How to Liberate Yourself from Pain

How to liberate yourself from pain

Practical help for sufferers

by Dr Grahame Brown with Denise Winn

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Format: Paperback (185pp)

ISBN: 1-899398-17-1

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No matter how severe or persistent your experience of pain, it can be diminished – as How to liberate yourself from pain shows.

Down-to-earth, sympathetic and highly readable, this book turns our current understanding of pain on its head. It also readily acknowledges that pain without a clear physical cause is still very real indeed and shows why all pain is a combination of physical and psychological elements.

Packed full of effective, practical techniques for diminishing your discomfort, it shows how to identify and overcome any potential obstacles to getting better and how to ‘diagnose’ why the pain might be persisting. As the wealth of encouraging case histories show, combining these techniques with insights from the human givens approach has helped countless people overcome all kinds of severe and enduring pain, enabling them to lead productive and fulfilling lives once more. Now it’s your turn.


  • How all pain can be diminished
  • Why the language we use when thinking about or describing pain affects its severity
  • Why fear is the biggest factor in persistent pain
  • The reasons even doctors misunderstand pain and sometimes unintentionally frighten their patients
  • Why injured body parts may continue to hurt, even after they have healed
  • Arthritis or degenerative spinal changes do not have to cause pain
  • Why ‘hurting’ is not the same as doing harm – people too often avoid healing exercise because it hurts
  • Why stress, anger, depression and anxiety all exacerbate pain
  • How to use the mind/body connection to manage your pain.


5/5 (6 Reviews)
  1. P Shepherd

    Full of common sense ideas which can be used immediately by the reader. Anyone who has a painful condition would benefit from this book but it would also be helpful for relatives and friends to support and encourage the person in pain. A really sensible and practical book, highly recommended.

  2. H. R. Roberts

    This is the latest book in a series of groundbreaking self help books from the human givens approach.
    For those wondering what practical help this book can offer, the second half of the book, entitled “Managing Pain” concentrates on identifying and overcoming obstacles that may be occurring to prevent the reducing of your pain. It provides simple and effective methods that you can use instantly to help reduce your pain.
    For anyone suffering from persistent pain this book will become an invaluable tool. With a wealth of case studies, practical skills and comprehensive information – this book will transform your understanding of pain, and in doing so, diminish it.

  3. F Sherratt

    Brilliant for anyone suffering with pain +/or disability. Can also help with related depression. If you take the advise, and stick to the simple plan, it works.

  4. Anderson

    For anyone who has suffered from chronic pain at any time in their lives, this book will be illuminating and liberating. Practical, easy to read and uplifting. Whether you have had long term back pain or have had to live for years managing with a physical injury, it is recommended reading. Part of the invaluable Human Givens series which are enlightening lives.

  5. Liz

    This book is essential reading for Counsellors and Clients alike.

  6. John

    This book provides easy to read and easy to follow advice about how to deal with pain from a truly groundbreaking perspective. The book describes how we all have innate emotional and physical needs that need to be met in order for us to stay emotionally healthy, and how not meeting these needs can lead to problems in both mental and physical health, including chronic pain. The book’s author is a highly qualified medical practitioner in the field of musculoskeletal therapy so is able to explain the link between physical and emotional causes of pain and how to deal with this quickly and effectively. This approach to pain management is definitely the way forward.

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