Stress Awareness

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, unable to sleep or think clearly, with racing thoughts or feelings of irritability and anxiety?

Being mentally stretched is good for us – our bodies are well-equipped to deal with short-term, unexpected challenges – and it helps us to solve problems, build relationships and to learn and develop. But sustained pressure – perhaps caused by an unhealthy working environment, today’s target-obsessed education system, or the recent challenges created by Covid-19 and the rising cost of living – can lead us to suffer from chronic stress, and this can be mentally and physically harmful.

Please thank everyone involved with the human givens approach … it brings all the relevant information about what it is to be human together into a simple whole … in an insane age it provides more than a glimmer of human hope.”

Review of 'How to reduce anxiety in students and young people' - Online Webinar

What can you do?

Stress can affect us all at some point in our lives – but help is available. Clear and jargon-free, the HG approach focuses on what we all need to live mentally healthy and fulfilling lives. By helping us to understand our innate emotional needs – and our essential need to meet these needs healthily and in balance – the HG framework sheds light on why difficulties arise and empowers us to find solutions.

In the twenty plus years since the HG approach was developed, it has helped tens of thousands of people to successfully overcome stress, anxiety and a wide range of other mental health conditions.

You can find a wealth of practical, effective, resources below – but first discover a simple relaxation technique that we know works … By activating the body’s natural “rest and digest” response, 7-11 breathing will immediately start to reduce your blood pressure, slow your heart rate and lower your emotional arousal.

This book … throws, as it were, a rope to a drowning person. It gives the reader an immediate feeling that it is possible to take control again.

review of 'How to Master Anxiety' book

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