Listening to Idries Shah: How understanding can grow - Book

Listening to Idries Shah

How understanding can grow

by Ivan Tyrrell

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Format: Paperback (448pp)

ISBN: 1-899398-08-2

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As a young art student, on realising that there were serious flaws in humanity, Ivan Tyrrell asked his tutor a question that ultimately led to a long association with work of the Sufi, Idries Shah. This memoir describes the various childhood experiences that informed that question – and his travels and adventures after he asked it…

With humour and insight he covers topics ranging from starting a psychedelic poster business in the 1960s to the abuse of hypnosis by cults; from the shallowness of modern art to conversations with Doris Lessing; from civil defence and warfare to false memory syndrome and near death experiences. He describes how information culled from a perennial source of wisdom by Idries Shah was deliberately seeded into the modern world to await germination.

The book also chronicles Ivan’s involvement with the Irish social psychologist, Joe Griffin. Together, they created the human givens approach to psychotherapy that every year lifts thousands out of depression, anxiety disorders and addiction more speedily than any other form of therapy.

This book was written for those interested in how ordinary life experiences interact with their mind to influence the quality of their personality and understanding. As such it may contain parallels with your own quest for meaning.


5/5 (4 Reviews)
  1. Mrs P Woodford

    This book for me was an absolute tonic. In fact it is one of the most enjoyable memoirs I have read. It was such a pleasure to read and here are some of the words I jotted down whilst in flow of the brilliant text. Comical; thought provoking; witty; hilarious; cheeky and so on. I found myself through out switching my train of thoughts from laughing, just smiling then in deep thought. I reflected, pondered and smiled again. Thank you Ivan, this book actually lifted my spirit.

  2. Miles Daffin

    I was intrigued by the idea that our understanding can grow and wanted to find out how the writer thought this might be possible. Ivan Tyrrell’s memoirs do not disappoint in this and many other respects. This is a real page turner of a book written in gentle, clear prose, and it was a delight to read. Ivan has lead a very interesting life so far and has met, and worked with, some very interesting people. All this is recounted in illuminating detail. I personally found it very inspiring. Be fearless. Ask good questions that actually matter to you. Say yes to all opportunities (“as long as they are legal”). Rely on your own mind and experiences rather than those of the so-called experts. Do this and perhaps you too will lead a meaningful and useful life in the company of other interesting and useful people. I’ll definitely be re-reading this.

  3. Verified Purchase

    A brilliant read and captures a life full of rich experiences, learning and encounters with amazing people! I should also declare that I know the author and studied the Human Givens approach to psychology, the history of which is described in this book.

  4. Mike

    A very interesting read! Fascinating book, very thought provoking. I found it highly interesting and inspiring.

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