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A closer look at our innate resources

Developing and using our innate resources well is as integral to mental health as meeting our emotional needs – join HG co-founder Ivan Tyrrell and Diploma tutor Carol Harper to explore them further

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A closer look at our innate resources

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  • Tutors: Ivan Tyrrell, Carol Harper

  • Accredited CPD Certificate: 5 hours

  • Suitable for: All health and welfare professionals – and anyone interested in what makes us who we are

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A perfectly coordinated seminar, a ‘dance’ between psychotherapy geniuses Ivan Tyrrell and Carol Harper - I wouldn't have missed it for the world

Iakovos Flaskis

Why take this course

CPD Provider LogoNature provided us with a wealth of inbuilt resources to help us get our innate physical and emotional needs met.

They are a fundamental part of being human, what we call human ‘givens’, and can be usefully thought of as internal guidance systems that not only enable us to survive but to achieve remarkable things. They have been continuously refined over thousands of years and are still evolving.

A lot of attention is given to the importance of ensuring that people’s innate emotional and physical needs are met well – but our resources are an integral part of this: if they are not fully developed, or are misused or even damaged, we can suffer greatly.

A clear understanding of these guidance systems, how they work and what they do for us, is essential if you wish to help others, improve our society, or understand yourself and those around you better. This is especially true if you are an involved parent, teacher, manager, or any kind of therapist. If you work with, or for, others you need this knowledge – understanding what makes us all ‘tick’ should be at the heart of everything we do.

Amazing! Incredibly fascinating subject delivered with a deep respect for the profound human resources with which we are endowed...

Damian Fearns, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach

What you will gain

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and others
  • More insight into the holistic nature of the rich but incomplete patterns that we inherit from our genes
  • How and why these patterns must seek their completion in the environment
  • An increased understanding of how memory is involved in learning – from birth to old age
  • Guidance about how malleable memory is and why forgetting is as important as remembering
  • The unexpected science behind emotional arousal – how emotions are created moment by moment
  • A deeper understanding of the APET model – and why metaphorical pattern matching is central to all human interactions and endeavours
  • Greater insight into why emotions create trance states in us – and the role this plays in many disorders
  • Why being able to go into trance is essential for learning
  • A richer understanding of the important role imagination plays
  • A better understanding of how dreaming preserves the integrity of our genetic inheritance
  • The confidence and skills to build on the instinct for rapport and what happens when that instinct is only crudely met in infancy
  • An understanding of how rapport plays an important part in language acquisition
  • How to counter the blight of loneliness
  • Why reasoning is important and so difficult for some people
  • What it means to ‘know’ something
  • How we can check out our own emotional responses and biases
  • We also consider whether intuition is an innate resource and the role accessing the Observing Self has in spiritual development
  • And much more…

No prior knowledge of the human givens approach is needed to benefit from this course.

What's included?

  • Videos
    14 Videos
  • 10 Multiple choice quizzes
  • PDF Course Notes & downloads
  • Lifetime access
    Life-long access
  • CPD Certificate
    CPD Certificate

Course programme

The ‘A closer look at our innate resources’ online course is split into 10 sections and covers the following:

CPD Provider LogoThis course has been independently accredited by the internationally recognised CPD Standards Office for 5 hours of CPD training.

Meet your tutors

Ivan Tyrrell tutor profile picture

Ivan Tyrrell

Ivan Tyrrell worked for many years as a psychotherapist and now spends most of his time lecturing and writing.

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Carol Harper tutor photo

Carol Harper

Carol has 30 years’ experience in private practice, her holistic outlook and curiosity has influenced her professional development…

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Good to know

Good to know

This new online course is based on live online training given during the pandemic. It gives you a unique opportunity to learn from Ivan Tyrrell, co-founder of the human givens approach, and co-author with Joe Griffin of best-selling books about our innate needs and resources.

He is joined by senior tutor Carol Harper – and together they draw on their extensive knowledge and lifetimes’ experience to share key insights that will deepen your psychological understanding and increase your ability to help people.

Reviews for this course

4.8/5 (17 Reviews)
  1. Damian Fearns, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach

    AMAZING! Incredibly fascinating subject delivered with a deep respect for the profound human resources with which we are endowed. The two presenters, Ivan and Carol had great chemistry and created a balance of views when necessary and when dealing with sometimes controversial aspects of our human nature.

  2. Anna Ritchie, Violinist and Hypnotherapist

    I thought this course was hugely beneficial as it really does highlight the issues that, as therapists, we are trying to help people with; discovering our innate strengths and resources to navigate ourselves through life’s trickier times.
    To be able to go into these aspects in more depth at both the psychological and biological level really deepened my understanding (of course, my learning will never stop…) which I hope I can put to even greater use in therapy sessions.
    The day strengthened by belief in the Human Givens concept – science-based, sensible and incredibly well thought out.
    I look forward to the Human Givens courses I have booked in the autumn.
    I am working on completing the Diploma Part 1 over the next 12 months and then I hope to apply for Part 2.

