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Is it possible to build resilience to stress?

Resilience has become a buzzword in mental health and corporate well-being – but what does it mean and why are some people more resilient to stress than others?

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Is it possible to build resilience to stress?

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Discover important insights that will help to inform your work and bring much needed clarity to the topics of stress and resilience.

Human givens psychotherapist, Julia Welstead explains the scientifically-sound answers to these important questions and an insightful view that will increase your understanding of “resilience” – allowing you to make more informed decisions and interventions.

Your no-nonsense approach is always refreshing. I just wish more people knew about and practiced the human givens approach.

HG Student

What will you learn

  • What “resilience” & “stress” really mean and where resilience comes from
  • A more helpful and sound alternative to the flawed concept of “good stress”
  • How we can build resilience in a way that is healthy – and how organisations can contribute to this in the workplace
  • An important model that will help you understand – and explain – stress and resilience
  • A number of practical ways to immediately reduce stress levels – useful for yourself or to teach others

Who is this webinar suitable for?

  • You – if you want to know the best ways to help people who are suffering from stress – whether for professional or personal reasons
  • HR consultants, HR managers, wellbeing officers, psychotherapists, counsellors, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, psychiatric nurses, occupational therapists, health visitors, nurses, pastoral workers, social workers, youth workers, trainee counsellors, psychology students, etc.
  • Anyone wanting to know more about the latest effective strategies for alleviating emotional distress that incorporate the latest insights from neuroscience

Reviews for this course

4.6/5 (31 Reviews)
  1. David Hector

    Thank you so much. This course was well presented and informative. Excellent!!

  2. Nicola Smith, SEN Intervention/Pastoral Mentor

    A straight forward, with with clear explanations short course. I found it very helpful and enjoyable. It was very insightful and I know it will be useful for my mentoring work with school pupils.

  3. Mary Prendergast, Nurse and Human Given Counsellor

    Very grateful to have this helpful and useful programme offered in a time of difficulty for all with the Covid pandemic. I found the breakdown of stress and resilience practical and supportive. As an introductory programme it works well gives clarity to the whole process of overcoming challenges and building resilience. Thank you

  4. Phyllis Foxton, Counsellor Psychotherapist / Facilitator with young Autistic adults

    Found this short course very interesting. I liked the way it focused on stress and resilience. Look forward to further webinars and training.

  5. Rowena Stark, Counsellor

    I found the presentation fluent, reassuring and very helpful. Thank you

  6. Juliet Hazlewood, I teach at a school for deaf children

    I like the break down of both the words stress and resilience. I like the connections which the tutor made when she explained how the body react to stress. The many things we can do to help release stress. I think I would try connection to nature. Very informative session.

  7. Armorel

    Really interesting. Am booking on to workshop next year.

  8. Louise

    I found this short course to be straightforward, understandable & useful. So much infact that I have just forwarded the link to my 2 sons at uni. and a friend. The best type of recommendation is always word of mouth and I will be spreading the word…Thank you

  9. Ybel

    I found her teaching style and her way of explaining this topic very insightful. I received more clarity and understanding about stress and resilience. The recommended interventions are great and relevant to the experiencing of stress.

  10. Vas

    Thank you for access to this webinar. In recent times, the subject of resilience has been spoken about much- the areas I work in have divided ‘opinions’. This short webinar was detailed, appropriate, practical and very useful on so many levels. More please!

  11. Alison

    I found this lecture very easy to understand. I like how it addressed issues such as parenting…i am a mother of 5 three of which are teenagers. I listened to this free lecture to see if I should start studying the human given approach and it has made up my mind that I am now going to enrol on some initial online courses.

  12. Maria Louise

    I agree that we live in a “nanny state” and that that undermines resilience. I also agree that it is possible to build up resilience. Good and interesting text

  13. Pat

    As a teacher and therapist, I found this very good. You could easily replace “work” with “school” and it works perfectly. I will be using this in my school work as well.

  14. Christine

    As a thought provoking webinar on where stress comes from and our natural resilience, this is an excellent starting point!

  15. Maria, Maria

    Good course.

  16. Cindy


  17. Caroline Marie

    Very good, thank you

  18. Scott

    Interesting course.

  19. Tabitha

    Thank you for providing this introductory course. It is nice background to the human givens approach.

  20. Pamela


  21. Laura


  22. Doneshia

    This course was very informative.

  23. Michal

    practical and informative could be a bit longer though

  24. Anna Maria

    In a nutshell, a very clear and understandable explanation of the relationship between stress and resilience and how we need both.

  25. Janet

    Having done the human givens part one and two courses I found this a great and concise reminder of some of the HG principles. Enjoyed the metaphors along with the practical strategies and in particular the emphasis on our innate quest for challenge which enables us to grow and develop our resilience along the way to our goals.

  26. Catriona

    interesting podcast – well presented

  27. Jan

    A very clear and useful course. Thank you.

  28. Blue

    This webinar is full of profundities collected together and stated in a cohesive way. It contains many of what I call ‘jelly beans’ – ie. partybags of ideas to take away – ideas that I’ve always known but not heard verbalised/ ideas that incite further thought/ can be applied to throw light on a current situation, ideas with clever vocabulary that simultaneously amuses and teaches, giving a wider perspective than the customary self involvement tunnel vision etc. It also includes useful to-do lists for emergencies – very handy. I like the re-framing concept – where one step to the left and a scrutinise will provide better perspective. I also like the use of visual and literary metaphor as these provide easy access hooks for the …er what’s that word? oh yes, memory. I will apply the wisdom in this webinar to my teaching and assessing in the university where I work, where all of this is particularly apposite!

  29. Lydia

    Very interesting, concise information, easy to listen to

  30. Beata

    Thanks Julia, for your webinar. It was very clear and well explained.

  31. Victoria

    Excellent webinar which can help many people look at what may be causing their stress and widen their perspective as to how best to deal with it, depending on their individual situation.

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Is it possible to build resilience to stress?
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