub threshold trauma.

  27. Catherine Neil, HG Therapist

    Ros delivers this CPD study day with a deft touch – wisdom, experience and clarity are her hallmarks. FINALLY, I have understood what Sub Threshold Trauma and Molar Memories are and how to work using an Affect Bridge. I loved the breakout exercises, which were a wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into this subject and meet with other HG Therapists.

  28. Suzi Morris, Trainee HG Therapist

    Excellent content and structure – really helped clarify both theoretically and practically what I consider to be the most complex theories in HG. Very engaging and rewarding exercises, and Ros’s facilitation and delivery was superb as always. Thank you

  29. Julie Lowe, Dance teacher/HG therapist

    The course was so clearly delivered that I feel I now have much more clarity around the protocols discussed. The breakout rooms resulted in some interesting discussions too.

  30. Bunty, Human Givens Psychotherapist

    It is so helpful to have Ros’s clarity and really helpful case studies to refresh and embed these very useful techniques

  31. Psychotherapist

    The contents of this course were presented so clearly verbally and visually – aiding our understanding and ability to ‘unpick’ problems presented in therapy. Seeing how these elements are addressed across the different elements of RIGAAR and through the lens of getting needs met. There was a good balance of working in groups versus receiving information – enabling us to clarify our understanding and ability to use this knowledge effectively. Thank you so much for putting together such a helpful resource.

  32. Aliya Drake, HG Therapist

    This was such a useful course and really helped clarify my understanding of the subject.

  33. Stuart Fyfe, Psychotherapist

    This training was fantastic, I really enjoyed it. It was very clearly laid out so each piece of knowledge and understanding built on the previous piece, giving a clear and concise set of learning points that led to a firm grasp of sub-threshold trauma and molar memories.
    Asking participants to consider and share a positive affect bridge is a fantastic way of helping everyone feel relaxed and confident, as well as building rapport between participants in break out rooms very quickly… Brilliant!

  34. Trainee HG Therapist

    Ros has an ability to explain a series of topics that are powerful tools in our therapist toolbox in a way that is easy to understand and grasp at the fundamental level. The short exercises and discussions all enhance the learning. For a therapist just starting out this will become an increasingly valuable and familiar tool. Highly recommended!

  35. Clare Pargeter, HG Therapist

    Thank you so much Ros for unpacking and very clearly explaining a subject which over the years I’ve found rather mystifying. I feel I now have a much better handle on molar memories and how to use them sensitively without setting up expectations which might not be fulfilled. I loved that the workshop started and ended with some positive examples which helped me really understand how RIGAAR and APET work together to create memories which can affect us both negatively and positively subconsciously for life. And how to help clients overcome and positively reframe negative pattern matches and negative bias. Creating a Happiness Trap was a lovely takeaway and is certainly something that will be gifted to all my clients – as well as to myself. Interesting case studies and group discussions, very well paced, enough time for Q & As and for cups of tea! Thanks to everyone involved.

  36. Andrew Richardson, HG Practitioner

    Ros Townsend was excellent – clear, welcoming and quite insightful, clearly from her personal experience. As an experienced practitioner myself it was good to have confirmation that my basic approach seemed to be appropriate. But I also learned a few things, especially around molar memories and the importance of distinguishing between positive and negative emotions.

  37. HG Psychotherapist

    Excellent content, very well delivered with a clear structure. The deeper explanation of the issues and putting it into context of RIGAAR and APET worked very well for me. The course has given me the greater confidence in using the Affect Bridge as a useful tool to determine the course of the therapy session.

  38. Psychotherapist

    Ros always has such a clear and enthusiastic delivery. Her in-depth knowledge and experience makes any of the courses she delivers worth attending.

  39. Sara Simon, Human Givens Psychotherapist

    A really helpful recap. Ros’s teaching style is clear and pragmatic, but also warm and open to questions.

  40. Inga Springer, Human Givens Psychotherapist

    An excellent course which helped embed and clarify the use of the affect bridge in therapy and help me fully understand and recognise the difference between molar memories and sub threshold trauma. Ros is an excellent tutor. I can highly recommend this course, whether as a new student of the Human Givens approach or as a working HG practitioner, revising techniques to work effectively with clients.

  41. Pamela Woodford, HG Psychotherapist

    ‘The missing link’ very aptly named. Ros is a wonderful, knowledgeable trainer who definitely fills that link. She presents a somewhat complicated yet amazingly effective part of therapy in a way that brings clarity and understanding. Her voice tonality is excellent, as is her skill of putting people at ease. This all adds up to her students being in a comfortable place of learning and at ease to ask questions. Thank you Ros for an uplifting and thoroughly enjoyable CPD experience.

  42. IVF Counsellor

    This really was a very good course. I’d been struggling with molar memories, but the lights went on today! Well put together, great links between written and taught material. Ros as usual inspiring and approachable.

  43. Latania Kennard, School Psychotherapist

    Very informative and targeted training on very specific out of awareness experiences. Clear teaching and great use of scenarios to help me recognise the patterns that were highlighted. Patterns that I had an awareness of but now I feel are embedded as I have a much greater understanding of what they look like, what aren’t and what might be!

  44. Jayne Timmins, Counselling Tutor/Private Practice Supervisor

    Very clear. I finally ‘get’ molar memories after first hearing Joe Griffin talking about them years ago. I really liked and appreciated the small group work – it was especially useful for those with less experience.

  45. Karys Matthams, Emotional Needs and Resources Trainer

    I found this extremely helpful in making clear the concept of molar memories and the strategies for identifying and addressing them with clients. Ros’ explanation was precise and engaging, with useful examples to illustrate the learning points. I also found the activities in which we could discuss potential presentations of sub-threshold traumas and molar memories very useful. A concept that felt somewhat mysterious to me is now crystal clear!

  46. Michelle Buckles, Psychotherapist

    Ros delivered an excellent course simplifying essential trauma techniques to enable a firmer understanding of the concepts. The case study element allowed you to test out the techniques and apply them to examples. Questions were encouraged throughout which led to a richer learning experience. Highly recommended!

  47. Caroline Cawston, HG Therapist

    Ros really helped breakdown the differences and gave practical advice on how to work with someone who has sub-threshold trauma or molar memory. The way Ros delivered the course was in a very friendly and creative manner, which has definitely helped reinforce the previous knowledge I had and embedded it even further. The handouts were really useful, as was the breakout group scenarios. Thank you also to Arlene for her behind the scenes support and assistance.

  48. Counsellor

    Great course notes and good case studies – not too obvious with lots of complexity. Well delivered, confident and clear.

  49. Malcolm Hanson, HG Therapist

    A great review of some of the subtle aspects of therapy. Ros presents the ideas clearly and expertly.

  50. Judith Desbonne, Human Givens Psychotherapist

    A potentially complicated subject matter translated into easily digestible language. HG at its finest – thanks Ros.

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The Missing Links – Affect Bridge, Molar Memories and Sub-threshold Trauma
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