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How to Control Chronic Anxiety

High levels of anxiety can be debilitating – this workshop will deepen your understanding of the causes, indicators and impact of long-term anxiety and give you proven techniques to help reduce anxiety, panic attacks, GAD and much more…

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  • Accredited CPD: 6 hours

  • Length: 1 day (9.30am - 4.00pm)

  • Tutor: Jo Baker

  • Suitable for: See below

  • Price: £198 per person

Includes lunch, refreshments and course notes


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NEXT DATE:  Monday 10th June, Bristol – join our Diploma tutor Jo Baker for this popular workshop – to ensure your place, book online now or call our friendly team on 01323 811690. Other dates and venues available.

Jo is incredibly adept at teaching this important subject, backed up with evidence and so many useful techniques. Thank you

Catherine, Family Support Worker

Why take this course

CPD Provider LogoMore and more people’s lives are being blighted by anxiety, causing distress to all involved. The anxiety may have initially been focused on realistic, understandable concerns – such as financial difficulties, health, job insecurity or unemployment, relationship problems (particularly complex in blended families) or fears about the future in an increasingly uncertain world – but has spiralled out of control.

Or it may have no clear cause and manifests as an ever-present feeling of being ‘wired’, tense or vulnerable, very often accompanied by out-of-control thoughts. The person may be hypervigilant, unable to relax and highly miserable. Left unaddressed, chronic anxiety can also badly affect sleep and physical, as well as mental, health.

The good news is there’s much that we can do to reduce this suffering. This highly practical course focuses on giving you the key information and practical skills you need to lower anxiety levels and help people manage their own anxiety better.

It concentrates on generalised anxiety (including generalised anxiety disorder – GAD), social anxiety and panic attacks, but also addresses how to handle anxiety that is a feature of conditions such as autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD and bipolar and borderline personality disorder.

What will you learn

  • Tried and tested psychological techniques for dealing with over-anxiety
  • Why it’s important to distinguish between two fundamental kinds of anxiety – and methods for dealing with both
  • How to recognise panic attacks and deal with them effectively
  • The genetic factors that make some people more vulnerable to anxiety
  • Ways to change a poor sleep pattern caused by anxiety
  • New perspectives on what drives anxiety – including when its basis lies
    in trauma
  • Why some people may dissociate (appear to ‘tune out’ or not be present) when very stressed, and what to do about it
  • The three different components of anxiety – and why anxiety can get
    out of control
  • How anxiety affects the body – and how the body affects anxiety
  • Why people become hypervigilant – and how this can be reduced
  • How to separate a person from their anxiety
  • Five effective methods for bringing down physiological arousal very quickly – and safely
  • Why social anxiety occurs and how to handle it
  • Tips for reducing anxiety in those with additional conditions, such as autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD, bipolar and borderline personality disorder
  • What happens in the brain when we become anxious – insights from neuroscience
  • How guided imagery speeds up treatment for high anxiety plus special tips for using it with clients suffering from over-anxiety
  • How stories can complement therapy for anxiety
  • A range of new skills and techniques for reducing severe anxiety
  • And more

Very useful - lots of practical new anxiety management techniques

Good to know

Good to know

This day complements the Online Course: ‘Understanding anxiety – and managing it without drugs’

Trauma, phobias and obsessive compulsive disorders are dealt with on separate practical skills training days (see “The Rewind Technique – Effective treatment for trauma (PTSD) and phobias” and “Obsessive compulsive disorder – understanding OCD and how best to treat it.”)

Course Programme

The ‘How to Control Chronic Anxiety’ course starts at 9.30am and runs until 4.00pm.

Who is this course suitable for?

Anyone who works with or treats people who may be highly anxious – such as psychotherapists, counsellors, health and social care professionals, educators and individuals working in a variety of capacities in any number of organisations.

The course will also provide valuable understanding and practical help for anyone struggling to deal with their own chronic anxiety or for those in relationships or families affected by chronic anxiety.*

The day offers the chance to gain life skills of benefit to everyone.

* Please Note:  This course is not a substitute for individual therapy but there are lots of techniques that anyone suffering from anxiety can take away and use themselves.

CPD Provider LogoThis course has been independently accredited by the internationally recognised CPD Standards Office for 6 hours of CPD training.