  3. Pamela Woodford, HG practitioner, supervisor, trainer

    A refreshing general deeper look at resources proved to be incredibly useful. The very next day, I applied some of the knowledge gained into a therapy session. Helping the client to subtly recognise their resources for themselves.

  4. Karsten Alva-Jorgensen, Executive Coaching

    The Human Givens concepts have helped me greatly in my life and I return to them again and again for the simple reason is that they work.

  5. John Bell, Diplomat and mediator

    Well worthwhile and critical information to understand some of the basic, but key aspects, of human nature and capacities.

  6. Iakovos Flaskis, Clinical Hypnotherapist-Psychotherapist, Company Owner

    A perfectly coordinated seminar, a ‘dance’ between psychotherapy geniuses Ivan Tyrell and Carol Harper, in the form of a friendly academic discussion. Every word, every experience they share with you will be picked up and used in your next therapy session. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

  7. Teaching Assistant

    An excellent course filled with in-depth information by Ivan and Carol to understand our innate resources. Also Ivan is an amazing storyteller, it was lovely to hear the stories. This course is enjoyable and useful.

  8. Sharon Barrass, Hairdresser

    Thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was my first encounter face to face even if it was virtual, but very well put together, Ivan and Carol were very informative and knowledgable. I have got so much more understanding. Hope to do another very soon. Thank you 🙂

  9. Alison Harper, Organisation Development

    The course provides a good introduction and reprise of the basis of the Human Givens approach and the fundamental innate needs and resources (or capacities) which drive our behaviour. It then looks at each of the innate resources in more detail, bringing to mind capabilities that our clients – or we ourselves – may have taken for granted, or assumed we are deficient in, for a long time. In my view, this elevates an understanding of what it is to be human to embrace the “something more” that reductionist philosophies lose from view. A nourishing and uplifting day’s training, delivered with Ivan and Carol’s wisdom.

  10. Artist, Book Editor and Designer

    An excellent course – and inspiring. I’m studying the Human Givens Diploma Course and this live, online day expanded on the very important innate resources that people can draw on and how these can be accessed in a therapeutic setting. But, it also made very clear just how useful the Human Givens approach to mental health and development can be for society in general whatever work you might be doing. Highly recommended!

  11. Val Baker, Retired Headteacher

    I came away enthused by new learning and the opportunity to revisit previous knowledge in a specific context.
    As with all HG courses there is always plenty to stimulate new thinking and challenge one’s previous perspectives. My attendance is not for a career path but for enriching my understanding of well-being and behaviour in everyday life. The knowledge I have acquired (and there is plenty not yet learned!) has impacted positively on myself and many personal contacts. Oh that every psychotherapist was taught the HG approach, and oh that every politician and indeed every citizen was given an insight (a huge omission from the school curriculum me thinks). The world would be so much a better place.
    It was an honour to be guided by a Founder member of the HG and also a well reputed HG therapist who together made the day very pleasurable, intriguing and so worth while. Thank you!

  12. Counsellor

    Interesting and informative course, with good discussion and case histories.

  13. Pearse Culkin, Hypnotherapist

    Great course. The Innate Resources don’t usually get much of a look-in…..the attention mostly goes to the “Needs”. This course really righted any imbalance that might have crept in over time. A day very well spent. Thank you.

  14. Emergency Management – Disaster Recovery

    Ivan and Carol are wonderful teachers. The way the information was presented in the course was fun and easy to understand, even for someone like me who is not a therapist! I look forward to deepening my understanding of the Human Givens approach and putting it to use to help myself, my people and my community.

  15. Julie, Hypnotherapist, Lecturer, Supervisor, Writer

    Great course to give all round knowledge. Touched on lots of areas. Useful and can apply in practise straight away.

  16. Evelyne Thomas, Couple Therapist, Human Given Practitioner

    I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop on innate resources. Most of the times we, in therapy sessions, tend to focus on what needs are missing and often our clients tend to seek outside of themselves to get their needs met. By focusing on the innate resources, we can help our clients reconnect with their own resources, we can help them re embody what they once were able to do. They will leave our therapy room feeling hopeful, positive and with a better idea as to how they will attain their goal. The workshop was informative, interactive and very well presented. I wholeheartedly recommend it to seasoned HG practitioners as well as to people who are curious about Human Givens Therapy.

  17. Occupational Therapist

    This course was a very helpful reminder and update on the innate resources and life resources that we all have and how to work with a client’s resources to make therapy more effective. The information content was rich and was presented clearly with lots of helpful examples, stories and quotes to support the teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed the teachings and insights and having my own brain stretched in the process.

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Innate Resources
A closer look at our innate resources
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