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Couples Therapy: Parenting, Menopause and Retirement new

Additional specialist training on the sometimes unrecognised impacts on relationships of parenting, menopause and retirement…

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Couples Therapy: Parenting, Menopause and Retirement (Online)

  • Date: Wed 5th Oct 2022

  • Length: 8.45am–1.00pm (BST)

  • Tutor: Jennifer Broadley

  • CPD Certificate: 4 hours

  • Price: £110 per person

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Jennifer is extremely eloquent and knowledgeable – the way she explained the subject matter and added her experience with clients was superb...

Teacher and trainee therapist

Live training delivered online join Jennifer Broadley for another jam-packed session live online on Wednesday 5th October via Zoom. You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Simply book your place and we will send you email confirmation – your Zoom link will be sent the day before the event.
EXTRA BONUS – the training is recorded, in case anyone experiences technical difficulties, so you will also get a recording for 2 weeks afterwards to maximise your learning.

On this additional training we look at 3 key ‘life chapters’:
Parenting (toddlers, teens and beyond), Menopause, Retirement

In most cases, applying the skills and techniques learned in the Couples Therapy Online Masterclass is all that’s needed to help couples move forward in their relationship. Sometimes though, additional focused knowledge of the specific challenges facing relationships at different stages of life can help a therapist assess more quickly and effectively the relationship dynamic, allowing them to more effectively help the couple find a constructive and compassionate way forward out of their present difficulties.

Why take this course

If you already work with couples in your private practice or salaried work and you’d like some further insight into 3 major life transitions which commonly present additional challenges for relationships, then this online training is for you. Parenting, menopause and retirement are life chapters that most couples will experience in their lifetime – each of which can present specific new challenges that can unbalance a previously stable relationship.

Until speaking to a therapist, perhaps initially about other things, those couples may not have considered the impact of these major life transitions on their relationship, formed thoughts around the challenges they bring or discussed them openly.

What will you learn

  • Parenting
  • What are the most likely challenges for a couple in the first 12 months of parenting
  • How to prioritise the partnership when our instincts might drive one parent (or both) to over-focus on the child or children’s needs
  • What are the biggest stumbling blocks – and tools to overcome them – when raising our children through early years, adolescence and towards independence in their late teens or twenties.
  • How to support a couple who no longer want to live together, but want to continue to co-parent successfully going forward
  • Menopause
  • The range of possible indicators for women – what’s normal and healthy and when to seek medical advice
  • Which symptoms can be accepted and lived through, and which ones can be altered with a change in mindset, behaviours or both
  • Strategies for keeping a relationship on track during what can be a bumpy and tricky 5–10 year period
  • How to promote the use of the breath, to help with relaxation, mindfulness and education – for the benefit of the whole family
  • Specific tools to support the partners of women going through menopause
  • Men’s ‘menopause’ – what to look out for and how to speak about it with awareness and compassion
  • Retirement
  • What’s worth celebrating about not going to work every day
  • What can unexpectedly come up for an individual or a couple when one of them stops full or part-time work after a long working life
  • Why it’s unrealistic to assume that a hobby or exercise can be directly swapped for a 40-hour work week
  • What emotional needs are healthily met in a work environment – and how those can re-thought on retirement
  • What are the challenges when one person in a couple must continue to work for another 1–10 years after their partner has retired
  • And much more…

You will also have time to ask questions and benefit from those asked by others.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone who has previously attended our Couples masterclass 1-day workshop (live or in person).
  • Anyone working with couples, perhaps through relationship counselling or couples therapy, who would like further insights and ideas for helping couples deal with the challenges these 3 major life transitions can bring with them.

Jennifer put her passion for the subject across well – I feel more confident with working with couples now

Therapist, after attending 'Couples Therapy - a practical masterclass'
Please Note

Please Note

This course is not a substitute for therapy.

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Couples Therapy: Parenting, Menopause and Retirement
Wed 5th October 2022
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