On completion of this training you’ll receive CPD certificates from the College and the CPD Standards Office.

Reviews for this course

4.7/5 (63 Reviews)
  1. Lorraine Brown, Student Counsellor

    A really useful, interesting and fun course. I feel much better equipped to support clients who are suffering with anxiety and also have some techniques to try myself! Jo was a great tutor – passionate and approachable.

  2. Lamia Houmrani

    Great understanding of how anxiety works. Jo was brilliant in her way of delivering the course. Another reason to take the Human Givens diploma!

  3. Sarah Swanton, Operations Director

    Really helpful to gather many different tools and techniques, and gain practical experience during the day through working with others.

  4. Claire Bunting, Mental Health Practitioner

    The course was very good as always – lots of informative knowledge and techniques that can be used positively.

  5. Maria Murray, Creative/Coach

    Excellent, fast paced delivery – with lots of great information. Jo is very likeable and doesn’t mess around!

  6. Psychologist

    It was a very instructive course with up-to-date information and guidance.

  7. Sarah Denning, IVF Counsellor

    Very clear, logical progression – great to revisit this course and refresh.

  8. Katie Hollis, CFYP Relationship Manager - Suffolk Mind

    Very helpful – a great balance of theory and practical activities.

  9. Jennifer Humphries, Airbnb Manager

    I enjoyed the morning – plenty of information. Afternoon exercise was relevant and interesting.

  10. David Longworth, GP

    Excellent overview of understanding and managing anxiety. Well integrated with appropriate and helpful examples of language to use in a therapeutic setting.

  11. Louise Harris, Suffolk Mind - Children & Young People's Trainer

    This course met my needs to have a range of strategies available to me to use with clients as well as family members. It was relevant to my work and accessible and adaptable to suit many personalities and situations. Very useful, packed full of content.

  12. Karys Matthams, Emotional Needs & Resources Trainer

    Really great to get an overview of all the different ways anxiety can present and a toolkit of strategies to support people in their management of it.

  13. Sandra, Psychotherapist (Person Centred)

    Some good techniques for the toolbox was delivered very well. The human givens approach was more directive than I expected.

  14. Simon Bostock, HR/Training

    Jo was an excellent teacher and took us through the work effectively and I found a great deal to take away.

  15. Emma West, NLP Coach and Clinical Skills in Psychotherapy

    Today has built on previous on-line learning sessions and added to the area of anxiety and working towards the HG Diploma and becoming an HG therapist. Jo is approachable, extremely knowledgeable and clear in her presentation and content.

  16. Hypnotherapist

    Tutor is very knowledgeable and explains things in practical and easy to understand ways.

  17. Marta Maj, Pilates/Yoga/Dance Teacher/Life Coach

    Lots of interesting and useful information to take away.

  18. Phil Matthews, Emotional Needs & Resources Trainer

    Very good course – really well presented. Thank you.

  19. Karsten Alva, Executive Coach

    Useful review of RIGAAR and very helpful walk through chronic anxiety and a range of practical interventions.

  20. Barrister

    Very practical and digestible. Usable, memorable takeaways and toolkits.

  21. Philippa Brewer, Support Worker

    Learned some useful techniques and improved my understanding of anxiety.

  22. Robert Iannone, Teacher

    Very enriching, informative and inspirational!

  23. Samantha McDonnell, Humanistic Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

    Fast-paced, perhaps mirroring the subject matter! More experimental time would be helpful.

  24. Alfie, Support Worker

    Thorough and clear. Lots of techniques to try one day

  25. Nick Hart, Fashion Designer

    Very good

  26. Iakovos Flaskis, Psychotherapy - Company Owner

    Everyone, not just people from the caring professions, will absolutely benefit from this! Skills to take with you at home, school, uni and work!

  27. Tamsin Fazan, Counselling/Mental Health Caseworker

    I found the course really useful in my work and I will definitely be incorporating what I learnt into practice.

  28. Ezra, Education Lead/HG Practitioner

    Excellent trainer, very engaging, invaluable insights and knowledge

  29. Katie Gilruth, Marketing

    Really good. Very approachable and open to discussion.

  30. S Houldsworth, Earth scientist and training in eco therapy

    a packed and fast paced day.

