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Dreaming, daydreaming and creativity

Ivan Tyrrell’s fascinating talk from the HG Diploma throws new light on our evolution as he explains the crucial role of the REM state and much more…

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Dreaming, daydreaming and creativity

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Once humans started daydreaming they could creatively solve problems in their imagination, ask abstract questions and generate complex language with a past, present and future tense. This had profound implications, not least for our mental health.

Excellent and very informative , I can't wait to move onto the next course now, so glad I was recommended this site.


This fascinating talk about what followed on from the ‘brain’s big bang’ 40,000 years ago – when our ancestors learned how to consciously access the internal reality theatre of the dreaming brain and ‘daydream’ consciously – was filmed with students on the Human Givens Diploma course.

Very interesting and thought provoking ideas.


Subjects covered include:

  • The nature of consciousness
  • Cave art
  • Creativity
  • Psychosis and autism
  • The origin of civilisations
  • The 12,000 year old Gobekli Tepe stone temples
  • The importance of REM state research
  • How the unconscious mind really works
  • Metaphorical pattern- matching
  • How dreaming helps us stay effective
  • Dreaming and depression
  • False memory syndrome
  • Why hypnosis can now be viewed as ‘any artificial way of accessing the REM state’
  • How to improve psychotherapy outcomes in the modern world
  • and much more…

Reviews for this course

4.6/5 (20 Reviews)
  1. Adrianna Hawczak, Manual Therapist

    Good information – not over informing or over whelming, integrable at the same time as listening. I would have liked the camera to be focused on the slides for longer and not the speaker so that I may have read the text fully as if I was in the room.

  2. Lindi, Counsellor in training

    Insightful and enlightening! The content and illustrations grabbed my attention and lots to reflect on!

  3. Jennie Robinson, Counsellor

    This online course was very interesting and gave me a lot to think about.

  4. Chris S.

    Really interesting, made a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing online.

  5. Antony Naylor, Retired physicist

    I find the theory fascinating. As it turned out I did not find anything new because I have read “Human Givens” and “Dreaming Reality”, and am half way through “Godhead”.
    As the hypnotic state is an artificially induced REM state I am seeking ways to more profitably use post hypnotic suggestions, and protect myself from inadvertently taking on me post hypnotic suggestions by others.

  6. Scott

    Good course interesting information.

  7. Daniel

    Ivan is fantastic.ALWAYS INTERESTING.the world is lucky to have him.

  8. Angela

    I found the whole subject intriguing. The evolution of the brain and the development of the frontal cortex relating to pattern matching and emotional arousal connecting this to unspent arousal the brain protecting itself through expelling this through metaphors in dreaming and again through day dream metaphors supporting imagining through pattern matching to be creative and problem solve. This has given me better understanding how reframing can be such a powerful tool when providing support. I also really like in the course that patterns were given for our learning through examples. Thank You

  9. Mary

    Interesting stuff

  10. John

    Great lecture

  11. Micheal

    Good course, thank you.

  12. Julia

    Very interesting and thought provoking ideas.

  13. Paula

    I found the video a little long winded and it took a long time to get to salient points. I didn’t need an art history course! When writing was on the screen, at the same time as talking, I could not attend to both. I did find the bit about false memories interesting.

  14. Teresa

    Ineresting course.

  15. Dora

    Very interesting.

  16. Marcella

    aining thinks I always wondered about. My special thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a sad story. I was very badly treated by famous italian psychiatrist prof Giovanbattista Cassano, very ignorant person, but regarded as a top professional, who traumatised me a lot, 20 years ago, in a recovery nightmare in which I was forced, even using electroshock therapy that wasn’t necessary. UNFORTUNATELEY my recovery was necessary for my parents, in order to make everybody believe I was crazy , since having told my mother about my father sexual arassement , at the age of 38, and I was considered a dangerous person for further talking about my self with other people in family. My words had to become crazy ideas. Even though my tween identicale sister have had the same treatement in a joung age from ours father, she didn’t wont confirm the facts, betryng me at my shoulders and denying the truth with my mother. She did it only after 15 years,she told the truth, after i was definiteley punished by my mother, a narcissist that cold’nt bear it. I had nightmare and lucid dreams about the twin towers attack in december 1999. It was symbolic of the attack I was confronting. My tower was in fire, dangerous people were up to rebuild the tower in night time, just to make everybody believe nothing had happened. Very paranoic, isn’it? And let me give you a suggestion: why don’t you put sub title in english, for italian speakers is VERY HARD to grasp words in english whithout a translation available, in my case I am better with american than english pronunziation. Iwil read your book, too bad you dont have an italian translator and publisher!!! You are very helpful people.

  17. Todd

    Vrmative, thank you for the free share.

  18. Emma

    Excellent and very informative , i cant wait to move onto the next course now, so glad i was recommended this site.

  19. Cheryl

    Thank you for sharing this course – I will be sure to share it. In regards to your website which I happened to find tonight by simply googling “human emotional needs” , I was looking for something that made sense in my heart, for our journey as a whole (if that may be understood) . My feelings. I have been looking for something that makes sense. I feel we deserve love and we all have needs. Thank you for validating this. May a little prayer be sent to every heart and soul. Kind Regards

  20. Syd

    Good course.

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Dreaming, daydreaming and creativity
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