How to lift depression... fast: The human givens approach - Book

How to lift depression … fast

The human givens approach

by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell

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Format: Paperback (200pp)

ISBN: 1-899398-41-4

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This is one of the most startling and uplifting books about depression ever written – the ‘essence of hope’.

Griffin and Tyrrell are the foremost teachers of effective psychotherapy for depression in Europe. Without ‘psychobabble’, false sentiment or jargon, they make it easy to understand the causes of depression and why so many of us are so vulnerable to it. More importantly, they describe how to overcome it. Thousands throughout the UK and Ireland have already benefited from their approach. Now you can too.

[This approach to treating depression] is absolutely the right way forward.

BBC Radio 4's 'All in the Mind'

‘How to lift depression …fast’ shatters many myths. It provides clear guidelines, with case histories, for helping people get out of depression, even those at high risk of committing suicide. Just reading it can raise your mood and put joy, pleasure and meaning back into life, even in the bleakest of circumstances.

This book answers vital questions, many not tackled before:

  • How to get out of depression quickly
  • Why depressed people wake up so exhausted
  • How worrying and dreaming are linked to depression
  • How to make your life meaningful
  • What harm antidepressant drugs can do to the brain
  • Why postnatal depression can also be lifted quickly
  • Why some common forms of counselling and psychotherapy often make depression worse
  • How to ‘inoculate’ yourself against depression.


5/5 (5 Reviews)
  1. Naseem, Engineer

    Was depressed for few weeks when i found this book, i read almost the whole book in the first day and in the first day the depression lifted, woke up the next day feeling better and never to be depressed again and enshala will continue like this. This needs to be more widely known.

  2. Raymond Kingsley

    This book is excellent. The format is good, with easy to understand explanations relevant to mental health issues, especially depression. The explanations are written in clear, concise and easy-to-understand language. No “Psycho-babble” here, only language easily understood by the layman. This book is a must for those who suffer depression and desperately wish to understand and overcome this debilitating condition. I, therefore, recommend this book heartily.

  3. Derek Chambers

    Highly recommended. This book about depression was easy to read and made perfect sense, the matter of fact style was a perfect example of why the human givens therapy is so effective to paraphrase a advert for a certain varnish “it does what it says on the cover”. I would recommend this book without hesitation.

  4. Mary

    Life-changing. Yes, it’s a cliché. This book changed my life. Did I just say that? I can’t think of any other way to say it – suddenly everything makes sense. I had been on anti-depressants since 2001. My GP kept recommending I stop, but I kept being too scared to try life without them. Then, I had one appointment (plus a couple of follow-up emails) with a therapist who had the ‘Human Givens’ approach. She recommended I read more about it, so here I am, back in control. No tablets for 3 months and I feel really well. The best time to read the book (or dip into it as I have done…and still found it dramatically helpful) is when you’re not In a real low. Pick a time when you’re feeling reasonable. I don’t normally write reviews but feel that I want to spread the word. The book has practical strategies that you can use to lift your mood. It’s the idea that such strategies exist as much as the strategies themselves that give me such a lift! Good luck and hope it works for you too.

  5. Maggie Deere

    A totally new and refreshing look at Depression and an excellent insight about how to manage it on a day to day basis. I have introduce several friends to the book and they all say it helped them hugely.The big difference to the approach is that it doesn’t dwell on why someone has depression but instead gives a really practical approach on how to manage it.The philosophy is breathe taking in it’s simplicity and live changing.

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