NEW HG training launching this autumn

HG College tutors and its team have spent the last few months working hard on developing a range of NEW in-person workshops and live online training on much-needed topics – the following courses are launching this autumn, and more will follow in 2023.

Developing Self-compassion

Many people struggle with showing themselves compassion – they may be highly critical of themselves, or wracked with feelings of shame, self-doubt or self-worth – but with the right approach it is possible to help them develop this key component of recovery and wellbeing.

This new self-compassion course provides you with all you need to know to bring self-compassion into your practice, your personal life and the lives of others – with plenty of time to try out the techniques for yourself.

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Working with Eating Disorders

This new Advanced CPD for HG Therapists helps explain why people experience difficulties with food and eating – and offers guidance on the most appropriate ways to effectively support someone using the key concepts and skills encompassed in human givens therapy…

This course is for experienced, qualified HG therapists and counsellors who would like to understand more about eating difficulties, eating disorders and the different ways they can affect people.

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The Mind-Body Connection In-depth: Movement, Emotion and Calm

Getting our physical needs met healthily is just as important as ensuring that our innate emotional needs are met well, since our physical health impacts on our mental health and vice versa.

Throughout the day tutor and GP Dr Andrew Morrice draws on decades of experience managing the complex combination of mental and physical health problems in General Practice (20 of those years, using the Human Givens model) and the latest research. By demonstrating how thoroughly interconnected the mind and body are in the way they react to the world around us, and giving you new information and ways to incorporate this latest mind-body knowledge into your practice, he sifts the sense from the nonsense, making it easier to think clearly about our own health as well as that of our patients…

Please note: you don’t need to have attended the previous Mind-Body Connection course to come on this one, or its sister course ‘Food, Mood and Sleep’.

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The Mind-Body Connection In-depth: Mood, Food and Sleep

Sleep and sound nutrition are widely recognised to be essential to mental health – this day gives you an opportunity to learn about these two areas in depth, including the role of the Microbiome.

A greater understanding of these two areas can be vital in freeing ourselves from the ‘mind-only mindset’ to help us quickly and effectively resolve many of our difficulties in life.

Please note: you don’t need to have attended the previous Mind-Body Connection course to come on this one, or its sister course ‘Movement, Emotion and Calm’.

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Specialised Couples Therapy training: Parenting, Menopause and Retirement

On this additional training we look at 3 key ‘life chapters’:
Parenting (toddlers, teens and beyond), Menopause, Retirement

In most cases, applying the skills and techniques learned in the Couples Therapy Online Masterclass is all that’s needed to help couples move forward in their relationship. Sometimes though, additional focused knowledge of the specific challenges facing relationships at different stages of life can help a therapist assess more quickly and effectively the relationship dynamic, allowing them to more effectively help the couple find a constructive and compassionate way forward out of their present difficulties.

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Specialised Couples Therapy training: Neurodiversity and relationships

Neurodiversity has been given significant media attention recently, which is all hugely positive. As a result though, more people are seeking out information and answers for their questions and personal experiences. As part of that process, they may well seek some counselling or therapy. It’s important then that, as therapists or counsellors, our knowledge, skillset, language and stories stay as up-to-date and relevant as possible to best serve our clients. In this session, we take time to clarify what’s most helpful and identify practical steps that can help.

If you already work with couples in your salaried work or private practice and you want to develop more insight into the different ways neurodivergence can impact couples specifically, and relationships generally, then this online training is for you.

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Specialised Couples Therapy training: Is Narcissism the problem?

This additional training session gives us time to look in more depth at narcissism and what a relationship with a narcissist might look like.

The term ‘narcissist’ is often bandied about and narcissism is frequently covered in the media – but is this language over-used or misused?  It’s great that awareness is being raised generally about narcissism and the impacts it can have on a relationship, but it’s important to be well informed. As a result of this increased awareness, more people are seeking information and answers to their own experiences, as well as about the causes of their own relationship difficulties and what they can do about them. As part of that process they may well seek some counselling or therapy so it’s important that, as therapists, our knowledge, skillset and stories are as up-to-date and relevant as possible to best serve our clients.

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Online and phone therapy training

Essential guidance for safe and effective remote working – join Ros Townsend and Jo Baker for this jam-packed, informative session on Wednesday 25th January 2023 via Zoom. This new course is designed for both trainee and fully-qualified therapists, psychotherapists and counsellors – it is recommended to all HG practitioners by the Human Givens Institute and is now mandatory for HG Trainees who would like to carry out therapeutic work online.

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Spaces at all our live events are limited to allow plenty of time for discussion and questions – so please book online or call our friendly team on +44 (0)1323 811690 to find out more today.

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