Freedom from addiction: The secret behind successful addiction busting - Book

Freedom from addiction

The secret behind successful addiction busting

by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell

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Format: Paperback (248pp)

ISBN: 1-899398-46-5

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Exploding many myths, this book represents a major leap forward in the way we view and treat addictions – the new science-based insights it contains have already helped countless people to overcome a wide range of compulsive behaviours and take back control of their lives.

We are all vulnerable to becoming addicted to any activity or substance that gives us pleasure – but it is Griffin’s new understanding of why this is so that has revealed the best ways to beat addiction.

Highly recommended. It sidesteps jargon, avoids the medicalisation of addictive behaviour, explodes the lies that maintain addiction and offers realistic, practical solutions.

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If you want to overcome your own addictive behaviour – whatever it is – or are interested in helping others to overcome theirs, this down-to-earth, easy-to-read book gives the clear guidance and practical steps you need to do so. And the encouraging case histories, covering all kinds of addictive behaviours, show you how others have successfully stopped the behaviours that were harming them.

Vital new information to help you beat your addiction:

  • Why withdrawal doesn’t have to be painful or difficult
  • How addiction stops us getting our emotional needs met
  • Why addiction is not a biological disease – or something that you have to live with for the rest of your life
  • How to make cravings painless and get rid of them permanently
  • How to see through the illusions addiction offers us
  • Why relapse is not a problem – and how to use what it teaches you to ensure success
  • How to enjoy natural ‘highs’ and get more satisfaction out of life as a consequence
  • How to protect yourself in the future and avoid switching from one addiction to another.

Also available from Human Givens College:

Online Course: ‘Tackling Addiction: Understanding and Treating all types of Compulsive Behaviour

One-day Course: ‘Brief therapy for stopping addictions – a practical skills-based day


5/5 (3 Reviews)
  1. Joanne

    This book is truly superb, not just in the area of understanding and managing addictions but also in providing a broader, clear, coherent and wholly convincing insight into human thought processes and behaviours, this being based on the authors’ ‘Human Givens’ analysis. A great book, even if you don’t suffer from, or work professionally with, addictive behaviour.

  2. Stop smoking the easy way?

    I purchased this book primarily to help me stop smoking. After a one-day read I applied the principles in it and have not had a cigarette for three weeks. Freedom from Addiction is amazing in that it takes you through the chemical process behind addiction and reveals the tricks the mind plays to trap one into performing addictive behaviours. The advice contained in it for defusing the addictive process and handling cravings is first class. It also contains information on human needs and the tools nature has provided one with to meet them. The authors explore these needs in depth and this explanation of the way things are meant to work makes it easier to see how things go wrong. I fully recommend this book.

  3. Sam

    Really clear and helpful. I was recommended this book by my GP and have found it incredibly helpful – wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

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