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How to reduce anxiety in students and young people

This hugely informative, far-reaching webinar gives you essential new information and fast, effective techniques to lower anxiety levels and unblock thinking in students of any age

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How to reduce anxiety in students and young people

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Discover new ways to help students and young people manage their emotions – and improve academic performance.

Really useful, so much information was covered – lots of great ideas to try.

This hugely informative, far-reaching webinar gives you essential new information and fast, effective techniques to lower anxiety levels and unblock thinking in students and young people.

What will you learn

  • How anxiety contributes to poor learning, reduces motivation, causes writer’s block, freezes students’ ability to remember what they’ve learned, impacts negatively on exam performance etc
  • New insights into why so many of our students and young people experience anxiety today – and the serious impact this can have on their mental health (in some cases leading to suicide)
  • The important links between learning and emotion
  • Key factors to remember when you’re working with anxious students and young people
  • Fast, effective techniques to unblock thinking and lower anxiety levels
  • Effective strategies for improving learning and retention that are in tune with how our brains actually work
  • A holistic model of learning that brings it all together
  • Tips on helping young people gain essential life skills
  • Important ways students can look after their own mental health and general wellbeing
  • A range of clear, practical actions that students (and tutors!) can take to start reducing their anxiety right away

Gareth was brilliant, so easy to listen to and learn from – I work with students and see what he's describing all the time, I wish my colleagues had heard this

Who is this webinar suitable for?

  • You – if you want to know the best ways to help a student – whether for professional or personal reasons – who’s overly stressed or anxious
  • Anyone wanting to know more about the latest effective strategies for alleviating emotional distress that incorporate the latest insights from neuroscience
  • Anyone working with or caring for stressed, depressed and anxious people who wishes to understand what’s causing the symptoms and how best to help
  • This includes: parents, psychotherapists, university counsellors, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, social workers, youth workers, wellbeing officers, trainee counsellors, psychology students, etc.

Reviews for this course

4.8/5 (5 Reviews)
  1. Sandie W, Birmingham, Voluntary (charitable) HG therapist

    I did this course as part of my CPD requirement and it was an excellent form of revision, with new insights for me about working with young people …. I have usually worked with adults. Clear, precise, confidence-building. I’m looking forward to doing more HG courses via Webinar.

  2. Laurence Metayer

    This is the first time I use Human Given Webinar. I found it very informative. The structure was clear and easy to follow. This will certainly help me in my work with first year university students.

  3. HG Student

    Please thank everyone involved with the human givens approach for making coherent sense of what was, and still is for many people, a right old muddle – it brings all the relevant information about what it is to be human together into a simple whole that enables us to see ourselves and get ourselves together. In an insane age it provides more than a glimmer of human hope.

  4. Lorraine S., Westport USA

    As a hypnotherapist with plenty of experience of anxiety, I found this to be invaluable and a great addition to my work. packed full with useful guidance. thank you.

  5. Magdalena

    Great course. I’ve learned a lot. Clear, useful, encouraging.

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