How to liberate yourself from pain

Practical help for sufferers

by Dr Grahame Brown with Denise Winn

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No matter how severe or persistent your experience of pain, it can be diminished – as How to liberate yourself from pain shows.

Down-to-earth, sympathetic and highly readable, this book turns our current understanding of pain on its head. It also readily acknowledges that pain without a clear physical cause is still very real indeed and shows why all pain is a combination of physical and psychological elements.

Packed full of effective, practical techniques for diminishing your discomfort, it shows how to identify and overcome any potential obstacles to getting better and how to ‘diagnose’ why the pain might be persisting. As the wealth of encouraging case histories show, combining these techniques with insights from the human givens approach has helped countless people overcome all kinds of severe and enduring pain, enabling them to lead productive and fulfilling lives once more. Now it’s your turn.


  • How all pain can be diminished
  • Why the language we use when thinking about or describing pain affects its severity 
  • Why fear is the biggest factor in persistent pain
  • The reasons even doctors misunderstand pain and sometimes unintentionally frighten their patients
  • Why injured body parts may continue to hurt, even after they have healed
  • Arthritis or degenerative spinal changes do not have to cause pain
  • Why ‘hurting’ is not the same as doing harm – people too often avoid healing exercise because it hurts
  • Why stress, anger, depression and anxiety all exacerbate pain
  • How to use the mind/body connection to manage your pain. 

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  • Format: Paperback (185pp)
  • ISBN: 1-899398-17-1

About the author(s)

Dr Grahame BrownDr Grahame Brown is a leading consultant in musculoskeletal, sport and exercise medicine and a specialist in occupational medicine. He works at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust in Birmingham and in the private sector. His daily clinical work involves assessing and treating patients who suffer sub-acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. He practises integrated medicine, which is orthodox medicine alongside complementary methods including osteopathy, medical acupuncture, exercise therapy and rehabilitation, and guided imagery. He is a Fellow of the Human Givens Institute and the human givens approach is integrated into all his consultations.

Denise WinnDenise Winn is a journalist specialising in health and psychology. She has written for most national newspapers and a range of nation magazines, and is author of 18 books in her subject area. She is former editor of a magazine produced by Mind, the mental health charity, and the UK edition of Psychology Today. She is also a practising human givens therapist and tutor. She is also the editor of The Human Givens Journal.