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The Mind-Body Connection: Food, Mood – and Sleep new

Join Dr Andrew Morrice for a deep dive into the effects of sleep, nutrition and the microbiome on our mental health and recovery…

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The Mind-Body in depth: Food, Mood and Sleep

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SPECIAL EVENT:  Tuesday 6th December, London – Join Dr Andrew Morrice for this essential CPD day – this course can be either a stand-alone learning experience or form part of a 2-day exploration along with ‘Movement, Emotion and Calm’ which is held the preceding day. Between them the two days cover all the key areas for maintaining overall health – essential information for us all…

Why take this course

Sleep and sound nutrition are widely recognised to be essential to mental health – this day gives you an opportunity to learn about these two areas in depth, including the role of the Microbiome.

A greater understanding of these two areas can be vital in freeing ourselves from the ‘mind-only mindset’ to help us quickly and effectively resolve many of our difficulties in life.

This course provides you with an opportunity to focus on the science of Sleep – which has always been integral to the human givens approach – and to catch up on recent advances in understanding and evidence as to which approaches best help with poor sleep with our expert tutor. Sleep is a complex set of processes and understanding how these relate to key the areas of restoration, learning and emotional regulation in different types of mental health disturbances can help us in many situations.

The role of food and the microbiome in mental health is seldom part of managing the immediate challenges we face, yet is so important in preventing difficulties, or maintaining recovery, that it is an area in which we can benefit from feeling greater confidence when guiding and advising our clients (or ourselves!).

Throughout the day, tutor and GP Andrew Morrice draws on the latest research and his decades of experience managing the complex combination of mental and physical health problems in General Practice (20 of those years, using the Human Givens model), to take us on a deep dive into two of the key interfaces between mind and body: sleep and food, and their effects on our health.

Andrew is a most inspiring teacher who is passionate about his subject. Furthermore, his experience as a doctor was invaluable...

Psychotherapist / Counsellor

What will you learn

  • Key organising ideas to help you separate the wheat from the chaff in areas where marketing abounds, and confusing claims are often made
  • Key understandings to support your own health, as well as that of your clients
  • The structure of sleep – and the functions of the different stages of sleep, including Non-REM and Slow Wave/Deep sleep
  • The fundamental conditions required to promote healthy sleep
  • The many consequences of different types of sleep disturbance – and their causes
  • The challenges of assessing sleep properly both for ourselves and others
  • The complex relationships between sleep disturbances and depression, anxiety, pain syndromes and fatigue states, plus
  • Plus simple organising ideas for navigating all this complexity
  • What we can do to help resolve sleep difficulties so that we can wake feeling refreshed and emotionally prepared for the next day
  • The fundamental science of the Microbiome – and its links to inflammation, mental health and physical health
  • The eating patterns that worsen or help in mental and emotional health
  • How and why processed foods undermine and confuse our innate guidance systems
  • An understanding of the many other factors impinging on our ability to ‘forage’ well in the modern ‘food environment’
  • The basis on which foods or eating can become addictive, and how this can point to ways to address these difficulties
  • Why we should consider the implications of the fasting state for our work
  • How Human Givens tools can help clarify many of the confusions around food
  • How to spot diet cults, tribes, and misleading claims
  • Eating patterns we can confidently recommend to support health and wellbeing
  • A review of how depression can be seen as a mind-body state rather than a ‘mental health disorder’
  • You will also have time to ask our expert tutor questions and benefit from group discussions
  • And much more

Course Programme

The ‘The Mind-Body Connection in depth: Food, Mood and Sleep’ course starts at 9.30am and runs until 4.00pm.

Please note, as this is a new course the exact content of each session may be revised or re-ordered slightly before the day.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • The Mind-Body Connection In Depth series is open to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of mental and physical health.
  • If you previously attended Andrew Morrice’s Mind-Body Connection course, and would like to spend more time on practical applications, the microbiome, the interface between diet and mental health and to thoroughly review the topic of sleep – this course is for you.
  • Please note: you don’t need to have attended the previous Mind-Body Connection course to come on this one, or its sister course ‘Movement, Emotion and Calm’.

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The Mind-Body Connection: Food, Mood – and Sleep
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