  31. Ingrid Steele, Coach/Facilitator/Mediator

    Jo is very knowledgeable and shared lots of really useful information about anxiety.

  32. Rebecca Lagan, Investment Consultant - full time mum

    I enjoyed the day. It reinforced a lot of what I learned online and from the books.

  33. Daniel Cooper, Neuroscientist and Psychoeducator

    A good overview of approaches to target and help deal with anxiety. Jo presented well in a friendly manner and offered interesting insights. Unfortunately there was a fair bit of repetition with the on-line course, although the revision was welcome!

  34. James Cooper, Residential Rehabilitation

    Largely good. Practical elements were excellent.

  35. Behaviour Management Support in Dementia

    Very useful resources that can be used, not only for anxiety management.

  36. Susan Lakhan, Optometrist

    Excellent. Jo was excellent in teaching – her clarity and ease at explanation was great. I liked how she was able to make it a safe space for us to ask questions also.

  37. Hypnotherapist

    Lots of new insights about anxiety and ways of dealing with it. Teacher very knowledgeable and experienced.

  38. Safeguarding Manager – secondary school

    Really informative and well balanced

  39. School Counsellor

    Very thorough anxiety information and practitioner skills for helping clients quickly!

  40. Lyn

    Really informative course – good opportunity to practise what I’ve learnt. Lots of sharing from other students. Tutor very good – clear and practical.

  41. General Practitioner

    Really good balance between teaching and small group work

  42. Counsellor

    Lots of information covered lots of areas and topics. So very useful for my practice.

  43. Flood Risk

    Highly interactive and enjoyable course – great facilitation by Jo

  44. Key Worker

    Fascinating course – practical and useful skills. Learned to manage anxiety and understand its purpose in our lives. Fully interactive and engaging teaching. Thank you!

  45. Debs, Nurse

    Such a well led informative session, so well presented – I could listen to Jo all day. Very experienced and able to retell that experience. There was so much that was useful.

  46. Emmat Scott, Domestic Abuse Specialist

    Very accessible and informative, good acknowledgement of neurodiversity

  47. Hypnotherapist

    Excellent, thorough notes, great examples and video and good to see specifics that we can use.

  48. Catherine, Family support practitioner

    Jo is incredibly adept at teaching this important subject, backed up with evidence and so many useful techniques. I found the information on GAD very useful, as well as approach therapy from 3 points: cognitive, imaginational and behavioural. Thank you

  49. Services Manager

    Great collection of techniques and understanding of how anxiety impacts individuals and howe we can best help them. Stuffed full of strategies & tips. The idea of separating the person from the problem through metaphor, shape or colour was really useful and the ways to deal with unhelpful thoughts.

  50. Michelle MacDonald, Homeopath

    Jo is an excellent presenter. The workshop was very informative and interesting. Jo was very patient, answering all my questions. All the tools and techniques we were given will be useful.

  51. Doctor

    An excellent day, great depth and coverage. Clear and engaging teaching. I enjoyed the visualisation.

  52. Nurse

    Amazing, I loved the group discussions and tools given.

  53. Retired Headteacher

    I really valued the unique insight gained from the guided imagery demonstration – very different from just reading about this.

  54. Psychotherapist

    Techniques came from lots of different angles – useful for a range of clients.

  55. Therapist

    All of it has been very helpful with useful exercises and an inspiring/motivating video – a good balance.

  56. Full time mother

    The day was full of really useful and practical tools to take away and use.

  57. Headteacher and Wellbeing Advisor

    A good range of suggestions and strategies to cope with anxiety.

  58. Executive Coach

    Plenty of useful, practical ways offered to support clients. Good balance of listening and interacting exercises.

  59. Counselling Psychologist

    A wide variety of anxiety management techniques prepared very well.

  60. Social Worker

    The idea of practical solutions as apposed to psychodynamic – effective strategies to put straight into practice.

  61. HG Therapist

    Wide variety of approaches and good supporting information. All applicable.

  62. Psychologist

    Practical ways of addressing anxiety.

  63. Therapist

    Clear, well organised talk with plenty of skills outlined. I appreciated the opportunity to practise some of the skills. Good handbook, which matches the slides and augments the talk.

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